All-Clad Vs. Calphalon Pans: Which Should I Buy?

The quality of the food we eat, to an extent, is determined by the cookware used in preparing them. If you want to stock your kitchen with excellent cookware, you might consider choosing either All-Clad or Calphalon, two of America’s finest cookware brands. Below is what you should know before you make any choice.

Feature All-Clad Calphalon
Material Multi-layered (stainless steel, aluminum) Hard-anodized aluminum or stainless steel
Price Range High to premium Mid-range to high
Durability Highly durable Durable
Heat Distribution Even and consistent Generally even
Non-stick Options Available in certain lines Common in many models
Compatibility Suitable for all stovetops including induction Mostly all, but check for induction-specific models
Oven Safe Yes Yes
Country of Manufacture USA Various, including USA
Maintenance May require more effort for stainless steel Easier with non-stick models
Weight Heavier Moderate, but some models can be heavy

All-Clad Pans

all clad vs.calphalon

All-Clad is a cookware company based in the United States。 The company prides itself on handcrafting bonded cookware using the finest materials and revolutionary bonding processes.  With a mission to deliver cookware with superior performance and durability to help cooks of all skill levels cook at their best, All-Clad has been doing that for over 50 years.


  • Durability: Made with layers of stainless steel and aluminum, providing durability and effective heat conduction.
  • Even Heating: The multi-layered construction ensures consistent and even heat distribution.
  • Versatile: Suitable for a variety of stovetops, including induction.
  • Oven and Broiler Safe: Can be safely used in the oven and under a broiler.
  • Made in the USA: Known for its American craftsmanship and high quality standards.
  • Heat-proof handles – All-Clad pans are designed such that the handles don’t conduct heat, so you don’t have to worry about burning your hand.


  • All-Clad products are somewhat expensive.
  • The handles are not always comfortable because they are too thin.
  • There are no pouring spouts in All-Clad pans; hence, spilling is inevitable.

Calphalon Pans

all clad non stick set

Calphalon, formerly known as Commercial Aluminum Cookware, is the pioneer hard-anodized aluminum cookware producer. The company began production in 1963 and has risen to become one of the leading manufacturers of quality cookware.


  • Durability: Made of hard-anodized aluminum, Calphalon pans tend to be durable and resistant to warping.
  • Even Heating: Provides consistent and even heating, ideal for various cooking techniques.
  • Non-stick Surface: Many Calphalon pans have a non-stick coating, making cooking and cleaning easier.
  • Oven Safe: Some models can be safely used in the oven up to certain temperatures.
  • Stylish Design: Their sleek and modern design can complement various kitchen decors.


  • Not always compatible with dishwashers.
  • Over time, the non-stick surface can degrade.
  • Heavier than other pans.
  • Not all models are induction compatible.

What Makes All-Clad And Calphalon Pans Similar?

all clad non stick cookware sets

Irrespective of their origin, composition, method of manufacturing, strengths, and weaknesses, All-Clad and Calphalon have few common features, which might make it difficult sometimes to have a preference. Below are some of them:


The products of both brands are built using quality and standard materials; little wonder they don’t tear and wear quickly. All-Clad and Calphalon also subject their products to strict quality control measures in their factories.

This ensures product quality and allows for the detection and correction of any manufacturing errors. Therefore, if used under the right conditions, All-Clad and Calphalon pans can be passed down from one generation to another.


Both companies are so confident in the authenticity and durability of their products that they offer a comprehensive, limited warranty. Their warranty covers possible manufacturer’s defects or craftsmanship problems, if there are any.

As long as the problem is due to a defect in material, construction, or artistry, the pan will be repaired or replaced. All you need to do is register your product with them upon purchase. However, you can only enjoy the warranty if you buy the product from authorized sellers.

all clad or calphalon

Cooking performance

Both All-Clad and Calphalon brands make their non-stick pans the same way; therefore, you can’t be wrong if you go for either of them. All things being equal, cooking with non-stick All-Clad pans will give you the same result as cooking with non-stick Calphalon pans. This is because the non-stick pans of both brands are made of hard-anodized aluminum.


Although most All-Clad and Calphalon pans have a dual maintenance mode, experts suggest that pans generally should be hand-washed. When a dishwasher is running, the conditions aren’t ideal for some kinds of pans.

