All-Clad B1 vs. HA1: Similarities and Differences

All-Clad B1 vs. HA1? Do you have trouble deciding between the two collections? That’s not surprising, given how much they have in common. Both B1 and HA1 are excellent options. Learn the similarities and differences between these unique non-stick collections so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Similarities Between B1 and HA1

all-clad b1 vs ha1

The All-Clad B1 and HA1 cookware collections are power-packed with features and benefits that every cook will love.  Let’s dive deep into these similarities.


For both the B1 and HA1 collections, All-Clad chose hard-anodized aluminum. This metal is the best fit for its intended functions.

Both cookware sets contain alternating layers of steel and aluminum. This is done to enhance steel’s durability and aluminum’s heat conductivity.

Anodizing, which is essentially an electrochemical process, hardens aluminum. It changes the natural state of aluminum into a more robust, corrosion-resistant, and visually appealing one.

Moreover, the process turns aluminum into a non-stick finish. This is the key selling factor for these collections.

All-Clad also uses a stainless-steel bonded bottom in addition to anodized aluminum. This protects the aluminum layer against scratching or warping. It also prevents damage from sources like a dishwasher.

Also, the company uses non-toxic materials only to ensure that you consume nutritious food every time. The non-stick surface is so efficient that it will make cooking a breeze. It will help you release food quickly.

In addition, double stainless-steel rivets secure the long, stainless-steel grips to the base in both collections to the cookware at the base. The two rivets provide a firm grip on your pans and pots, improving control.

Thin, long handles are found on both the HA1 and the B1. The lack of anti-heat grips like silicone causes them to heat up more quickly.

They both include sturdy glass covers that allow you to monitor your food while retaining moisture.


all clad ha1 review
All Clad HA1

Both All-Clad’s B1 and HA1 non-stick collections are made to last. Other brands spread a non-stick coating on their cookware that you’ll have to replace in a few years.

Keep in mind that both sets contain hard-anodized aluminum, the most lasting and sturdiest non-stick material available. Hard anodizing makes a non-stick surface extremely durable and corrosion-resistant.

Also, both the B1 and HA1 collections contain three layers of non-stick coating free of PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic Acid). Every layer improves scratch resistance and prevents chipping from sharp tools.

Both collections are built to resist far more abuse than other brands. All-Clad ensured that B1 and HA1 could last a lifetime.

All-Clad has always stood by its products, and these collections are no exception. Because the items can endure a long time, each purchase comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

The guarantee excludes issues, such as discoloration, warping, or anything caused by excessive heat when the cookware is empty.


All-Clad’s performance and convenience of use are hard to surpass. The B1 and HA1 collections make daily cooking quick and easy.

Because hard-anodized aluminum is a great heat conductor, the cookware heats quickly and evenly.

You’ll get perfect release all the time, and you’ll only need a little butter or oil to coat the pan. They’re ideal for scrambled eggs, stir-fries, and other delicate meals.

Both B1 and HA1 collections are oven-safe up to 500°F, and they should only be used for 1-2 minutes under the broiler.

In addition to intense heat, both collections can also endure frigid temperatures in the freezer and refrigerator.

Set Inclusions

If you want to update your kitchen, the All-Clad HA1 set is a must-have. It’s a 13-piece collection of pans, pots, and non-stick utensils.

That makes an all-in-one investment for a modern kitchen. You won’t need to buy more cookware after you have this one.

On the other hand, B1 is also a 13-piece cookware set that includes a range of pans and pots. But you’ll need to purchase additional tools to stir foods while cooking.

The table below shows 11 items included in both collections, B1 and HA1:

Item B1 HA1
10-piece set
12″ chef’s pan
12″ fry pan w/lid
13-piece set
2 pack fry pans
4-qt sauté pan
8-qt stockpot
Grande griddle
Grande grill
Panini press
Square griddle

Cleaning and Maintenance

all clad b1
All Clad B1

When buying kitchenware, cleaning and upkeep are vital features to look for, considering your daily schedule.

Do not worry! Cleaning is simple and quick with All-Clad non-stick cookware from the B1 and HA1 sets.

