21 Best Bacon Pancakes Recipes

One of the favorite family breakfast dishes, especially popular during the winter months, is bacon pancakes. The combination of two of the more popular breakfast ingredients provides a hearty meal to start a day.

As aspiring and accomplished chefs, we all want to share our favorite recipes. So, here are the top Bacon Pancakes available today:

1. Savory Bacon Pancakes

Savory Bacon Pancakes

The total prep and cook time needed to make a basic bacon pancake dish is 30 minutes. First, you must cut the bacon into equal bite-sized pieces, then cook until they have a crisp exterior appearance.

Next, combine flour, baking powder, sugar and salt in a large mixing bowl. Beat the egg whites until you achieve stiff peaks, and then fold them into the batter. Finally, mix the egg yolks, milk, melted butter, vanilla and almond extract in a separate bowl for two minutes.

Before pouring the batter onto the griddle or pan, sprinkle the bacon pieces over the pancake batter. Then cook for 10 minutes before enjoying the best breakfast meal in your life.


2. Bacon Pancakes From Binging With Babish

This breakfast recipe comes from YouTube cooking sensation Babish. First, whisk a mixing bowl filled with all of the combined ingredients. But refrain from over-whisking as lumps in the batter are okay to cook with.

In a cast-iron skillet, pour the batter over a medium-high temperature. Before flipping the pancake batter over, place several cooked bacon strips on the batter. Plate and serve the pancakes with butter and maple syrup on top.


3. Bacon Pancakes

Bacon Pancakes

One of the unique approaches to this traditional recipe is placing bacon in the middle of the pancake batter. After cooking the bacon to a crisp-brown appearance, place the strips back onto the skillet, but leave room to pour pancake batter all around each piece of bacon.

Cook for approximately three minutes or until each side of the batter is golden brown. Then, serve the finished product to your family or friends.


4. Bacon Country Pancakes Recipe From Chef Micheal Smith

Here is another ingenious way to cook this traditional old recipe, bacon country pancakes. Chef Michael Smith separates this dish from others in the way he adds oats and nutmeg to the pancake batter mix.

He suggests using smaller portions of pancake batter because the mix will cook faster and be easier to flip on the grill. And like other recipes, Smith suggests cooking the bacon strips separately before pouring the pancake batter over them. Cook both sides of the batter to a golden brown finish.


5. Martha Stewart’s Bacon Pancakes

Martha Stewart's Bacon Pancakes

Continuing with Martha Stewart’s unique takes, she offers another bacon pancake recipe. She hopes the dish will satisfy your taste buds. Stewart uses a combination of baking soda, baking powder and coarse salt in the pancake batter mix.

It will provide fewer lumps than the traditional ingredients mix. Stewart suggests cooking the bacon on medium-high heat until the fat is rendered and one side of the strip has a browned appearance. Next, you want to pour the pancake batter over each separate piece of bacon and cook until bubbles appear at the top of the batter.


6. Pancacon: Pancakes and Bacon

POPSUGAR food connoisseur Nicole Iizuka believes bacon and pancakes are made for each other, in regards to sharing space on a person’s breakfast plate. She calls her interpretation of the recipe: Pancacon. She feels the bacon must be cooked to a crisp-brown finish before pouring the pancake batter around each strip. It is best to serve the dish with warm maple syrup on the side.


7. Maple-Bacon Pancakes

Maple-Bacon Pancakes

Another terrific recipe from the Martha Stewart collection is maple-bacon pancakes. This time, Stewart is offering a sweeter dish than the previous recipe by substituting maple syrup for sugar.

You will need to whisk the mixture until it has several pronounced lumps inside the bowl. Slowly pour the pancake batter from the center to the outside of the bacon strip in a circular motion. This technique prevents the bacon from moving inside the grill.


8. Bacon Pancake Dippers

A great afternoon snack item is bacon pancake dippers. It is a simple version of a traditional sandwich, which places the bacon in between two pancakes. You can cut the dippers into easy, dip-able pieces that fit perfectly into a cup of maple syrup served on the side. No question, this recipe is a smart, fun food item, especially for those individuals on the go.


9. Crispy Cheddar Pancakes with Bacon

Crispy Cheddar Pancakes with Bacon

This unique recipe comes from the Martha Stewart collection as she tries to enhance your pancake game inside the kitchen. This dish is the perfect dining companion for families on a warm-weather evening.

The addition of cheddar cheese, sour cream, scallions and bell peppers to the ingredients list will give the dish an omelet or quiche look. The prep and cook time will be under an hour, but the result will be the talk of everyone at the dining table.


10. Dipped Bacon Pancakes

A simple, but fun recipe for your camping adventures will be serving dipped bacon pancakes each morning. One ingredient that is missing from the recipe is salt. The creator of this recipe feels cooked bacon offers enough salt for the batter to be tasty. Usually, this food item is a big hit with all campers as it is the perfect start to their active day in the woods.


11. Upside-Down Bacon Pancakes

Upside-Down Bacon Pancakes

Before serving the dish to family and friends, your goal is to make sure the upside-down bacon pancake is in a “cake-style” appearance. Combine all of the ingredients into one mixing bowl as this will offer a sweeter taste than the other recipe’s finished product.

