28 Best Apricot Pie Recipes

Apricot pies do not require a specific season. It would always be nice to have some during summer, autumn, winter, or spring. This means there are no seasonal boundaries for pies, and in this particular case, apricot pies. Here are 28 apricot pie recipes to try throughout the seasons.

1. Flaky Crust Apricot Pie

Flaky Crust Apricot Pie

Who doesn’t like a good and refreshing slice of an apricot pie with a flaky crust? Apricot pies with a crispy crust will surely make your taste bud dance with its nicely done dough and its aroma dancing around the kitchen. This recipe offers a not overly sweet pie, which makes room for more than one scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side.


2. Creamy Apricot Pie – Fruity and creamy? Sign me up!

This recipe uses puff pastry dough to create a pie with a flaky crust that’s absolutely delicious. This pie also has a creamy filling. This creamy apricot pie is sure to let you taste a lot of different textures and flavors in your every bite.


3. Gingered Apricot Pie

Gingered Apricot Pie

This recipe is filled with delicious fresh apricots, cinnamon, and ginger. This combination is something never less than perfect.

This pie recipe has been featured at a state fair pie contest, known for its warmth and comforting taste. When serving this apricot pie recipe, it’s best to top each slice with whipped cream and sprinkle it with a bit of powdered ginger.


4. Apricot Pie – The ultimate apricot pie recipe

This recipe incorporates the goodness of a buttery crust, rosemary almond cream, apricot marmalade. This pie will surely steal your breath away. This recipe does not stop giving you the most excellent pie ever, and this pie is also topped with almond crumble and seared apricots. It’s a field trip of flavor when it comes to this apricot pie; hop in!


5. Fresh Apricot Pie – Summertime, pie time!

Fresh Apricot Pie

Apricots are great, especially during the summertime, and this recipe takes your whole summertime dessert to a new level. In some places, apricots are harvested during the summer, making this recipe a perfect go-to for a simple, luscious, and delicious pie. You can buy your own crust if you prefer speed baking or make your own according to your preference.


6. Soft Apricot Pie

Some may like their apricot pie crusty, but others like them cakey and soft. If you are the latter, this recipe might be the perfect one to try today.. This recipe offers a nice and soft apricot pie which can easily be mistaken as cake. This recipe can be really enjoyed whenever you have a tea party or paired with coffee.


7. Traditional Apricot Pie – A bite of home

Traditional Apricot Pie

While many people love pies, not everyone makes them. Baking, especially traditional recipes, requires passion and eagerness. This recipe brings your tastebuds back in the days of nostalgia. Each place can have its own version of a traditional pie, but rest assured, they all offer tasty twists.


8. Apricot Yoghurt Pie

This recipe brings yogurt’s twist and extra tanginess into your special apricot pie recipe. The perfect mix of sweet, fruity, and juicy apricot with a hint of tanginess goes a long way. You never know when you would need another slice. This recipe brings a new and fresh apricot pie to the table.


9. Apricot Crumble Pie – Your sweet companion

Apricot Crumble Pie

Who doesn’t like crunch in their every bite of apricot pie? If you like the crunch, you will surely love this recipe. This recipe has brown sugar, tapioca, and fresh apricots that will surely make your day a little better. The sweetness and flavor of sugar and tapioca will elevate your signature apricot pie for sure.


10. Apricot Pie with Lemon Filling – Have a refresher today

Here’s a zesty dessert for the summertime. This recipe combines fruity apricot pie and tangy lemon filling to double the fun. If you are someone who likes citrusy and likes a little zesty take on your dessert, then this recipe might be for you to try. This recipe combines your delicious apricot pie and is filled with lemon filling.


11. Apple Apricot Pie – The double A’s

Apple Apricot Pie

Who said you couldn’t have two fruits in a pie? This apple apricot pie will change your mind about fruit mixing. This recipe is best when warm and during the winter season. Experience double the fruit and double the deliciousness. The taste and warmth will surely warm your home and your stomachs too. People are never “too full” for an apple apricot pie.


12. Apricot Pie Using Canned Apricot – A quick whip of delicacy

Are you having trouble finding apricot in the market as it’s not the harvesting season? You can still enjoy and cook apricot pie using canned apricot. This recipe will take your simple canned apricot into a delicious easy apricot pie. This recipe is quick and very convenient, especially if you are in a hurry for some fresh pie.


13. Double Crust Apple-Apricot Pie – Double the fun!

Double Crust Apple

Well, this recipe is undoubtedly a recipe worth trying, especially for people who love pie crusts! This double crust apple apricot pie incorporates apples, apricots, and orange zest to complete the whole fresh, zesty, and crusty pie. If you love a pie with double-crust, then perhaps this is the recipe for you.


14. Swiss Apricot Pie

This recipe can use canned apricots if they are not in season, but if they are, it’s better if it’s fresh apricots. This swiss apricot recipe assures you of a pretty batch of the pie when followed correctly. This recipe also calls for different toppings as preferred so each of your slices won’t ever get boring.


