GreenPan Cookware In-Depth Review – Pros and Cons

Are you looking forward to adding GreenPan cookware to your kitchen? Don’t worry! We are here to guide you. With this GreenPan in-depth review, you will know everything there is to learn about GreenPan cookware.

What is GreenPan Cookware?

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GreenPan cookware is a brand known for its Thermolon coating technology. The cookware is perfectly safe to use with GreenPan’s toxin-free ceramic coating.

The company also uses recycled aluminum for the core of its pots and pans. They are known to be sustainable and eco-friendly compared to other kitchenware brands.

With that said, is the GreenPan cookware for you?

9 Pros of GreenPan

Non-Stick Coating

The GreenPan cookware prides itself on its top-notch non-stick ceramic coating. The food is easy to cook and remove. The cleaning process is also a breeze with their thermolon ceramic coating.

If you are someone who watches over their fat intake, the thermolon non-stick coating can help you lessen your consumption of fat and oil. With the non-stick coating, you will need lesser oil to cook.

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Non-stick pans are known to house various toxic chemicals. When ingested, materials such as Teflon, aluminum, and copper cause numerous health risks.

PTFE and PFOA are dangerous chemicals commonly found in modern non-stick pans. These various chemicals can cause many health risks, such as kidney and liver failure.

Fortunately, you will not have these problems with GreenPan cookware. With Thermolon coating technology, the cookware is safe and good for nature.

Thermolon is the process in which GreenPan makes its ceramic coating. By transforming a derivative of sand called thermolon to a sol-gel solution, they ensure a 100 percent toxin-free pan.

During the manufacturing process, GreenPan doesn’t use any sand or adhesive that might have PFAS in it. Chemicals such as lead and cadmium, commonly found in ceramic pans, are not present in GreenPan’s thermolon coating since they use all-natural sand.

GreenPan provides a safe and sustainable ceramic-coated pan by making its own coating.

Easier to Clean Up

Due to GreenPan’s incredible non-stick coating, you will have no problem with cleaning it at all. Since the food is less likely to stick, you will have a much easier cleaning process.

Their cookware is heat resistant and dishwasher-safe, so you can save time and resources when it comes to cleaning. Although, it’s not recommended to use a dishwasher regularly to clean your pots and pans.

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Heat Resistant

GreenPan cookware is heat resistant to 450-600 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures. Overheating the cookware will never be a problem in your kitchen again.

The coating of non-stick pans commonly breaks and crack due to heat. With GreenPan’s thermolon coating, you will not have this problem at all.

Due to the cookware’s heat resistance, the pan is also dishwasher and oven safe.

Great Thermal Conductivity

The thermolon coating of GreenPan cookware conducts heat more evenly and faster than Teflon pans.

Since heat conduction is faster and better, you can use less heat and less power. Burning food is also much harder when your pan uses less heat.

Cooking sauces and glazes are easier with thermolon coated pans since you can control the temperature.


GreenPan cookware is mainly made with an aluminum core. Aluminum is a rigid and heavy material; it conducts heat evenly and provides a strong body for your pots and pans.

The coating of the pan lasts much longer compared to its counterparts. Proper care and maintenance can make your GreenPan cookware last up to a decade compared to other brands’ five years.

Due to the thermolon coating, GreenPan cookware is scratch-resistant. You can use your metal utensils when cooking with GreenPan cookware.

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There is a reason why the GreenPan brand has the word green in its name. Compared to their counterparts, GreenPan emits 60 percent less CO2 during the production of their cookware.

Since the GreenPan cookware is very hands-on with the manufacturing process of their cookware, they cut carbon emissions.

Lesser carbon emissions are significant for nature. With the rise of modernity comes pollution and the destruction of nature. GreenPan, along with other green and sustainable companies, is incredible for cutting the pollution they produce.

The durable nature of the cookware also means that you can use it for a long time. The fewer things we consume and ruin can lessen the amount of trash in garbage dumps.

Lesser Maintenance

Having a durable non-stick pan can improve your time in the kitchen tremendously.