Continuous use of the machine for non-stick pans can degrade the protective non-stick coating. Pans are also prone to scratching, which is made more inevitable with the constant use of the dishwasher. Over time, the pans develop a dull finish if they are repeatedly washed in a dishwasher.  Consequently, both brands are maintained similarly by handwashing.

Are All-Clad Pans Different From Calphalon Pans?

all-clad vs calphalon

Both All-Clad and Calphalon pans are popular, but why do people choose one over the other? Here are some of the attributes that distinguish one brand from the other.


One major difference between both brands is the cost. All-Clad manufactures all their cooking wares in the United States, making them pricier. In contrast, Calphalon produces its products in both the United States and China, often leading to more competitive pricing. The price difference is also caused by the processes involved in their production; All-Clad pans are bonded layer by layer, while Calphalon pans are hard-anodized.

This price difference makes more people go for Calphalon’s pans, but people who know what they want in terms of quality and use prefer All-Clad pans despite the high price. However, Calphalon pans are not cheap either, although they are less expensive than All-Clad pans.


Another difference is the reputation of both brands. All-Clad is distinct for its unique manufacturing process, in which they bond layers of aluminum and steel together. This is responsible for the even distribution of heat and temperature control in All-Clad pans.

Calphalon, on the other hand, is noted for producing the pioneer hard-anodized aluminum cookware. Despite Calphalon’s reputation, experts believe that All-Clad is the highest-quality pan producer; after all, the latter began production before the former. Besides, All-Clad pans have been protecting their reputation by living up to standard, producing what they are known for – quality pans.

all clad versus calphalon

Oven-safe Temperature

All-Clad pans are oven-safe up to 600°F while Calphalon’s oven temperature is 500°F. The implication is that Calphalon pans can’t be used in every cooking situation, for example, broiling.In broiling, you use heat directly from the oven to cook solid foods, such as fish, meat, chicken, etc., at around 550°F. As such, only All-Clad pans can do this.


All-Clad pans have distinctive branding; Calphalon pans don’t. If you like showing off your cooking ware, Calphalon is not a good choice. But with all-Clad, your guest will quickly notice your pans without telling them you use All-Clad products. This does not imply that Calphalon is inferior or substandard; instead, it shows the prestige attached to All-Clad pans.


Both pans have excellent designs. They are strong, functional, and stylish. However, they have different rims, shapes, finishes, handles and lids.

What To Consider When Choosing Between All-Clad And Calphalon Pans

is all clad oven safe

Both pans are similar yet unique in their ways. However, a deep knowledge of each brand will influence your choice. Below are some things to consider when choosing between the two pans:


Before going for a particular brand, you should consider the lifespan. All-Clad pans have a legacy of being handed from one generation to the next. Calphalon’s are also durable; however, according to reviews from users and experts, the former seems to last longer than the latter.


Also, you should consider your comfort. You want to make sure everything in your kitchen works accordingly to give you the best cooking experience. Your convenience also includes safety. Ensure the brand you are going for has handles that don’t burn.

You should also consider the size; don’t pick a pan too heavy to move around. You don’t want a pan filled with food falling off your hand because its weight is overbearing. Cooking is hard work already, don’t make it harder by using uncomfortable utensils.

all clad vs calphalon non stick


Endeavor to pick pans that can serve multiple purposes. Some pans are built for stovetops, some for the oven, and others for both. Using a multipurpose pan will save you the stress of turning your food from one pan to another.

Aside from stress, the food could lose its flavor when turning it over. Multiple-use pans will also help you save the money you could have used in getting more pans, thus making your kitchen less rowdy. Therefore, look for products you can use both on the stove and in the oven.


Perhaps most importantly, you should consider your budget before setting out to buy pans. Consider pans with high performance that are not too expensive. You might want to examine the price to performance ratio while not neglecting the pros and cons.

You should consider two similar items from both brands, their features, compositions, strengths, weaknesses, and prices. This way you will be able to decide which is best for you. However, it would help if you didn’t go for inferior products because of price as you’ll spend more in the long run.


All-Clad and Calphalon are both household names in the United States; however, your choice of pan should be based on its features and benefits, not just brand familiarity. It would be best if you went for a brand that will serve your culinary needs conveniently and safely for a long time without you breaking your alabaster box.

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