38 Best Bundt Pan Meatloaf Recipes

For bundt bakers, it’s always bundt time. So let’s look through 38 different meatloaf recipes to put your bundt pan to good use. There aren’t in any particular order, so pick one at random or have fun going through everyone to decide which to try next.

1. Cheesy Italian Meatloaf

Cheesy Italian Meatloaf

This Italian-themed meatloaf offers a different flavor to a traditional meatloaf with Italian spices and a heavy amount of mozzarella cheese. The blend of provolone and mozzarella with garlic cloves and Italian seasoning makes for a family dinner hit.


2. Creole Meatloaf Cake

A savory meatloaf cake with blended sauteed onions and creole seasoning topped with French onion dip, gravy, crispy onions, and parsley. Trick your sweet tooth into a full savory meal. It’s a dessert for dinner!


3. Stuffed Meatloaf

Stuffed Meatloaf


This recipe is simple and consistent. Adding Stove Top Stuffing mix to the meatloaf makes for a supremely filling dish. The simplicity of this recipe lends it to every level of cook. It’s also a quick make for easy dinner nights.


4. Dutch Oven Bundt Pan Meatloaf

Get your fill of Tennessee country cooking with a little salsa tang. This bundt meatloaf has a hint of rural ingenuity that results in a surprisingly tasty meatloaf. Cooking it with the dutch oven method provides a perfect slow-cooked finish.


5. Sunny’s Meat and Potatoes Bundt Loaf

Sunny’s Meat and Potatoes Bundt Loaf

A full meal packed into a loaf. Potato slices baked over the meatloaf melt across the top. This soul food meatloaf is a little harder to get right, but it has a fulfilling home-style feel with a little zesty pesto.


6. Meatloaf Cake with Hard-Boiled Eggs

Make your bundt pan meatloaf a little more like breakfast with a hard-boiled egg center. It lightens the meal by removing meat density but the fluff and soft yolk of the boiled egg blends well with meatloaf.


7. Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf

Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf


Meatloaf is already a meat lovers cake. Wrap it in bacon and you have created a meat lover’s heaven. This dish is perfect for when you just have to get your carnivore on.


8. Chili Sauce Meatloaf

Follow the blend recipe and times of this one, just put it into a bundt pan instead. The chili sauce makes for a great savory, sweet taste that brings the meatloaf to another level. It’s an easy access recipe that’s on everyone’s budget.


9. Meatloaf Stuffed with Potatoes and Gravy

Meatloaf Stuffed with Potatoes and Gravy

I didn’t think it was fair to offer only a bacon-covered recipe. This offers a yummy creamy mashed potato filling complete with gravy topping.


10. Easy Pleasing Meatloaf

Another short savory recipe that lends itself to any budget. This recipe has a few of the secret blending techniques and times to get a moist loaf. The secret ingredient is Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce. The sweet barbecue flavor makes it a unique entry to the list.


11. Mini Bundt Meatloaf

Mini Bundt Meatloaf

This is a savory spicy mix that uses a traditional ketchup topping. The spice and flavor blend is what makes this a special recipe. It’s been a fine-tuned traditional meatloaf recipe that has a little bit of a citrus spike.


12. Bacon Wrapped Chicken and Broccoli Meatloaf

A healthier meatloaf? Really. Chicken breasts and broccoli make up the majority of this meatloaf and they aren’t nearly as fatty or greasy as the ground beef traditionally used. Just to bring it back to the same level of unhealthy goodness, wrap it in bacon.


13. Holiday Wreath Bundt Cake

Holiday Wreath Bundt Cake

Meatloaf with the Christmas spirit! You don’t have to wait until the holidays to make it though. This blend uses bell peppers which is among one of my favorite ingredients to work with. There is little else in the ingredient list compared to some meatloaves, so the bell peppers are sure to be a noticeable difference.


14. Lasagna Meatloaf

This crossover recipe has you building a lasagna inside your meatloaf. For a bundt pan, just do your best to keep the lasagna in the center area and keep it surrounded by beef. It comes out tasting much more like lasagna than a meatloaf.


15. Low-Carb Meatloaf

Low-Carb Meatloaf

I figured it’s a good time to add a slightly healthier option. It’s still not healthy, just healthier. With a few spice substitutes and one carb ketchup bottle, meatloaf can be made of meat and still not a heavy source of carbs.


16. Chive Potato Filled Cheeseburger Meatloaf Bundt

Chive Potato Filled Cheeseburger Meatloaf Bundt

Who doesn’t love a juicy cheeseburger? This recipe puts ground beef to the taste it does best. Add creamy chive potatoes in the center and you’ve got a recipe for a mouth-watering savory dinner.



17. Taco Meatloaf

It’s not a variation recipe list until you have a taco version. Taco meatloaf is a Mexican spiced meatloaf using ingredients found in a taco recipe including taco seasoning mix. It’s a meatloaf fiesta.


18. Hearty Meatloaf

Hearty Meatloaf

Meatloaf is almost always made with a pound or two of ground beef. Hearty meatloaf introduces a meat blend of half beef and half ground turkey for a healthy and more diverse meatloaf option. It also does have a different taste and consistency.


19. Lipton Onion Soup Meatloaf

Lipton Onion Soup Meatloaf


This is a uniquely seasoned meatloaf. Adjust the recipe to use your bundt pan. The onion soup flavor is a warm and bitter add-on to the juicy ground beef.


20. Spicy Glazed Meatloaf

Spicy Glazed Meatloaf

Switch up the meatloaf with a blend of pork into the ground beef. Add to the variety by spicing up the meatloaf glaze with sriracha sauce. The result is a spicy thick loaf of meat.


