Are Red Copper Pans Toxic?

Many infomercials have touted red copper pans to be remarkable cookware everyone should have in their kitchen. However, some people are still unsure about the safety of red copper pans. If you’re among them, here’s the truth: red copper pans aren’t toxic. They have no chemical reactions and are entirely safe for use.

Why are red copper pans popular?

Ever since red copper pans appeared in the markets, they have become the ultimate choice for homeowners, cooks, and chefs. That being said, why are they popular? You can find some of the reasons explained below.

are red copper pans toxic

Easy to handle

Red copper pans are easy to handle. They are lightweight but very durable and efficient. Their light nature doesn’t make them inferior to other cookware. You can easily manipulate them when cooking without exerting much energy. There’s no fear of them falling from your hands as well.


Many cookwares obtain scratches in the process of using them. However, it isn’t the same with red copper pans. They are scratch-proof no matter how long you use them. Their cooking surfaces look just as new every day, especially when you season them regularly. However, this doesn’t mean you have to exert energy when cleaning them.

Non-stick nature

Another benefit of red copper pans is their non-stick nature. You don’t need to apply oil or butter on the cooking surfaces before you use them. Their non-stick properties make the food slide out of the pan quickly; either you’re cooking a simple meal like bacon or messier ones like frying cheese. However, if you’re having trouble with food sticking, check out our guide on How To Keep Food From Sticking To Copper Pans.

Therefore, red copper pans are easy to clean. You don’t have to scrub them. Since they are dishwasher-safe, putting them in the dishwasher will do.

red copper pan safe


A lot of other cookware isn’t safe to use. Some even impart metallic tastes into foods. However, red copper pans are completely non-toxic. They don’t contain carcinogens and other harmful chemicals which destroy health.

They are made from aluminum, copper, and ceramic. Ceramic cookware has no hazards and has been used since many decades ago. Even though copper has some risks, the cooking surfaces of the pans don’t contain copper.

The copper in red copper pans is laid below the ceramic coating. As long as you don’t scratch the ceramic coating off the pans, red copper pans are one hundred percent safe.

Good heat conductors

Red copper pans are also good conductors of heat. One of the prominent features you’ll notice when using them is their ability to absorb heat and distribute it evenly throughout the cooking surface. Even after they are no longer on the stovetop or in the oven, they still retain heat for some time. They ensure that your food is cooked correctly.

Why Are Red Copper Pans Better Than Stainless Steel Pans?

are red copper pans safe

Stainless steel pans are popular cookware and have been around for a long time. Stainless steel pans are made from a mix of steel and other metals like nickel, chromium, and aluminum. On the other hand, red copper pans are made from a mix of high-quality ceramic and pure copper.

Their cooking surfaces are scratch-proof ceramic coatings with aluminum-copper alloy undersides. This makes the pans non-stick, durable, anti-bacterial, and excellent heat conductors. While both red copper and stainless steel pans are sturdy and easy to handle, they have some differences.

Stainless steel pans are sticky, while red copper pans are not

Stainless steel pans are naturally sticky. They are great for browning foods but not for cooking delicate foods like fish, eggs, etc. If you want your non-fat foods to come out easily from the pans, you must apply oil or butter to the pans every time you cook.

Stainless steel pans are sticky

The oil or butter gives the pans temporary non-stick features. Not using the oil or butter will make your foods stick to the bottom of the pans, thereby making cleaning difficult. However, red copper pans are the exact opposite. They are naturally non-stick, which means you don’t have to rub the cooking surfaces with oil or butter before you cook.

Stainless steel pans are bad heat conductors, while red copper pans are not

Also, stainless steel pans are bad heat conductors unless they contain conductive materials such as copper to boost their heat distribution. They are slow in changing temperature and distributing heat when you use them for cooking.

It takes a lot of time for your dish to get done. In contrast, red copper pans are excellent heat conductors. They cook your food efficiently and quickly. You don’t have to wait a long time for your food to get done.

Stainless steel pans can impart metals into your food, while red copper pans do not

Why Are Red Copper Pans Better Stainless Steel Pans

Furthermore, some stainless steel pans are prone to leaching. Leaching is when metals such as nickel and chromium, which are part of the stainless steel, can be imparted into your food. This is likely to become a significant health problem if your foods consistently contain metals.

However, red copper pans are made of ceramic which doesn’t leach metals into your foods. They are completely non-toxic and eco-friendly because they don’t contain chemicals.

