29 Best Electric Skillet Recipes You Must Try

Electric skillets are capable of working wonders in the kitchen. With them, there are a lot of recipes to explore; some are simple and others quite a bit complicated. Nevertheless, it’s an enjoyable journey. One of the essential aspects of cooking is learning and having fun. Here are 29 electric skillet recipes you can try.

1. Spaghetti


Everyone loves a warm and delicious serving of spaghetti, especially when craving Italian food. This recipe is perfect for those who want to enjoy spaghetti in a short amount of time.

Who would’ve thought you could achieve your spaghetti type so quickly and without compromising the flavor? This recipe allows you to cook your spaghetti type using the essential ingredients without needing specialist kitchenware.


2. One-Pot Lasagna

Another pasta dish that a lot of people love. Who can resist a nice plate of lasagna? Not Garfield for sure! This recipe makes use of the electric skillet in cooking lasagna. It might seem challenging until you try it. If you are up for lasagnas in skillets, then this is a recipe you might want to try.


3. Fried Chicken – Chicken is happiness

Fried Chicken - Chicken is happiness

Almost everyone around the world loves fried chicken. The crispiness and the juiciness in every bite keep everyone coming for more. Whether you are old or young, there’s no escaping the love for fried chicken. This recipe elevates your usual fried chicken dish by using an electric skillet. An electric skillet encourages precision in terms of the doneness and the browning of the chicken.


4. No Oven Roast Chicken

Roast chicken has been one of the go-to meals, whether it’s a simple meal or a celebratory one. You can never go wrong with roast chicken. This recipe is excellent, especially for those who want to cook roast chicken but do not have an oven at home. This dish is best paired with pasta, the usual fresh green salad, or brown rice!


5. Barbecue Chicken – Camping out? Welcome this delectable dish!

Barbecue Chicken

Barbecue has always been the go-to dish when camping outside. It has been a staple dish whenever there’s an event in the backyard with the family. This recipe offers all you would ever need in a chicken barbecue; juicy, tender, tasty, and cooked through and through.

An electric skillet is good at regulating temperatures, making it a perfect partner for chicken barbeque. This recipe ensures your chicken is cooked evenly.


6. Bacon and eggs – A simple day starter

Bacon and eggs are one of the go-to breakfast pairs that are both delicious and fill your body ready for the day ahead. Breakfast is the first meal of the day, and so you must spend it eating something worth it, and this recipe might just be it. This simple recipe explores the two main ingredients and brings out their best.


7. Paella – Paella ala electric skillet

Paella ala electric skillet

Paella is a dish widely loved all over the world. This Spanish dish has evolved and has developed a lot of variations over time that you can choose to try. This easy recipe collaborates with different recipes that were deemed a good combination. They were gathered and then adapted into something an electric skillet can make.


8. Beef Stir Fry – Say bye-bye to too much oil!

If you are up for something delicious but relatively short of oil, or perhaps you are following a particular diet, this recipe is good for you. This dish will make your day with a healthy combination of meat and greens. This dish not only supplies you with your needed protein for the day but also pairs it with the refreshing and nutrient-full vegetable.


9. Skillet Pizza

Skillet Pizza

Pizza has received so much love over the years. It dominates the world with its variety, flexibility, and tastiness. This recipe takes the usual pizza recipe into a whole new league using a skillet instead of an oven. This is perfect for those who do not have an oven at home but want pizza.


10. Salmon and Vegetables – The perfect two

Salmon has made a name for itself in the field of cuisine. A lot of people love them and pair them with many combinations. This recipe takes your regular salmon and turns it into the star of the night. This salmon recipe has zucchini, brown champignon, pak choi, and linseed oil. Pair this with any source of carbohydrates like potatoes or rice to complete your meal.


11. Full English Breakfast – Start your day right

Full English Breakfast

Many people say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you agree with this, you would love to try this recipe. This meal is consists of everything you would want to eat during breakfast. It has eggs, bacon, sausages, toast, tomatoes, and an excellent combination of baked beans in tomato sauce. Starting your day suitable fuels your day with positivity and goodness.


12. Fried Fish – No-oil Fish Frying

Have you ever tried frying fish without oil? Then perhaps you may want to try this recipe. This dish requires no oil at all. This recipe uses the natural oil from the fish instead of adding oil to the pot. This way, you can maximize your fish and save you the health risk of pouring too much oil onto your meals.


13. Electric Skillet Roast Beef

Electric Skillet Roast Beef

Roast beef has been the celebrity of the table whenever they are present. Perhaps you are cooking for a special occasion and want to level up the table by cooking some roast beef; then this dish is for you. This meaty and juicy roast beef dish will turn your simple celebration into something even more enjoyable because of good food.


14. Steamed Fish

Steaming has been a famous cooking method, especially for those that follow a specific diet. This simple recipe offers you a good batch of well-cooked and delicious steamed fish. The fish is not cooked alone but with a combination of spices, sauce, and herbs to enhance the fish’s flavor. If you want a healthy and hearty meal, you might want to try this recipe.