Plus, your taste buds will identify the saltiness of the crisped bacon inside the pancake batter. No question, it is a main dish dining option that an entire family can eat together at one seating.


12. Traditional Bacon Pancakes

One of the more popular breakfast items in the Netherlands is pancakes filled with bacon and cheese on the inside. The recipe does not include sugar as one of the pancake batter ingredients.

Instead, the recipe relies on the addition of bacon and cheddar to provide a mouth-watering taste. Plus, it does not hurt to sprinkle maple syrup over the finished product during the plating process.


13. Bacon Pancakes

Bacon Pancakes

Another amazing version of this breakfast recipe is placing bacon crumbles into the pancake batter mix. Some chefs believe this subtle change to the recipe gives the dish the fluffiest pancakes ever made. Plus, the leftovers saved will be just as delicious as they were coming hot out of the pan.


14. Crispy Bacon Pancakes

Here is another inventive breakfast recipe that will help satisfy your bacon needs. It is best to cook and blot the bacon before inserting the strip into the pancake batter. Many chefs find this recipe is best for those individuals who need a “grab and go” breakfast food item. It is the perfect dish for a busy home in the morning.


15. Sweet and Salty Bacon Pancakes

Sweet and Salty Bacon Pancakes

One of the best breakfast dishes is a tasty salted piece of bacon nestled between a big sweet, fluffy pancake. It is a combo that is loved by all breakfast lovers. Some foodies might even add scrambled eggs to the daily menu.

This recipe is a family favorite for the author. The main reason being is the recipe’s versatility. It is fun to add or subtract certain ingredients depending on the time of the year. Still, it is the perfect breakfast entree to feed a large gathering at your home. Nevertheless, the result of the recipe will be crowd-pleasing.


16. Bacon Pancake Stixs (Paleo & Gluten-Free)

For our health-conscious foodie audience, we have a terrific, tasty dish that is easy to make in the home. It will be the perfect complement to your healthy lifestyle. Bacon pancake stixs provide a sweet, salty taste in your mouth.

Some individuals new to eating healthier food options cannot believe this dish is made from paleo and gluten-free ingredients. The only changes to the ingredients list are turkey bacon, coconut flour, banana and sugar substitute were added to the recipe.

Another outstanding feature of this dish is the use of a fork that is not required. Thus, it is the best meal option for those individuals who rush out the door for school or work. Despite having a busy schedule, you can get all your nutrients to start your day.


17. Bacon Pancake Little Dippers

Bacon Pancake Little Dippers

Another great forkless breakfast recipe is bacon pancake little dippers. Bacon lovers will love the opportunity to acquire that taste surrounded by a sweet, fluffy pancake. Little dippers are the perfect finger food for the dining room table.

But if you want to include a fork to be used for your meal, then add scrambled eggs to the dish plate. Plus, it works best with a warm cup of maple syrup for dunking purposes. No question, bacon pancake little dippers are the perfect breakfast option for the family to eat on the weekend.


18. Keto Bacon Pancakes

It is never easy to maintain a high-fat, low-carb keto diet. The main reason is that too many individuals have trouble sticking with the allowance requirement of 50 grams of carbs per day. Some within this group struggle to maintain the diet.

The reason is the challenges and temptations that come with eating correctly, especially at breakfast time, are too challenging to overcome. But that may not be the case any longer, as a morning dish of keto bacon pancakes is becoming quite popular within this community.

Bacon is an ideal component because it is high in fat, which is perfect for a keto-friendly dish. And no one can deny the great taste offered by a plate filled with keto bacon pancakes.


19. Bacon, Egg and Cheese Stuffed Pancake

Bacon, Egg and Cheese Stuffed Pancake

If you’re looking for a hearty breakfast meal to start your day, then try bacon, egg and cheese stuffed pancakes. It holds all of your favorite ingredients that alone make up the perfect breakfast entree. Instead, bacon, egg, cheese and pancakes come together in one dish.

However, the chef must prepare each portion of the recipe to perfection. That means adding ingredients like spices and salt to the mixture at the precise moments specified in the instructions. The results should gain a sweet taste in your mouth. Usually, the topping of this dish is either hot sauce, ketchup or a drizzle of maple syrup.


20. Bacon, Green Onion, Cheddar Corn Pancakes

One of the best Father’s Day brunch menu options is bacon, green onion, and cheddar corn pancakes. Some individuals feel this recipe, although a breakfast item, is perfect to serve during dinner time.

Granted, the complexity of the recipe can be tricky to make in a busy kitchen. But you have one thing going in your favor: all of the ingredients work well as accompanying components in other prepared meals. Some chefs will add chipotle-spiced maple syrup to the top as an added surprise for their dining guests.


21. Pancakes with Bacon and Maple Syrup

Pancakes with Bacon and Maple Syrup

What a wonderful combination of flavors to be found in a dish like pancakes with bacon and maple syrup. Usually, it is served to guests in a pie format that everyone will thoroughly enjoy. Why? Well, it is the perfect combination of sweetness and salty taste that will perk a person’s taste buds. This dish will perk up a lazy Sunday morning as the perfect menu option to start the day.


Well, all of the recipes provided should give you an ample number of culinary options to prepare in your kitchen. Plus, all of the ingredients used in each recipe are great sources to give your body the energy needed to get through a busy day.

Bacon Pancakes Recipes

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