You can wash HA1 cookware in the dishwasher. If you want to do it by hand, use a gentle sponge and some mild soap. It will give shiny pans and pots that are ready to use.

On the other hand, the B1 collection is safe for hand-wash only. You should clean the set according to the user manual’s cleaning instructions.

Cooktop Compatibility

Both B1 and HA1 cookware collections are compatible with all cooking sources. These include gas, electric, ceramic, glass, halogen, ovens, and induction tops.


All-Clad is a brand associated with a high level of quality. Although the costs of All-Clad cookware are higher than those of discount brands, they are comparable to most high-quality cookware manufacturers.

The All-Clad B1 and HA1 non-stick sets are less expensive than the stainless-steel collections. But they are more costly than lesser-known non-stick manufacturers like Greenlife and Farberware.

Despite their considerably higher prices, the B1 and HA1 collections are identical in price. Neither has a pricing advantage, given the similar construction quality of both sets.

The distinctions are cosmetic and preference-based rather than structural, implying that the materials necessary to create both are comparable.

Try to purchase them through third-party merchants so you can enjoy better rates and discounts. Compared with several sellers, All-Clad collections on Amazon usually have the best deals.

Differences Between B1 and HA1

There are a few minor differences between All-Clad’s B1and HA1 collections. You can’t go wrong with either of them.


all-clad ha1 vs b1

The first variation is the angle of the handles. Though the handles are constructed of similar material and fastened identically, they are angled differently.

B1 cookware handles are gently curved downward and positioned parallel to the pot’s rim. They stretch out to give you more room to work with your cookware.

On the downside, the length becomes obstructive. Since the handle reaches so far out, it’s more challenging to cook with two different pans on a double-burner stove.

To address this problem, they made adjustments to the HA1 set.

All-Clad maintained the long handle but modified it with a thicker structure to be more ergonomic. The handle tilts upward towards the ceiling, so it won’t take much room when cooking.

Depth and Shape

all-clad hard anodized b1 vs ha1

Aside from the shape of their handles, the steepness of their sides distinguishes All-Clad B1 and HA1 cookware.

The sidewalls of the HA1 model are steeper. Some of the items in the set even feature inwardly slanting sides.

This is a better design because it decreases the likelihood of splatter. However, it is more difficult to transfer the contents of a pan or pot to a plate.

The steep slope prevents food from slipping easily. In most instances, you’ll use a utensil to slide food off cookware.

The B1 cookware line does not have such steep sides but flared edges. Unlike the HA1 collection, this is ideal for food transfer from the pout.

Moreover, the B1 cookware has a shallower base. With a shallower pan, frying becomes messier, with oil splashing over the kitchen wall.

This can be a hassle if you’re merely lightly frying. HA1’s deeper slanted pan prevents this, leaving you with less mess.

Set Inclusions

All-Clad offers several separate items and cookware bundles within the B1 and HA1 collections. One distinction to note is that the HA1 bundle has five different sets, but B1 has three only.

The table below lists the items not available in both cookware lines.

Item B1 HA1
11″ square grill pan  ✕
17-piece set
2.5-qt saucepan w/lid
3.5-qt saucepan w/lid
3-qt saucepan
4-qt soup pot w/lid
5-piece set
6-qt stockpot
Square grill


All-Clad no longer manufactures the B1 collection because it is an older model. However, you can still purchase it from stores with limited stocks.

B1 is no longer accessible online, and the company’s official website remains the best place to look for B1.

The company did not state why they discontinued the “B1” line. One cause could be the company’s shift to non-stick collections for healthier cooking.

Because the HA1 line provided a more specialized niche, a new name may have been adopted.

The HA1 variants are widely available. It comes with five sets that are only offered based on the demands of the cook.

In comparison to B1, it is easier to find HA1 cookware on merchant sites such as Amazon and Walmart online. This demonstrates why the HA1 line is more popular than B1.


Are you now more aware of the similarities and differences between All-Clad B1 vs. HA1? The variations are minor, so you’ll only have to ask yourself a few questions before making your decision. If you can’t decide which collection to choose, consider the types of meals you prepare. That’s all there is to it!

all clad ha1 vs b1

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