34 Best Cast Iron Fish Recipes to Try

If you’re in the mood for a fish dinner tonight, break out the cast iron skillet. There are plenty of delicious fish recipes you can make in the skillet that will enhance the flavor of the seafood, whether you prefer spicy, savory, or slightly sweet dishes. Here are a few recommendations for cast iron skillet fish recipes that you can make tonight.

1. Cast Iron Blackened Catfish

Cast Iron Blackened Catfish

This catfish recipe is packed with flavor and includes herbs like rosemary and thyme along with butter and paprika to create a delicious crust on the filets. You can enjoy this catfish entree with steamed veggies, or throw some vegetables like carrots or Brussels sprouts in the cast iron skillet for a nutritious meal.


2. Cast Iron Salmon

If you love salmon, you’ll love this fish dish with crispy skin to complement the flakiness of the salmon. You can serve the salmon with a simple lemon butter sauce you can make in the skillet and add a few vegetables like spinach or green beans for a low-carb lunch or dinner.


3. Cast Iron Cod Filets

Cast Iron Cod Filets

This Cast Iron Cod Filets entree is a filling family dinner that will help you stick to a low-carb or keto diet. The fish is cooked with cherry tomatoes and fresh herbs for a burst of flavor that goes great with quinoa or low-carb pasta for a guilt-free meal.


4. Blackened Tilapia

If you enjoy Creole-style blackened fish, a cast-iron skillet is the best way to get a beautiful char on your tilapia. You can enjoy the fish as a main dish with lunch or dinner, or shred it after cooking to make delicious fish tacos.


5. Creole Cast-Iron Grouper

Creole Cast-Iron Grouper

Grouper is delicious when you prepare it in a cast-iron skillet. The Creole flavors add a spicy kick to the fish, and you can serve the grouper with fresh lemon wedges and sauteed veggies and rice for a satisfying meal that takes just minutes to make.


6. Pan-Seared Alaskan Salmon

This gourmet-style meal will make you feel like an accomplished chef. The cast-iron skillet adds more flavor to the salmon, and you can serve the entree on a bed of sauteed greens for stellar presentation and add more nutrition to your meal.


7. Cast Iron Cod with Potatoes and Onions

Cast Iron Cod with Potatoes and Onions

Cod is a hearty fish that goes great with potatoes, and you can prepare your entree and side dish in a cast-iron skillet with onions for an even more savory flavor. Add fresh herbs and season with fresh lemon for a complete meal that is easy to prepare, especially when you’re pressed for time.


8. Pan-Seared Whole Trout

This trout dish is simple to prepare but the presentation is impressive. Place a whole trout in the cast-iron skillet with olive oil, sea salt, pepper, and the seasonings of your choice. You can cook the fish with baby potatoes for a complete meal that is packed with protein and flavor.


9. Smoked Salmon Hash

Smoked Salmon Hash

If you’re looking for something creative for breakfast or enjoy having breakfast for dinner, try this smoked salmon hash. Onion, peppers, capers, and mustard add pronounced flavor to this dish and fresh herbs provide a gourmet touch that will make this a welcomed addition to your weekend brunch.


10. Southern Fried Catfish

Fried catfish is a Southern delicacy and tastes great with potatoes, lemon wedges, and malt vinegar. You can also enjoy the fish with potato salad or coleslaw for a hearty meal that is great for picnics and backyard parties.


11. Pan-Roasted Fish Filets with Herb Butter

Pan-Roasted Fish Filets with Herb Butter

This recipe calls for fish that holds up well in a cast-iron skillet such as fluke or haddock. After sauteeing the fish on both sides, basting it with herb butter brings out the flavor of the filets and helps create a golden-brown crust. This dish is perfect with wild rice and the vegetables of your choice.


12. Pan-Seared Trout

After cooking trout in your cast-iron skillet, you may never want to prepare the fish another way again. The skillet is perfect for forming a flavorful crust on the fish, and you can select the seasonings for the fish depending on your desired level of spiciness. Serve with fresh lemon or lime wedges and a green salad for a light yet satisfying lunch or dinner.


13. Lemon Dill Fish

Lemon Dill Fish

This fish entree has a bright herbaceous flavor that will make it a favorite at your next dinner party. Choose a sturdy fish like salmon or tuna for this recipe to keep the fish from breaking in the skillet. A sauce made from Miracle Whip, lemon juice, and fresh dill adds flavor to the fish and goes great with root vegetables such as carrots or squash for a complete meal.


14. Stuffed Salmon

Salmon filets filled with a creamy spinach sauce make a great meal any night of the week. You can also add shrimp or crabmeat to the filling for more flavor and protein. Serve the salmon with lemon and sauteed greens for a meal your family won’t forget.


15. Old Bay-Battered Fish with Creamed Corn

Old Bay-Battered Fish with Creamed Corn

Old Bay adds a perfect level of spicy and savory flavors to fish. Season your fillets with Old Bay and add creamed corn to the cast-iron skillet for an easy and delicious one-pot meal that makes the perfect low-carb dinner or lunch.


16. Seared and Baked Halibut

This recipe calls for searing the halibut in the cast-iron skillet before placing the skillet in the oven for the fish to bake. Top the fillets with fresh lemon slices and herbs for a beautiful presentation and pronounced flavor.


17. Crispy Barramundi with Fish Sauce Vinaigrette

Crispy Barramundi with Fish Sauce Vinaigrette

Barramundi is a meaty fish that holds seasoning well; you’ll love the savory fish sauce vinaigrette that adds a perfect finishing touch to this dish. Add chopped tomatoes and fresh herbs to the top of the fillets and serve with sauteed greens for a guilt-free meal that doesn’t skimp on flavor.


