The Complete Guide to Using Gotham Steel Pans

If you are looking for good non-stick cookware, consider buying Gotham steel pans. Despite their high-end performance, you can get them on a low budget. Their features are beneficial, but you have to season the pans regularly and adequately if you intend to use them for a long time.

This article will cover

  • Why You Should Use Gotham Steel Pans
  • How To Care For Gotham Steel Pans
  • How To Season Gotham Steel Pans
  • How to Store Gotham Steel Pans

gotham steel pan seasoning instructions

Why You Should Use Gotham Steel Pans

Gotham steel pans have an aluminum base and a copper-colored non-stick coating surface. The non-stick coating surface is made with ceramic and titanium. The handles are made with stainless steel. The materials used in making Gotham steel pans are of high quality.

For instance, aluminum is an excellent heat conductor, titanium enhances durability, ceramic has non-stick properties, and the stainless steel handles make the pans easy to handle when they are hot. In light of its construction, Gotham steel pans are must-haves in your kitchen. Here are some benefits of using Gotham steel pans :

Safe to use

Gotham steel pans are entirely safe to use. They are free from perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS), and polytetrafluoroethylene( PTFE). These chemicals have been found to destroy the internal organs of the body. However, Gotham steel pans are made with materials that have natural properties and aren’t toxic.


gotham steel pan instructions

One of the prominent features of Gotham steel pans is their stick-free properties due to the qualities of the materials they are made of. You can cook delicate foods such as veggies, cakes, etc., without the foods getting stuck to the pans.

You don’t necessarily need to rub the pans’ cooking surfaces with oil or butter before each use due to their non-stick properties, however, regular seasoning with oil is important for maintaining the pan’s condition. Indirectly, they help reduce your fat intake. Also, their non-stick nature makes them easy to clean.

Heat conductivity and distribution

Gotham steel pans conduct heat quickly. If you love to cook as fast as possible, you should have them in your kitchen. Also, heat is distributed evenly across the cooking surface, ensuring that all parts of your food are adequately cooked. The high heat conductivity and even heat distribution save you money; you won’t need a lot of electricity or gas to cook your food.

Oven and dishwasher-safe

You can use Gotham steel pans for baking or clean them in the dishwasher. They can withstand heat up to 500°Fahrenheit. Besides, Gotham steel pans are unlike other non-stick pans that aren’t dishwasher safe. If you have too many dishes to do or no time, you can toss your pans into the dishwasher.

How To Care For Gotham Steel Pans

Even though Gotham steel pans are durable, only proper use and care will maximize their lifespan. Below are few tips on how to care for your pans

Never use harsh cleaning agents

You don’t need to clean your pans using harsh cleaning agents. Due to their non-stick properties, food slips off easily from the pans. For this reason, the pans are easy to clean. A soft sponge or cloth and mild soap are enough to clean your pans. Don’t use scouring powders or scrubbing pads made from steel wool or nylon. You don’t need a scrub as this might damage the cooking surface.

Avoid cooking on high heat

Even though the pans can withstand a high temperature, this is only to some extent. Too much heat will damage the materials the pans are made of. For instance, ceramic conducts heat efficiently, so it doesn’t need a high temperature to cook your food. The high temperature will damage its properties. Medium heat is enough to cook your food when using Gotham steel pans.

gotham steel instructions

Avoid using cooking sprays

Never use cooking sprays on your pans. Most times, these oil sprays contain chemicals that destroy the non-stick cooking surface of the cookware. They also cause build-ups, which become difficult to clean. With Gotham steel pans, you don’t need to apply cooking oil sprays or rub the surfaces with oil or butter before you cook.

Wash before use

gotham steel pan care instructions

Before using any Gotham steel pan for the first time, ensure you wash it before using it. Washing it removes the sealants, chemicals, dust particles, etc., that are on the pan. You can use warm, soapy water and a mild sponge to wash the pan. This ensures that your food isn’t contaminated. Also, season the pan before the first use.

Season the pans regularly

Seasoning is the process of applying oil to your pan’s cooking surface and heating to maximize its lifespan and prevent rust. Your Gotham steel pans must be seasoned properly and periodically if you want them to always be in a proper working condition.