In light of this, red copper pans make better cookware in your kitchen than stainless steel pans.

How to care for your red copper pans

Even though red copper pans are high-quality cookware, they might not last long if you don’t care for them properly.

Use plastic or wooden tools

red copper pan dishwasher safe

For instance, red copper pans are scratch-proof, but you can destroy the cooking surfaces if you use metal cookware in conjunction with them. Sticking metal spoons or forks into the pans can scratch the surfaces. If you want to protect the non-stick cooking surfaces, wooden or plastic tools are the best choices.

Clean the pans gently

Furthermore, you should avoid scrubbing the pans with coarse scouring pads when cleaning them. You can use a soft cloth to wipe off food residues.

To remove harsh food residues or burnt food, fill the pans with warm water and add a little baking soda. Leave to soak for some minutes before you wash it away. Always ensure you clean the pans gently and rinse them properly to avoid any soap residues drying on them.

is the red copper pan safe

Season the pans regularly

More importantly, you should season your pans before you use them, and regularly as you do. Seasoning maintains the non-stick properties of your pan for a long time. Before seasoning, clean the pan with soap and soft water.

Ensure you rinse the pan thoroughly to remove all soap residues. After, apply a high-smoke oil such as canola oil or vegetable oil evenly over the cooking surface. Set the stove to medium heat and heat the oiled pan on it for about five minutes.

Allow the oil to dry before you wipe the pan with a paper towel or soft cloth. You should season your red copper pans regularly, especially if they are used frequently. A good rule of thumb is to season them at least twice a year, but it may be necessary to do this more frequently with heavy use. Don’t put the seasoned pans in the dishwasher, as the strong detergents and high heat could strip away the seasoning.

Store the pans correctly

Finally, you should be careful with how you store your red copper pans. Don’t stack other cookware on top of your red copper pans. You can use hooks to hang them on the pot rails on your kitchen walls or place them on your stovetops. If you aren’t going to use the pans for a long time, ensure you season them heavily before storing them.

How to avoid buying fake red copper pans

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Red copper pans have become essentials in most households as many consumers are drawn to them. However, some people make imitations of these pans and tout them as original in the market. If you want to get value for your money, you have to know how to spot fake red copper pans from the original ones.

Buy from the manufacturer or a reliable reseller

First, buy the pans from the manufacturer; either you’re buying offline or online. The most reliable source to get your red copper pans is directly from the manufacturer’s website. If you want to find better deals on third-party websites, be careful of dubious websites.

Before buying your red copper pans from any website, use a domain checking tool to verify the website’s authenticity. If you can’t find the address listed, the website is suspicious. Only buy from resellers who the manufacturer has accredited.

Read customer reviews

You can also check the customer reviews on the reseller’s profile. Customer reviews are very reliable sources of information. Reading through the reviews will let you know if the reseller sells original or fake red copper pans, if they have good or bad customer service if they are fraudulent or not, etc.

However, ensure you read reviews on reputable review sites only to avoid being misled by doctored reviews.

red copper pan toxic

Be careful of too-good-to-be-true prices

If you’re buying the pans online, don’t fall for too-good-to-be-true prices. This is well-known tactic imitators use to rip people off online. Usually, due to their high quality, ceramic products are pricey.

Therefore, it’s expected that the prices of red copper pans will be a bit high. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t get the pans for lower prices. You can take advantage of discounts and other incentives if you want to buy the pans on a low budget.

Look out for refund policies or warranties

Finally, buy from a brand or reseller that has a refund policy or offers a warranty on their products. This protects you from losing your money as you can easily demand a refund or return the pans and get replacements if you find that they are fake.


Red copper pans are must-haves in your kitchen as they are non-toxic, non-stick, efficient, and durable. They make your cooking healthier as you don’t need much fat to cook. To make them last longer, ensure you buy original ones and season them first before use and regularly as you use them.

red copper dishwasher safe

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  2. I am very disappointed in these pans I have done everything that was suggested in the care of my pans. yes I love my pans but last night after washing my pans by hand and dried them by hand, I picked up the lid to put it away and it shattered to the point that I had the handle in my hand and the rim was laying on the floor…

    • Unfortunately the lids are not copper and are usually made of glass. This claim actually has nothing to do with the quality of the copper pans, and everything to do with the quality of the glass. You could check around to see if there is a replacement lid available for your copper pan.

  3. Are the Red Copper pans in the photo in this article the real ones or the fake ones? I have the Red Copper brand from the infomercials…


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