18 Best Banana Pudding Brownie Recipes to Try Out

Are you craving some banana pudding brownies? Well, look no further! We have listed 18 banana pudding brownie recipes for you!

We know there are lots of banana pudding brownie recipes out there, so if you are looking for a specific one, then scroll right up. With 18 recipes, we might have just the one to satisfy that craving.

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Now, allow us to take you through all these delicious recipes.

18 Banana Pudding Brownie Recipes

You read that right! We have 18 recipes for you. Not one, not two, but eighteen recipes! You are in for a long and sweet treat, so let us start!

1. H.E.B

banana pudding brownies

First on the list is H.E.B.’s banana pudding brownie recipe. This one is great if you do not want something that sweet. This recipe will yield around 16 servings, making it a good choice for sharing with some of your friends.

We also like that this one uses banana slices to top it all up!


2. Reaux’s Kitchen

It might be a subtle difference, but if you are not a fan of the crunch of vanilla wafers, then you might want to check out this recipe as it does not have wafers.

The first recipe might look completely different from this one, but they are still both banana pudding brownies.


3. This is Not Diet Food

banana pudding brownies recipe

Now, do you have a sweet tooth? Do you want some extra chocolatey goodness? This next one might be for you. As you will see later on, not all banana pudding brownie recipes employ cocoa and chocolate chips. But, this one does, so you do not need to look far and wide to satisfy your chocolate craving.


4. Melanie Cagle

Now, if you are not looking for anything specific, you might want to check this recipe out. It is quick and easy to do! It is a great choice if you suddenly crave this brownie and want some pronto! Just gather all the ingredients and you are ready to go and make some!


5. Country Hill Cottage

banana pudding brownie recipe

Next up, we have Country Hill Cottage’s take on the delicious dessert.

If you are looking for something a little more gooey or fudgy, then you might want to opt for this recipe instead. It might look different from all the others we have already listed, but yes, it is still a banana pudding brownie.


6. Kitchen Divas

Here is another different-looking banana pudding brownie.

Usually, you would see this dessert topped with bananas and maybe even some vanilla wafers. But, this one, in particular, is bare, if you will. If you prefer something a little simpler, you might want to consider this one.

If this is not your jam, do not worry. We still have 12 more recipes to go!


7. Two Pink Peonies

how to make banana pudding brownies

Earlier, we showed you an extra chocolatey recipe. Now, if that is not how you roll, and you would like to do away with the chocolate as much as possible, then you might want to check this recipe out.

It may not be as chocolatey as the others, but we believe it is still a delicious dessert!


8. Sweet Ruby’s

Has none of the above tickled your fancy yet? You might want to give this recipe a try!

Of course, it is similar to all the recipes we have mentioned above. But, you might prefer this simple method instead. This recipe is easy to follow, and it is a good one to pull out if you have guests and need to dish out something fast!


9. Cozymeal

banana pudding brownies with nilla wafers

Now, do you want a showstopping banana pudding brownie? You might want to try out Cozymeal’s recipe. They seem to claim their recipe is a showstopper!

Maybe what is interesting in their recipe is the inclusion of coffee! As you might have noticed, not a lot of recipes include this. If you are a coffee-lover, we think you would favor this one a bit more than the others.


10. Meg’s Bakery Universe

Do you like cheesecake? If so, you might like Meg’s Bakery Universe’s banana pudding cheesecake brownies. This one is one of my favorites on this list!

The process is still very similar to the others, but if you are looking for something a little different, you might want to give this recipe a shot.


11. Sweet Tooth and Sass

banana pudding blondies

Do you have some brownies? Did you know that you can turn them into banana pudding brownies? Yes! You do not always have to make homemade brownies. Do not get us wrong. Brownies are amazing themselves. But, if you want to upgrade your brownies, you might want to try this recipe out.


12. Niyah Leah

Here we have Niyah Leah’s recipe.

As you might have already expected, it is similar to the other recipes. But, if you would like to see the whole process step-by-step, this one is a good recipe and tutorial to check out.

This recipe does not have that much chocolate, so if you like something a little more chocolatey, our next one might be for you.


13. Mama’s on A Budget

banana pudding brownies with vanilla wafers

If you like your banana pudding mixed with the brownie batter, you might want to check out this recipe.

It is chocolatey with a hint of banana pudding taste, making it one of the best choices for chocolate lovers.

It does look different from the others, but that is not a reason to cross out this recipe off of your list!


14. Kraze KREATIVE Kitchen with a BIG VIBE

Interestingly, most of the recipes we have listed above made use of big pans. But, this one made use of multiple smaller pans.

Maybe, one of the best features of this recipe is how you can control how many banana pudding brownies you can make. Whether you only want a few pieces or you want to make dozens, you could!