18. Beer-Battered Fish and Chips

This dish is popular in the UK, but you can bring the flavors from across the pond and make your own version at home. Adding beer to the batter enhances the flavor of the cod fillets, and the thick-cut fries, also known as chips, complement the fish perfectly. Serve the fish with vinegar sauce and lemon wedges.


19. Cast Iron Black Drum

Cast Iron Black Drum

If you’re looking for a new fish dish to try, cast-iron black drum will satisfy your craving for seafood. This recipe calls for puppy drum fish, pasture butter, lemon, olive oil, and seasonings. The dish doesn’t take long to prepare, and you can create a heartier sauce for the fish by adding a little low-fat cream into the skillet with lemon, butter, and herbs.


20. Cast-Iron Marlin Fish

Prepare this Marlin fish in a cast-iron skillet to create a herb crust on the fillets, and add a little olive oil to keep the fish from sticking. Season the fish to your liking and serve with mashed potatoes, grilled tomatoes, and lemon wedges for a colorful and complete meal.


21. Whole Blackened Trout with Mushroom Orzo

Whole Blackened Trout with Mushroom Orzo

You can make this recipe with trout, but the cooking technique and seasonings also work great with red snapper. After searing the fillets to perfection, you can plate the fish with fresh lemon slices and serve with a side of mushroom orzo for a filling meal that will make your weeknight dinner more interesting.


22. Asian-Style Steamed Fish

This savory dish is best prepared in a cast-iron skillet or pot and features a whole fish along with onions and bell peppers. You’ll love the savory sauce that tenderizes the fish and makes this dish one of a kind.


23. Cast Iron Skillet Salmon Vesuvio

Cast Iron Skillet Salmon Vesuvio

This decadent dish is a delicious way to enjoy salmon. The garlic and thyme bring out the flavors of the buttery sauce the salmon is cooked in, and chicken stock gives the dish a heartier flavor. This dish tastes great on a bed of rice or pasta, but you can also serve it with steamed veggies for a low-carb meal.


24. Fried Salmon

When you think of fried fish, you may think of lighter fish like catfish or whiting, but you can fry salmon as well. Adding a seasoned flour coating to the fish gives it a crispy outer texture, and preparing the dish in a cast-iron skillet ensures that the middle of the fillet will remain soft and flaky. Serve the fried salmon with fresh herbs and lemon for an impressive lunch or dinner entree.


25. Crispy Fish with Root Vegetable Puree and Blood Orange Reduction

Crispy Fish with Root Vegetable Puree and Blood Orange Reduction

This gourmet meal is ideal for a date night because it looks beautiful and allows you to show off your cooking skills. The fish is cooked to perfection with a crispy crust and pairs nicely with the flaky inside, and the puree made from root vegetables is the most delicious complement to the blood orange reduction. This entree provides an explosion of savory and sweet flavors that you’ll feel great about giving to someone special.


26. Pan-Seared Crappie

This easy recipe makes crappie taste amazing. All it takes is garlic, spices, and olive oil, and you can enjoy this fish with side dishes like mashed potatoes or rice pilaf for a simple meal that doesn’t require you to spend hours in the kitchen.


27. Easy Fish Sticks

Easy Fish Sticks

If your kids (or you) love fish sticks, you can make a healthier version at home with cod fillets. Coating the fish with flour, seasoning, and panko breadcrumbs offers the flavor you’ve come to known and love. You can also add fresh herbs like dill for a more sophisticated touch to this childhood favorite.


28. Ahi Tuna Marinated in Soy Sauce

Ahi tuna is a delicacy often served at Asian restaurants, and you can make your own version at home in a matter of minutes. Marinating the fish in soy sauce boosts the flavor of the fish and provides an umami factor to this seafood entree.


29. Chepa Vepudu

Chepa Vepudu

This tasty Indian fish dish is flavored with turmeric, ginger, and red chile powder for a spicy entree that you’ll want to make over and over. Serve the fish with arugula and fresh lime slices to complement the flavors in the fish and serve with naan and chickpeas for a filling meal.


30. Spicy Grilled Fish

This healthy and delicious recipe is important to keep in mind when you’re trying to lose weight and/or reach specific health goals. You can give the dish an Asian flair by serving the dish on a bamboo leaf with purple garlic cloves for an impressive presentation and added flavor.


31. Cast Iron Salmon with Potatoes

It’s easy to cook salmon to perfection when you prepare the fish in a cast-iron skillet. Butter and herbs enhance the taste of the fillets, and you can cook the fish with diced potatoes as a tasty side dish for the salmon.


32. Cast-Iron Seared Tuna

If you’re looking for a meal that is high in protein and low in carbs, try this pan-seared tuna. Prepare the fish with cherry tomatoes and spinach for a complete meal that is filled with savory flavor. Be sure to season the tuna fillets before placing them in the skillet and sear all sides before allowing the tuna to cook to your desired level of doneness.


33. Cast Iron Tuna Patties

These savory patties are a delicious addition to breakfast or brunch, but you can also enjoy them for dinner. Tuna patties taste great with sauteed greens, rice, or grits, and you can serve them with salad or grilled veggies for an unforgettable meal.


34. Honey Garlic Salmon

This salmon entree is a perfect mixture of sweet and savory flavors. The garlic honey sauce caramelized beautifully on the salmon fillets to make this dish look as good as it tastes. Serve it with fried rice or sauteed Asian-style vegetables for a complete meal.

Best Cast Iron Fish Recipes

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