15. Electric Skillet Garlic Chicken – Goodness in easy steps

Electric Skillet Garlic Chicken

For garlic lovers out there, this recipe is for you. Some people say that you can never have enough garlic, and perhaps it’s true as this recipe is irresistibly good, you would keep coming for more. This recipe features a particular type of garlic called antioxidant-rich, fermented black garlic. This might be a game-changer in the field of garlic chickens.


16. Zesty Shrimp – Shrimpy and zesty? It’s a yes!

Are you going in for seafood night? This simple and easy recipe should be on your list. This dish makes use of your electric skillet and allows it to produce a quick, easy, and most of all, delicious zesty shrimp in one skillet. Pair this dish with rice or potatoes, and you are good to go. Seafood night is pungent shrimp night!


17. Beef Stroganoff

Beef Stroganoff

A lot of people are fond of creamy sauces in their meat. If you are one of them, you might want to try this dish. This recipe offers a tender serving of beef along with the sauce that’s match-made in heaven. This recipe also incorporates vegetables into the dish, so it has an element of variation.


18. Shrimp and Veggie – A combination you won’t want to miss

Shrimps? Yes. With vegetables? Super yes. This recipe combines the goodness of shrimp and the magic of vegetables. This dish is healthy, and at the same time, it’s not time-consuming, and most importantly, it’s delicious. If you want to spice up your shrimp meal with some vegetables, then you might want to try this recipe.


19. Electric Skillet Hamburgers – Juicy and delicious!

Electric Skillet Hamburgers

Want a quick snack or a superb burger meal? You can now enjoy making one using your electric skillet. This recipe is quick and easy. While preparing, this dish also allows you to cook your burger without the stove-top splatter you usually encounter. The different methods in cooking will be worth it as they will result in a juicy and delectable batch of patties. Perfect for cheat days!


21. Seafood Chowder – Don’t mind if you do

Seafood Chowder

This recipe brings a taste of New England into your homes through the kitchen. This dish is sure to fill you up with fresh seafood, spices that go well with the components, vegetables, and finally, seafood broth to complete the meal. This recipe is both thick and creamy, which will keep you coming for more. This dish is refreshing but not too heavy.


22. Honey, Garlic, Buttered Shrimp – Heavenly flavors

Who doesn’t like the iconic honey, garlic, buttered shrimp? This recipe has made a name for itself because of its refreshing and tasteful combination of flavors that will blow your mind. If you are up for some buttered shrimp, you might want to try this recipe. This dish offers a nice hearty meal you can enjoy with your loved ones.


23. Valentines Day Electric Skillet Shrimp Curry

Valentines Day Electric Skillet Shrimp Curry

Curry has been a crowd’s favorite for as long as it existed. This savory flavor just got people enticed and hooked with its complexity. This recipe combines the goodness of shrimps and the tasty curry flavor. If you’re looking for something to cook for two, this dish might be perfect for Valentine’s day date night.


24. Electric Skillet Pot Roast

Pot roast has been in family meals for generations to generations that it has become a part of most family’s recipe compilation. It has been present in celebrations, simple dinners, and many more. This recipe takes your simple pot roast to a new level. This dish is filling and delicious; it might be irresistible to have a serving or two.


25. Electric Skillet Chicken Enchiladas

Electric Skillet Chicken Enchiladas

Spicy, cheesy, saucy, and delicious, what more can you ask for? Enchiladas have been a staple in Mexican restaurants and have been a crowd favorite for a long time. This dish is easy but, at the same time, challenging. This chicken enchiladas recipe will take you to good places. An excellent and fair combination of essential elements like spiciness, sauciness, and cheesiness will make your meal even more special.


26. Electric Skillet Meatloaf

A good slice of meatloaf is equivalent to a happy stomach. This recipe uses an electric skillet to whip up the traditional or tweaked version of household meatloaves. The fun part of cooking meatloaf is the freedom you have because of its flexibility. You can adjust things and processes to level up your own.


27. Electric Skillet Mac and Cheese

Electric Skillet Mac and Cheese

No one would turn down a classic mac and cheese serving. This warm and hearty meal will surely fill you up. This recipe can be your go-to recipe when craving mac and cheese. It could be a meal or a side dish. Either way, the combination of cheesy and creamy pasta is sure to bring a smile to your face.


28. Chicken and Cheese, Potatoes, and Vegetables – Flavor Party!

Chicken and cheese are already a good combination; what more if you add potatoes and vegetables? It’s a flavor party! This recipe takes your chicken meat to a whole new level of flavor. You can enjoy the meaty, cheesy, and savory flavors while experiencing the juicy and nutritious value of the vegetables.


29. Electric Skillet Mini Key Lime Pie

Electric Skillet Mini Key Lime Pie

Who says electric skillet is exclusive for savory dishes? Electric skillets prove their versatility by allowing for the preparation of a dessert course. This recipe takes your tongue on a rollercoaster ride with its zesty, tangy, and sweet flavors, all in a mini, bite-sized pie. This delicious bite-sized goodness is easy to whip up, so you might want to try this one when craving something sweet and zesty.



There are a lot of ways to maximize your electric skillet. You can start by trying the simple and then move to the more complicated ones. These 29 electric skillet recipes will surely keep you busy in the kitchen. There is a lot to try and taste. It would be best to get your palate ready.

Best Electric Skillet Recipes

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