HexClad vs. Caraway Pans: Which Brand is for You?

hexclad vs caraway

HexClad is among the most popular non-stick pans in the market. But, as we know, for every premium quality cookware, the more premium its price becomes.

Enter Caraway Pans, a new and upcoming brand with a lower price. That said, which is the best one for you? Well, let’s find out!

HexClad Pans Overview

HexClad Pans Overview

An intro to HexClad cookware comes as no surprise to home and professional cooks alike. As a premium cookware brand, HexClad is also used by many professional celebrity chefs.

Its iconic hexagonal designs stand as one of the most recognizable features of their pans. But the coat is not just for aesthetics. It also has a non-stick coating and a mix of cast iron and 3-ply stainless steel; it’s both durable and easy to clean.

To start you up with this brand, this should be the section where we’ll introduce you to some of its series. But, HexClad only has one variation to offer, and that’s the:

  • HexClad Hybrid: The HexClad Hybrid is the flagship series for the brand. It features the iconic stainless steel and hex-pattern coating. They made up what they lack in different series with a wide range of specialty pans. For example, they have a grill pan designed to be inside a grill or smoker.

Along with that is their Deep Saute pan, perfect for cooking and roasting any meat. It lets the sauces seep deep into the meat. 

Caraway Pans Overview

Caraway Pans Overview

Caraway is one of those brands that garnered its market within the internet. It’s bright, and colorful and will complete any kitchen they are added in.

Other than that, Caraway introduces itself as a more environmentally conscious brand. It features PFOA, PFAS, and Teflon-free pans. So you can ensure their ceramic coating is non-toxic.

Their care for nature does not end with their pans; it also bleeds into their packaging. Caraway pans use a low-impact dye and zero-waste cardboard package.

It also doesn’t stop there! Their nature and naturalist-centric cookware also offer these advantages as you cook. As the ceramic is non-toxic, it’s less prone to toxic CO2 fumes.

With Caraway cookware, you can divide their series into three:

  • Classic and Iconics Set: This series is the flagship series of the brand. It features a ceramic coating and an aluminum core. It’s also available in two color schemes. The classic feature darker colors and a silver steel handle. Meanwhile, the iconic is much lighter with a gold handle.
  • Monochrome Set: This series features a wide range of colors, classic ceramic coating, and an aluminum core. Caraway X Tan France Monochrome Collection features three colors: Crème, Blush, and Moss. Transform your cooking with three single shades specifically designed by Tan France himself. Its chic organizing pot and lid holders add a thoughtful finish to any kitchen.
  • Minis: The smaller minis offer the classic and iconic color set while offering a fraction of the size and price. If you cook for smaller pans, this is the set for you.

HexClad vs. Caraway Pans: The Similarities

caraway or hexclad

Before we get into their differences, let’s first discuss the similarities between these two brands. This includes the following:

PFOA-free Pans

As the material PFOA has been deemed a hazard since 2013, these two brands make their pans without this synthetic substance. So, they are safer to use than past or lower-grade pans.

Also, as a premium brand, they are subjected to a security inspection. This way, you’ll know it’s safe to use.

Easy to Clean

As the two have excellent non-stick technology, cleaning is not at all a problem. Since you’ll use minimal oil, you’ll not just save on your time cleaning but on using oil as well.

That said, due to the ceramic material in Caraway’s pan, it’s not recommended for dishwashers. Using the abrasive process can cause the coating to chip off.

HexClad vs. Caraway Pans: The Differences?

Key Feature HexClad Caraway
Material and Construction 3-ply Stainless Steel

Cast Iron

Non-Stick Properties Stainless Steel and PTFE Ceramic
Heat Distribution and Retention Great Heat Distribution

Excellent Retention

Good Heat Distribution

Green Heat Conduction

Compatibility with Different Cooktops Induction-Safe Induction-Safe
Design and Durability Iconic Hex-Pattern Colorful Choices

Flat Bottom

Cooking Performance and Versatility Oven-safe (500⁰F) Oven-safe (550⁰F)
Ease of Cleaning Dishwasher-Safe Not Dishwasher-Safe
Pricing Comparison $$$$ $$$

Now that the similarities are established let’s get into the differences. Let’s start with the most apparent one: the appearance.