How To Season Gotham Steel Pans

how to season gotham steel pan

If you find that foods are sticking to your Gotham steel pans, it’s time to season them. Besides, seasoning your pans enhances their performance and protects their non-stick coating. Below are steps on how to season your Gotham steel pans.

Wash your pans

Your pans should be clean before you season them. It is essential you wash them with warm, soapy water and a mild sponge. After, rinse them thoroughly to get rid of the soap suds. Ensure you don’t use any harsh cleaning agents as these could damage your pans’ cooking surfaces. Next, wipe the pans dry. A soft cloth will do the job. A dry cooking surface will make the seasoning more effective.

Apply oil on the cooking surface

After wiping your pans completely dry, you need to rub the entire cooking surface with oil or butter. Suppose you’re using oil, groundnut oil, or canola oil is good. Don’t use olive oil because even though it is excellent for cooking, it isn’t a suitable choice for seasoning your pans. It has a low smoking point.

Therefore, it degrades when you heat your pan beyond its smoking point. It will carbonize on the cooking surfaces, cause build-ups that are difficult to remove and discolor your pan, and finally, wear off within a short time, leaving your pans’ cooking surfaces unprotected.

Heat your pan

After you have greased the pans’ surfaces, set the stove to medium heat and place the pans on it. Ensure the heat isn’t high, as non-stick pans don’t do well with high heat. High heat damages the non-stick coating of your pans. Once the oil on the cooking surfaces dries off, you’re done with seasoning. You can also use the oven to season your pans.

Wipe off excess oil

After seasoning, don’t wash the pans. Instead, you should let them cool and wipe off the excess oil with a soft cloth or a paper towel. If you season your Gotham steel pans well, there will be a nice thin layer of oil on the pans’ surfaces, and this won’t chip off anytime soon.

How to Store Gotham Steel Pans

Storing your Gotham steel pans the right way is key to their efficiency and durability. Your storage shouldn’t only be for convenience and a more organized kitchen but should be geared toward protecting the properties of your cookware too.

Put your pans on the stove

There is no better way to store your pans than to keep them on your stovetops. This will make cooking more convenient and protect your pans from the danger of improper storage.

Displaying your Gotham steel pans on your stovetops also enhances your kitchen’s appearance. However, this storage type might not be realistic all the time if you cook often. As such, only put your commonly used pans on your stovetops.

Hang the pans on a pegboard or cabinet hooks

With a pegboard, you can customize the way you hang your pans. Just install the pegboard on your kitchen wall and use hooks to hold up your pans’ handles. You can also hang other kitchen items like utensils, etc., on your pegboard.

If you don’t have a pegboard, you can install some hooks on the doors of your kitchen cabinets and hang your pans on them. Both storage types will reduce clutter in your kitchen.

season gotham steel pan

Sandwich dish or paper towels in between your pans

It’s a bad idea to stack your Gotham steel pans on top of one another. This destroys their non-stick cooking surfaces like the bottom of a pan scratches the surface of another. If you want to stack your pans on top of one another, sandwich paper plates, dish towels, or paper towels in between them to protect their non-stick properties.

Hang them on a ceiling’s pot rack

If your kitchen ceiling isn’t too high or you don’t have much space in your kitchen, you can install a pot rack on it and hang your pans by their handles on the rack. Pot racks are affordable and don’t take a lot of space. They make your kitchen more organized and stunning. You can also use a vertical pot rack to store your pans.


Gotham steel pans are durable, non-stick, and excellent heat conductors. They are well-designed and, when used properly, are safe for use. If you are looking to use high-quality steel pans, Gotham steel pans are excellent options. With proper use and seasoning, they will serve you as long as possible. To get value for your money, ensure you buy the pans from suitable sources.

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  1. I used the muffin tins without seasoning as no instructions are included. The muffins were hard to get out of the pan.

    What do you suggest?

  2. I like cooking and frying with olive oil for better health and flavor, and also butter for flavor. Are you saying these oils should not be used in Gotham cookware?

    • You can use them Buford cooking your foods, but upon receiving your cookware set, season with regular cooking oil, heat & wipe out. After that your ready to cook with any product you like. I prefer Grapeseed oil. High smoking point & healthy.

  3. As of now I have only tried one of the Gotham fans to make scrambled eggs in and it works just as the commercial state no butter no oil this is great for me because I have congestive heart failure issues and a diabetic and now I am able to cook at ease and not worry about getting sick


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