15. Autumn Pear, Apricot, and Cranberry Pie – A combination of goodness

 Autumn Pear, Apricot, and Cranberry Pie

Ever tried combining three robust flavors in one pie? Well, you might want to try this recipe. This recipe combines the fullness of pears, apricots, and cranberries. Their flavors mixed in one pie are like a perfectly orchestrated dance. It just works so well together! The tartiness of apricots and cranberries work really well in bringing the best of the pears’ and each other’s flavor.


16. Pie with Dried Apricots


Whether fresh, canned, or dried, Apricots can be used in your apricot pie recipe. This is proof of how flexible they are as fruits and desserts. This recipe is just your simple apricot pie recipe but with a twist and bits of dried apricots that you would love. This recipe could be a little less juicy if you want and it can be adjusted, so you won’t have to worry.


17. Old-Fashioned Apricot Pie

Old-Fashioned Apricot Pie

Apricot pies are not only about the dough and the crust. The apricot filling is also a core ingredient, and this recipe emphasizes the goodness of an apricot filling. If you have trouble making the perfect dough for your pie, it’s fine to buy a pie crust in your supermarket. For the filling, you can never go wrong with apricot filling!


18. Refined Apricot Pie

This apricot pie recipe has been tested and is now brought to you with the best version of almost every apricot pie you could have encountered. This apricot pie recipe maximizes the power of fresh apricots and their flavor. This recipe also incorporates fun and creative apricot pie designs and toppings to level up your apricot pie further!


19. Ruth Reichl Apricot Pie

This recipe allows you to make use of any apricots that are not for direct eating. Perhaps your apricots could be too ripe (overripe) or not yet mature (underripe) for eating. And so, this recipe accommodates apricots along these lines. If your apricots are underripe, it will require more sugar, and you can taste them to tell if it’s overripe. This recipe also works for peaches.


20. Dehydrated Apricot Pie

You may have heard of cooking equipment called dehydrators or perhaps dehydrated food in general. If so, you would have a general idea of what kind of apricots will be used in this recipe. This recipe takes a unique twist for your regular apricot pie recipe. Nevertheless, this apricot pie will deliver a delicious dessert.


21. Dried Apricot Pie – Tangy and sweet goes a long way

Dried Apricot Pie

Perhaps you are a lover of dried fruits like dried mangos, prunes, and many others. If so, you might want to try your dried apricots and incorporate them into your apricot pie. Perhaps you have some leftover dried apricots in the fridge, and you’d like to give it a go and expand your choices. This recipe will assure you of a slightly tangy pie with just the right amount of sweetness.


22. Summer Apricot Pie – A festive treat on a summer day

If you are one for a festive and colorful presentation, this recipe might be the perfect one for you. Thi apricot pie is the whole summer package in one pie. With lots of fruits and toppings, this dessert is ideal for the summertime and for the kids as it is colorful and they like these types of things. This recipe will surely take you for a ride.


23. Festive Cranberry Apricot Pie

Festive Cranberry-Apricot Pie

Here’s another apricot combination to savor and enjoy. This recipe brings you the best of apricots and the best of cranberries in one. If you are one for mixes and two-fruit desserts, you might want to try this. Cranberries are low in sugar but high in acid, so the refreshing taste of cranberries incorporated in the apricot pie indeed gives a zesty spin to your dessert.


24. Easy Apricot Pie Recipe

This recipe shows you an easy way of making your homemade pie. This recipe is best with homegrown apricots but will work okay with supermarket harvests as well as canned apricots. This homemade recipe will surely bring a taste of home to each and every bite. Want a quick and easy homemade apricot pie dessert? You can trust this recipe to deliver.


25. Mini Apricot Pie – Bite-sized besties

Mini Apricot Pie

Pies are great and all, but mini pies? They are your best friends. This recipe makes up bite-sized apricot pies and is just one bite away from being finished. This may be a good option for people who want to control their pie intake, as you can limit yourself to 1-2 mini pies every meal (if you can). No matter the size, these mini apricot pies taste just as good.


26. Easy Apricot Chicken Pie – One for the savory side?

Meanwhile, apricots are not strictly for desserts. These goodies can be cooked with chicken too! This recipe is best served warm. This apricot chicken pie is one for the books as it gives you both the goodness of the chicken as well as the flavor of the apricots. They mix well together too. So if you are into savory-sweet and dishes like these, you might want to try this recipe.


27. Apricot Breakfast Pie – Your good mornings, even better

Apricot Breakfast Pie

Apricot pie for breakfast? A blessing early in the morning. Perhaps you want to cook up some breakfast meal for your family and loved ones. Then this can be an excellent recipe to try. It must be good to break the tradition of having eggs and slices of bacon for breakfast and go all-in with an apricot pie.

28. Homemade Vegan Apricot Pie – Your vegan alternative and gluten-free option

It might be hard to find apricot pie recipes that offer gluten-free and vegan alternatives. Well, the search is over as this recipe makes sure you enjoy your apricot pie without having to worry about whether it’s vegan or gluten-free to be this good anymore. This recipe ensures a delicious gluten-free and vegan apricot pie for those who need it.


These 28 apricot pie recipes have debunked any existing image of them being inflexible or, perhaps, hard to make. They have proven their flexibility, having placed together with other fruits, meat, and even made vegan friendly and gluten-free. It’s a colorful world out there, and so are these apricot pie recipes!

Apricot Pie Recipe

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