HexClad has a more premium and industrial design. You will notice it in the steel finish and gray color. Meanwhile, Caraway goes hard with its wide range of colors and light white coating.

Next is their non-stick coating. The former features a stainless coat with PTFE or Teflon. The latter has a ceramic coat, which is non-toxic.

But what does this non-stick coat say about the brand’s longevity?

As HexClad has a steel coat, it’s less prone to scratching and does not flake. It also distributes and retains heat much better, making it more durable and flexible with many cooking processes. It’s also the reason why their pans are dishwasher-safe!

However, Caraway boasts another side of the non-stick scale. Although not as durable as the former brand, it’s sustainable and non-toxic. If the PFTE chemical is a concern, this is your brand.

Also, their pans’ flat surface makes heat conduction much easier. Meaning you can get a good sear even with lower settings.

HexClad vs. Caraway: Pros and Cons

Brand Pros Cons
HexClad · Longer Durability

· Better Retention

· Lifetime Warranty

· More Pricey

· Contains PTFE

· More Prone to Sticking

Carway · More Color and Size Choices

· Less Pricey

· Excellent Heat Transfer

· Coat Chips Off

· Not Dishwasher-Safe

To help you distinguish the right choices for you, here are some pros and cons for each brand.

HexClad Pros and Cons

HexClad pan review
HexClad 3-ply base

HexClad pans have two core pros: longer durability and better heat retention! If you want a more precise cooking method, then this is the right pan for you.

Their tri-ply construction with steel exterior makes these pans incredibly resilient and able to withstand warping or damage that can cause inferior pans to become unusable. The brand is confident enough to stand behind its illustrious quality by offering a lifetime warranty.

However, it’s not all pros; it has its cons as well. The biggest of them all is the price point for this brand. It’s a pretty high barrier of entry for most home chefs and households.

Another thing is that its pans coat contains PTFE. If you’re concerned with Teflon being in your pan, then HexClad is not the pan for you.

Caraway Pros and Cons

Caraway pan review
Caraway aluminum base with steel induction plate

Choose the cookware that suits your kitchen decor and personal style with Caraway pans! With an array of gorgeous color options, their pots and pans are designed to become a showpiece in your kitchen.

Not only do they upgrade your look without busting your wallet, but their superb heat transfer properties also will make cooking a delight. You are guaranteed to get evenly cooked dishes every time.

Now, let’s get into the cons.

Issues related to the non-stick coating of Caraway pans possibly chipping off over time, as some users have reported. Not only could this severely affect the life span of your cookware, but it must also be a massive strike for daily convenience.

Sadly, Caraway pans are kind of a “hands-on” kind of deal, as they generally aren’t dishwasher safe and must be taken care of with manual handwashing.

Consumer Reviews and Ratings

hexclad or caraway

Now, let’s get into some of the ratings. For HexClad, here are some ratings we gathered from Amazon.com:

  • 6 Piece Hybrid Set: 4.7 out of 5 (971 Ratings)
  • 8” Hybrid Stainless Steel Frying Pan: 4.3 out of 5 (1,686 Rating)

But HexClad has an excellent review on its hand. None other than Gordon Ramsay himself is giving it his seal of approval!

Receiving mention from respected cookware reviewers and featuring it in many top cookware roundups are prime examples of HexClad’s premium state.

Meanwhile, the Caraway pan is scarce for other online e-commerce websites. In fact, it has only one listing on Amazon, and the rating is:

  • Classic Ceramic Set (12 Piece): 4.4 out of 5 (1,067 Ratings)

But, on its website, the brand currently has an overall 4.8 out of 5 rate. This came from around 41k customers.

As you can see, both brands are averaging around the four and up rating, which is pretty great for each brand.

HexClad vs. Caraway Pans: Which is the Pan for You?

Which of these pans is for you mostly comes with what you need and your budget. Do you need a more industrial pan that’ll you need to use often? Or a home-based cookware for your family meals?

If the former is what you want, then HexClad can be perfect for you. Meanwhile, if price and aesthetics are more important, then the Caraway pans can be a new addition to your kitchen.


No brand is better than the other. They both have use and specialty in whatever cooking process you’ll have. So, whether you choose HexClad vs. Caraway, make sure that you can utilize it for your kitchen.

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