8 Benefits of Using a Copper Pan

Want a copper pan as a new addition to your kitchen? If the answer is yes, then we are here to help you. In this article, we will tell you all about the benefits of the copper pan, along with its risks and safety.

What is a Copper Pan?

What is a Copper Pan

Humans discovered copper almost at the same time as we found agriculture. Our society has been using copper since 10,000 years ago.

However, we didn’t do much with the metal for the first thousand years other than jewelry and ornamental purposes.

By the time of the Egyptian pharaohs, copper had already made its way into kitchens. From plates, bowls, and pans, copper was greatly valued as a durable material during ancient times.

Copper pans have been a renowned piece of cookware, especially among high-ranking chefs in French cuisine.

They are adapted to be the ideal choice for heat-sensitive sides and sauces, perfect for the fine dining experience. But are copper pans really worth it?

What are the Benefits of Copper Pans?

If you are looking forward to buying a copper pan, you might be looking for information about whether it’s worth the price. Don’t worry!

We will tell you all about the benefits of copper pans in your kitchen.

Better Heat Conduction

It’s no surprise that copper is known for its heat and electric conduction. In fact, copper is five times better than iron with thermal conduction and twenty times better than aluminum.

You don’t even need to preheat the pan before cooking. It’s advised that you already place the food before turning on the stove.

Copper Pans Heat Evenly

Along with their heat conduction, copper pans are also known for its even cooking capabilities. There are no hotspots when you are using a copper pan.

The even heat distribution is fantastic for browning foods and making glazes. You will have a clean sear when you use a copper pan.

Copper Pan Heat Evenly

Saves Energy and Electricity

Since copper pan absorbs heat quickly, you don’t need a lot of heat when using it.

When you don’t need a lot of electricity and power to cook, it lessens the bills.  It’s not advisable to put copper pans in too much heat since it’s a pretty soft metal.

Along with its longevity, a copper pan might be an incredible investment for you.

Copper Pans are Incredible for Sensitive Cooking

Protein-filled foods such as fish are a perfect fit with copper pans. The thermal conductivity of the pan will make for a fantastic sear coating.

Chefs also use copper pans with delicate sauces and glazes. Copper pans are extremely popular in French cuisine because of this feature.


Copper despite being a soft metal is very durable. Tin-lined copper pans can last up to decades before the need for re-tinning. Then, you can still use it well as new.

If your copper pan ever gets dented, you hammer it to form the proper shape. Hammering pure copper pans also make it stronger and more durable.

Copper Pans are Incredible for Sensitive Cooking

Copper and Health Properties

If you don’t like germs and bacteria in your pan, having a copper pan might be the answer for you.

Most of these dangerous microorganisms don’t survive in copper. Places such as hospitals even utilize copper on their doorknobs and water pipes to lessen the risk of contamination.

Copper is also great for fighting off digestive gas and acidity. Since copper is needed in our tissues, muscles, and bones, infusing your diet with a little bit of copper can be beneficial for your health.

They also help with the production of red blood cells and keep the nervous and immune systems healthy. Adults have a limit of 900 mcg copper intake per day.

Copper Pans Cool Down Quickly

As fast as copper heats up, it also loses heat quickly. The quick temperature change is an incredible feature for candy makers and chocolatiers.

When making sweets, you need to have the proper temperature control. A copper pan is incredible when it comes to that feat. Sauces such as caramel, chocolate, and glazes need and even heat. As the sauce reaches the needed temperature, chefs will quickly remove the pan from the heat.

Since copper pans have a quick cooling time, there is less chance of burning or overcooking.

Pans Aesthetic Quality

It’s no secret that copper pans are really an eye-catcher. The shiny rosy-brown color will surely accentuate the beauty of any kitchen.

Copper pans mostly have a mirror finish, adding to their ornamental quality. If aesthetic quality is what you are looking for in your cookware, copper pans are great for you.