Since GreenPan cookware requires low maintenance, you can spend less time cleaning and caring for your cookware.

Compatible with Different Stovetops

Whether you have an induction, electric, or gas stovetop, GreenPan cookware is compatible with it.

Since most of their cookware has a magnetic aluminum core, induction cooking will never be a problem.

2 Cons of GreenPan Cookware

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Despite all the excellent features the GreenPan cookware has, nothing comes out without flaw. If you are worried about the downsides of owning GreenPan cookware, we are here to list them down.


Compared to other non-stick cookware brands, the GreenPan can be on the pricier side. Most prices of their pans and skillets can range from $100-200 apiece. Lower-quality brands can range from $30-60 apiece.

The high price is due to the more extensive manufacturing process they use. Unlike Teflon pan, which uses polymer and plastics, GreenPan uses sand to form ceramic.

The process of transforming sand into a coating can be pricey, causing a higher mark-up. If you can buy a GreenPan, you might want to consider it.


Some parts of the country might not have access to a nearby shop that sells GreenPan cookware. Fortunately, you can check out their online shop. While there, you can also check if they ship to your location.

Other than the price and availability, we really don’t see a lot of cons when it comes to buying GreenPan cookware.

Is GreenPan Worth It?

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Based on the pros and cons above, we concluded that the GreenPan cookware is well worth it. If you have extra money to spend on quality cookware, we recommend trying out GreenPan cookware.

The company strives for a sustainable and eco-friendly creation process. The products are not bad themselves.

Reviews and anecdotes praise the GreenPan cookware. You don’t have to buy a complete set of cookware to try their brand. For starters, you can try this $100 non-stick skillet and see the product for yourself.

If you have any doubts, you can check out this review:

5 Tips to Maintain your GreenPan Cookware

Decided to buy your own GreenPan cookware? Well, we are here to help you take good care of it. Some of these dos and don’ts are lax, while you should avoid the others entirely. Here are five valuable tips for maintaining your GreenPan cookware without further ado.

Avoid Using Dishwashers

Although the GreenPan cookware is mostly dishwasher-safe, regularly using this cleaning process can ruin the coating of your pan in the long run.

Since the pan’s non-stick coating is designed to keep the bits and pieces of food off it, you don’t have to use the harsh cleaning process of a dishwasher. You can even clean your GreenPan cookware with just a bit of soapy water and fabric cloth.

Handwashing with a bleach-free dishwashing liquid is the best method to clean your non-stick cookware.

Don’t Use Cooking Sprays

Most cooking sprays contain aerosol, which is not suitable for your non-stick coating. Aerosols are very sticky and can remove the non-stick feature of your cookware.

No matter how hard you try to remove the residue of cooking sprays, they can be permanent, so always keep this in mind.

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Don’t Use Abrasive Utensils

It would be best to avoid abrasive utensils such as those made with metal or stainless steel. Although the pan’s surface is scratch-resistant, it can still be scratched and flake off over time.

If you want to prolong the life of your GreenPan cookware, opt for wooden or silicone utensils. You should also avoid using a chainmail sponge when cleaning your pots and pans.

Avoid Cooking in High Heat

The line of GreenPan cookware has excellent heat conduction. It’s not recommended to cook food on high heat. Low to medium is the best stovetop level for your pots and pans.

Although the cookware is heat resistant, constant exposure to high heat can cause damage in the long run.

Don’t Scrub Your Pan

Sometimes kitchen mishaps can happen. Burnt food can sometimes stick to your non-stick pans. If this happens to you while using GreenPan cookware or any other non-stick pans, avoid scrubbing your pan.

The coating of non-stick pans is sensitive to scrubbing and scratches. Instead, use vinegar and baking soda to remove leftover bits of food.

In Conclusion

Depending on your budget, the GreenPan cookware might be an incredible addition to your ever-growing kitchen. We hope that this in-depth review of GreenPan cookware helps you out and teaches you everything there is to learn with this brand.

If you have more questions or inquiries, be sure to comment down below.


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