15. Cook Think

banana pudding cheesecake brownies

I have to be honest, when it comes to presentation, this one takes the cake, or, well, the brownie for me. I am just such a fan of whipped cream. If you put a big blob of whipped cream on a dessert, it will probably catch my eyes. Put all the banana pudding brownies on a table, and I would most probably linger on this one.


16. Traci Wilson

If you already know how to make banana pudding brownies and are only looking for a quick refresher, this recipe and tutorial might be for you. The recipe and the process were quickly fit in less than a minute, but you can be rest assured that what you need to know was mentioned.


17. TfRecipes

vanilla pudding brownies

If you are into gooey desserts, you might want to give this one a shot.

Do you not believe how gooey this recipe is? You can hold the end product of most of the recipes listed above. But, this one seems to be best served with a fork and plate! It is that gooey, we tell you!


18. Original Recipes by Tasting Table

Finally, do you want something fast and easy? You might want to try this recipe.

It does not have the usual banana slices toppings. In place of that, you get a beautiful marble design on the surface of your banana pudding brownies. It is good for your messy little eaters!

Banana Pudding

We might have been talking about banana pudding brownies, but if you are ever in the mood for some banana pudding only, you might want to try out these recipes.

Perfect Banana Pudding

Perfect Banana Pudding

Can you tell us this banana pudding is not beautiful? It is one of the prettiest puddings I have probably seen!

The best part? This banana pudding is easy to make. With your baking magic, we believe you could recreate it at your home!

Mama’s No-Bake Banana Pudding


This recipe is another banana pudding that is easy to make. It is most probably one of the simplest recipes I have seen!

Do not let the simplicity fool you, though! It might be easy, but this banana pudding might still be one of the best puddings you will ever taste!

Southern Banana Pudding Recipe

Southern Banana Pudding Recipe

Want something fast and easy? You might want to check this one out. As I have said earlier, I am a big fan of big blobs of whipped cream on desserts. I had to include this one!

Banana puddings are one of the best things to make, especially for times you suddenly get a craving for something sweet, as there are many no-bake recipes for banana puddings!


Now, if you find yourself craving some brownies, here are some brownies we think you could give a shot.

Chocolate Brownie Recipe

Chocolate Brownie Recipe

Let us start with something simple – chocolate brownies! This recipe is quick and easy to do. If you are a chocolate lover, you might want to try this one out.

Supernatural Brownies

Supernatural Brownies

Okay, but if you are looking for something out of this world, you might want to try this supernatural brownie by Jenn Segal.

Brownie in a Mug

Brownie in a Mug

Did the last one not tickle your fancy? Well, this one might be for you. Listen, it is brownies in a mug! Not only does that sound delicious, but also one cute idea!

Can you go wrong with brownies?

These are only some brownie recipes, but there are dozens and dozens of different variations out there. If none of these tickled your fancy, there would most probably be one out there that would satisfy your tastebuds.

Things to Remember

Before we let you go to make your banana pudding brownies, here are some things you might want to remember.

1. Follow the Recipe

There are times you have to make do with what you have. For example, you cannot just buy a new baking pan because one recipe calls for it. But, you would want to follow the recipe as much as possible. Whenever you change something from the recipe, you want to keep a close eye on what you are making every step of the way. If you are changing pans, you might also want to change the measurements of everything. A conversion chart for different pan sizes and shapes would come in handy at times like this.

2. You Can Put Your Own Twist

We did say that you would want to follow the recipe as much as possible but do not be afraid to put your own twist, especially with the garnishing! The end product of some recipes looks similar. But, you might have also noticed there as some that look very different from the others.

If you have taken a fancy to one of the recipes above, but you are not that fond of how the end product looks, then feel free to put your special touch there!

3. Proper Preparations

Of course, do not forget to make proper preparations before you start! As we say around here, a great treat usually begins with good preparations!

If you are new to baking, you would want to take some time to get great tools for your baking arsenal.

On the other hand, if this is only another baking adventure, you might want to make sure that you have all the supplies ready. Additionally, make sure you also have the right ingredients. Some of the worst baking mishaps could be traced back to getting the wrong type of ingredients. Since we are already talking about ingredients, you might want to measure everything even before you start, so everything would be easier to manage along the way. You might also want to add some extra supplies in case things do go wrong.


And that is 18 banana pudding brownie recipes for you! We hope we got to help you find the best banana pudding brownie, and ultimately, satisfy your craving!

If you are on the lookout for some new delicious dishes, you might want to check out our previous discussions. We have tons of mouth-watering meals that might tickle your fancy!

18 Best Banana Pudding Brownie Recipes to Try Out



  • Choose your preferred recipe.
  • Gather all necessary ingredients.
  • Prepare in under 20 minutes!
  • Enjoy your tasty meal.

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