Copper pans are both pretty and useful, perfect for hanging in your kitchen and for making delicious dishes.

Are Copper Pans Safe to Use?

Are Copper Pans Safe to Use

One of the worries when using a copper pan is its toxicity. Ingesting a high amount of copper can result in diarrhea and vomiting, also known as copper toxicity.

Whether a copper pan is non-toxic is entirely based on what type you are using. Pure copper pans can cause copper poisoning when they come in contact with acidic foods such as tomatoes and vinegar.

Fortunately, the modern copper pan is manufactured with metals such as aluminum or tin. The copper plate is sandwiched between the other metals, thus making the pan non-stick while maintaining its incredible heat induction.

Although, copper pans are still not recommended for everyday use.

3 Things to Know Before Buying a Copper Pan

Buying a Copper Pan

Find the Right Type of Copper Pan for the Right Use

As stated above, pure copper pans might cause copper poisoning when used for a long time. To combat this con, most copper pans are clad with other metals such as tin, aluminum, and iron.

Tin-Lined Copper Pan

Tin-Lined Copper Pan

The tin lining in copper pans is the oldest way to line copper pans. Since tin is a non-toxic metal, it will protect your food from copper poisoning. Copper and tin are two metals that are easily combined.

As long as you do maintenance and use proper utensils on tin-lined copper pans, your pan will last a long time.

Unfortunately, tin is a soft metal. It can scrape off over time. If the pan lining is scratched off, you can easily re-tin them and the pan will come back good as new.

Aluminum-Clad Copper Pan

Aluminum-Clad Copper Pan

Copper pans are also great with aluminum. When finding an aluminum-copper pan, be certain that the copper lining is thick enough for heat conduction.

Some cheap copper pans will make the copper plate too thin, losing its heat conduction capabilities.

Aluminum is also a durable material, meaning that you can use metal utensils when cooking with aluminum-clad copper pans.

Steel-Lined Copper Pan

Steel-Lined Copper Pan

Stainless steel copper pans work the same way as the tin-steeled ones. The only upside is that stainless steel is much harder to wear out.

You can use whisks and other metal utensils when cooking.

Ceramic-Lined Copper Pan

Ceramic-Lined Copper Pan

Ceramic-infused copper pans are somewhat new to the game. Originating from Germany, they are both durable and not prone to scratching.

If you want a pan with copper’s thermal conductivity and ceramic’s durability, this is the pan for you. The only downside is they are pretty pricy.

Bare Copper Pan

Bare Copper Pan

Pure copper pans are fantastic when used in moderation. High-rated restaurants use copper pans to cook their glazes and sauces. They are also great for making jams.

Based on what you are going to cook, you can select the copper pan that is right for you. Make sure to do a bunch of research before purchasing a copper pan since they really come with a high price.

Be Ready to Do Maintenance

Just as with any other tool, copper cookware is in constant need of care and love. Based on what type of copper pan you have, you will need to provide them with the proper cleaning and maintenance they need.

Most copper cookware is durable, especially if you take good care of them.

They are also sensitive when it comes to cleaning. Copper pans are not dishwasher safe. You need to hand wash them every use.

Look for a Good Brand

Mauviel is the brand that is approved the most. The company is from France and has been in the business since the 1830s.

Their products are very high-quality and used by industry professionals.

The only downside is that it costs a lot. Most of their sets range from thousands of dollars at a minimum.

Mauviel’s modern copper cookware is manufactured with 90 percent copper and 10 percent stainless steel.

You can try to find a more cost-effective substitute. However, choosing from off brands can be a health risk.  Cheap copper pans tend to be either made with thin copper plates or not banded properly.

It’s better to invest in safe and durable cookware in the long run.

In Conclusion

Copper pans are great if you have wanted cookware with incredible thermal conductivity. They also tend to come with a higher price compared to other pans in the market.

We hope that this article informed you of the benefits of copper pans. If you have more questions, be sure to comment below.

Benefits of Copper Pan

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