10 Substitutes: Make Cheesecake Without Springform Pan

If you read one of the cheesecake recipes, you will learn immediately that a good amount of them call for the usage of a springform pan. Some of you might not have one and asking yourselves right now what to use as a substitute. Don’t worry! We will tell you all about how to make a cheesecake without a springform pan.

What is a Springform Pan?

how to make cheesecake without springform pan

A springform pan is a round-shaped pan with removable sides held by a metal collar. It’s utilized for various bake treats such as cheesecakes, pies, and tarts. The removable nature of the pan is present to lift off delicate cakes and keep them intact.

However, cakes are not the only food you can use a springform pan for. It can be utilized in many recipes like lasagna and frozen treats.

10 Best Substitutes for a Springform Pan

If you want to make a cheesecake without a springform pan, most cake pans are a great substitute.

Since cheesecake recipes have no-bake options, your alternatives are diverse.

Although, using a different pan can lead to alterations with the recipe. If you have enough experience in the kitchen, this shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Without further ado, here are the ten best substitutes for a springform pan.

Loose Bottom Pan

cheesecake no springform pan

Loose bottom cake pans are the closest substitute for a springform pan. This type of pan has a loosened removable base that makes the removal of your baked goods easier. Loose pans also have the distinctive round shape of a cheesecake.

So, if you have a loose bottom cake pan at home, you can try to use it as a substitute for a springform pan.

Tart Pan

9 inch springform pan substitute

This substitute is incredible for its removable bottom. It’s also great if you want an added design to your cheesecake. Although, if you don’t want the pattern across the sides of your cheesecake, you can line it up with foil.

Tart pans also come in different sizes that you can use to make your cheesecake. From bite-sized to regular-sized cheesecake, a tart pan can do it all.

Round Pan

can i make cheesecake without springform pan

A round pan is a good substitute if you want to have the common round-shaped cheesecake. Accessibility is also a great point when using a round pan since it’s easy to find and relatively cheap. It also comes with a lot of sizes to choose from.

To use this method, you need to cover the bottom with parchment paper or foil. Make sure that the foil is large enough to overlap with the estimated size of the cheesecake.

Before putting in the batter, use a small amount of oil to line the foil. The grease will help avoid sticking from the cheesecake and ensure that your baked treat stays intact.

Cake Pan

Cake pans are the most common type of baking pans. If you have a cake pan in your kitchen, you’re in luck. A cake pan is another substitute for a springform pan.

If you choose to use this alternative you might need to consider a few things such as the measurement of ingredients in the recipe and the time inside the oven. Make sure to know this before trying out the recipe.

For easier cake removal, be sure to line up parchment paper on all the sides of the pan. Allow a good amount of parchment to raise from the pan, this will serve as your handle once you lift off the cheesecake.

If the presentation is not a big deal to you, you can also bake the cheesecake on the pan and serve it from there.

Pie Pans

can you make a cheesecake without a springform pan

A pie pan is another great alternative if you want to keep the round shape of the cheesecake. Pie pans are a lot smaller in terms of depth, make sure to keep that in mind if you use it as an alternative.

Like the other alternatives, you need to use foil or parchment paper before putting it in your batter.

Muffin or Cupcake Pan

springform pan substitute

A muffin or cupcake pan is a substitute if you want a bite-sized cheesecake. It’s a great option than having a big cake.

This alternative is convenient for parties and gatherings since you don’t need to cut up the cake anymore. The individual serving also means that your guests will have the same size all across.

If you want to see a recipe using this pan, watch this video.

Silicone Cake Pan

cheese cake pan

A silicone cake pan is a good option due to its easier removal. Since the pan is built with silicone, a very flexible material, removing your cheesecake from the mold is a lot easier.

Silicone pans also have a lot of varied shapes and sizes. If you want to have a fun treat, you should try using it.

Although, since silicone pans are made to produce firmer cakes, it’s best for non-bake cheesecakes.

Bundt Pan

make cheesecake without springform pan

If you want the decorative cheesecake, a bundt pan might be the one for you. A bundt pan is a type of cake pan commonly used in baking a bundt cake. One of its distinct features is the decorative sides and hole in the middle.

Like the cake pan, you will need to line up your pan with foil or parchment paper before putting in the ingredients. By lining your pan, you can easily remove your cheesecake.

Bundt pans are a lot trickier to use as an alternative due to their distinct shape. Since the shape works from bottom to top, you need to put the cream first and chill before putting it in the crumb base. This method ensures a sturdy base and the crumb will not sink into the cream.

Note that since this substitute pan doesn’t have a removable side, you need to be careful when it comes to flipping your cheesecake.

Makeshift Foil Pan

do you need a springform pan for cheesecake

If you just want to try a cheesecake recipe and need a cost-effective substitute for a springform pan, then a makeshift foil pan might be the one for you.

In this substitute, you only need two things: a foil and a flat-surfaced container.

To make a do-it-yourself foil pan, you need a flat bottom and shape the foil all around the container. This is a great cost-effective way to make a cheesecake, especially if you only do it a couple of times.

You can also buy a one-time use foil pan for a reasonable price. These pans can also come in all shapes and sizes.

Make a No-Bake Cheesecake and Use Containers

Make a No-Bake Cheesecake and Use Containers

This last substitute is the most versatile option, not using any baking pan at all.  Since cheesecakes have become popular in the past years, a rise in no-bake cheesecake recipes is now available online. You don’t have to use any sort of baking pan, you just need one thing: a flat bottom container.

A lot of these types of no-bake cheesecakes are sold in a lot of places. The most common type is clean plastic containers but any form of flat bottomed containers will also work as well.

One of the downsides of this alternative is that you can’t place the whole, uncut cheesecake on a plate. Since the cheesecake is settled directly onto the container, you need to cut through to set it on the plate.

4 Things to Know When Using a Substitute Pan

pan for cheesecake

Keep Your Measurements in Mind

When transferring a cheesecake recipe made for a springform pan to an alternative, make sure you have the proper measurements. Depending on what pan you choose to work with, you might need to add or subtract an ingredient or two.

If you are relatively new to baking, searching for a cheesecake recipe made for your alternative pan is also an option.

Use Math

If you can’t find a specialized alternative recipe for your pan, use the magic of math. You can check the size of your alternative and the size of the springform and compare. For example, if the substitute pan is 20 percent larger than the springform pan in the recipe, you can compute and add 20 percent more of the ingredients.

Foil and Parchment Paper is Your Friend

You might notice that in almost all of the pan substitutes, the lining of foil and parchment papers is essential. This is to imitate the detachable sides of the springform pan. If you want to keep the round shape of the cheesecake and lift it off the pan, foil and parchment paper is your friend.

Be Patient

Since you are going to use alternative kitchenware, accidents might happen. When using an alternative, there is a learning curve. Don’t be afraid to try again if you ever made a mistake.

In Conclusion

Baking can sometimes be challenging, especially if you don’t have the right tools and kitchenware. Fortunately, a lot of alternative solutions are available to try out. We hope that this guide helped you with how to make a cheesecake without a springform pan.


cheesecake without springform pan

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