21. The Mother of All Meatloaves

The Mother of All Meatloaves

Change the proportions to a traditional meatloaf to almost three times the beef, add a side of green beans and mashed potatoes. Voila! Beef cake! This recipe was made for Beef Week 2017 and boy does it live up to the Beef Week challenge.


22. Meatloaf for Guest Dinners

Meatloaf for Guest Dinners

This recipe made the list for its slight addition of carrots and spice mixture. It has a lot of what we’re already used to in a meatloaf recipe but adds a little bit of extra character with oregano, basil, thyme, and coconut oil.


23. Taco Queso Meatloaf

Another Mexican-inspired meatloaf. This recipe is mostly store-bought. It’s an unusual one as well with doritos for breading, brown rice, salsa, and salsa con queso. It tastes like a taco hamburger helper but it’s still a meatloaf.


24. Spicy Italian Meatloaf

Spicy Italian Meatloaf

Spicy and hot Italian sausage and spicy red pepper flakes make this the hottest, and I mean it, meatloaf so far. Swap out the hot sausage for regular Italian and take out the red pepper flakes to make it just an Italian meatloaf.


25. Old-Fashioned Meatloaf

Old-Fashioned Meatloaf

I added this recipe due to a small adjustment that makes a pretty big difference. Oats and brown sugar. Cooking oats add a thicker consistency to the loaf and brown sugar brings a sweet taste to the savory dish.


26. Homemade French Onion Soup Bundt Meatloaf with Ham and Sausage

Homemade French Onion Soup Bundt Meatloaf with Ham and Sausage

Home-prepared French Onion soup and a special glaze mix with hot & sweet sauce, chipotle sauce, and smoked paprika make this dish memorable. It is a little bit spicy, so make sure to get some of the French onion soup with each bite.


27. Dates, Peanuts Meatloaf

Dates, Peanuts Meatloaf


Try this interesting meatloaf recipe that makes use of dates and peanuts layered throughout the ground beef. It’s an interesting take on an American classic that is definitely a unique taste and mix of ingredients.


28. Pork Veal Beef Meatloaf

Pork Veal Beef Meatloaf

We’ve already seen quite a few meat blends that change the texture and main taste by adding pork or turkey. This recipe blends pork and beef with veal for an even more refined meat blend to satisfy any taste pallet.


29. Meatloaf with Strawberry Rhubard BBQ

Meatloaf with Strawberry Rhubard BBQ

Unique glazes are a fantastic way to get a new flavor out of your meatloaf. Strawberry Rhubarb BBQ Sauce does just enough to make this a whole new recipe against a traditional meatloaf dish.


30. Spicy Salmon Shrimp Loaf

Spicy Salmon Shrimp Loaf


This time we’re going to change up the meat blend entirely. With salmon fillet and raw shrimp, you can turn your meatloaf from a farm dish to seafood. This ends up like a meatloaf spiced shrimp and salmon casserole.


31. McCormick’s Easy Meatloaf

McCormick’s Easy Meatloaf

After a few very unique recipes, I figured it was time to take a look at a traditional meatloaf recipe using spice blends from McCormick. This tastes like a traditional meatloaf but uses less spice mix and overall ingredients. Throw it in your bundt pan for a quick-cooking time as well.


32. Peanut Butter Meatloaf

In an interesting turn of events, this recipe calls for the use of peanut butter instead of regular dairy butter. The meatloaf comes out more solidified and consistent, but it doesn’t age well so eat up.


33. Mac & Cheese Stuffed meatball Log


Stuffing three-cheese blended macaroni into a meatloaf isn’t something I would have thought of, but it is so good. The extra cheesy taste is a game-changer for meatloaf. The only thing you have to do is change the use of a baking pan for a bundt pan.


34. Easy Sunday Meatloaf

Easy Sunday Meatloaf


Back to a more classic style recipe, the Easy Sunday Meatloaf sticks to traditional brown sugar and ketchup to spice up the flavor. It’s a lot less seasoned and uses packaged stuffing mix to make up the difference.


35. Surprise Meatloaf Cake

Surprise Meatloaf Cake

This is a traditional-tasting meatloaf and the recipe doesn’t call for anything extraordinary. Instead, the change for this in its presentation. This recipe calls for the meatloaf to keep covered up and disguised as a dessert cake, but surprise! It’s full of meat!


36. Cheesy Stuffed Meatloaf

Cheesy Stuffed Meatloaf


Another cheese-filled meatloaf that doesn’t try to add too many changes at one time. It sticks to the basic recipe and even has barbecue sauce for the glaze. It’s a perfect recipe for the days when you just need to pump some extra cheese into your life.


37. Persian Inspired Meatloaf

Persian Inspired Meatloaf

My last for the meatloaf list comes from deep in the recesses of the internet. It’s a highly unique recipe that calls for adding walnuts, barberries, dried plums, caramelized onions, boiled eggs, and a lot of spinach.

38. Bacon Wrapped and Stuffed Meatloaf

This is a little different. This time you get to stuff a meatloaf with delicious creamy mashed potatoes. As if that wasn’t already enough, the outside gets wrapped and baked in bacon. Serve it fresh vegetables for a full meal.


hat’s the end of our list of 38 bundt pan meatloaf recipes. There’s more than enough for anyone to find the right recipe for their tastes. Try your hand at making any one of these recipes. Hopefully, you’ll be able to add your own recipe to the list soon enough.


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