6 Steps to Make a Ceramic Pan Non Stick Again

Ceramic cookware is growing more popular by the day because of its non-stick, heat transfer, and lightweight properties, among others.However, like other materials, ceramic pans can lose their non-stick properties with constant use. So, how to make a ceramic pan non stick again?

What makes ceramic pans lose their non-stick qualities?

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One of the many qualities that make people choose ceramic pans over other cookware is their non-stick properties. This gives them an edge over the others as food sticking to your pan can be quite a hassle.

However, these non-stick properties diminish through time and with constant use. However, you don’t need to worry, as it takes many uses for a ceramic pan to lose its non-stick effectiveness.

To better understand this, here are some common reasons that contribute to your ceramic pan losing its non-stick properties.

Scratches caused by sharp utensils

Apart from your pan, you must use the right utensils when cooking. This is even more important when you are dealing with ceramic non-stick pans.

Sharp utensils, particularly those made of metal, create scratches on the surface of your ceramic pans, damaging their non-stick qualities. Though the damage is not apparent right away, small scratches can eventually create big problems.

High heat

No doubt that ceramic pans are great for cooking but exposing them to high heat might gradually affect their non-stick coating.

Even though it has pretty good heat resistance, putting this type of cookware in high temperatures such as in the oven might deteriorate its quality. Fret not as this does not happen in just one use or two but rather over time.

Harsh cleaning

We sometimes can get too harsh in washing our pans because we want to leave them grease and stain-free. However, washing your cookware too hard can do more bad than good.

The friction that occurs between your ceramic pan and a washing tool such as steel wool can scratch your pan’s non-stick surface. Because food is less likely to stick to this type of cookware, it is generally easy to clean and you can make do without abrasive cleaning techniques.

How to Make a Ceramic Pan Non Stick Again?

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Now that you know why ceramic pans lose their non-stick qualities, it’s time to ask the million-dollar question: How to make a ceramic pan non stick again?

Once you start to notice your ceramic pan losing its non-stick abilities, you should do something to address it. Ceramic pans don’t come cheap and throwing away your cookware because food starts to stick is not a practical idea.

For ceramic pans, you can do a home remedy to bring back their non-stick properties. If you are familiar with seasoning cast iron pans, then you will have an idea of how to work on your ceramic pan.

Below are the steps on how to make a ceramic pan non stick again.

Step 1: Clean your pan

The first step on how to make a ceramic pan non stick again is to prepare it for seasoning by washing it. Just do your usual washing process of using your dishwashing soap and a soft sponge.

Is your ceramic pan still looking dirty? You can use baking soda to get the grease and food residue off. To do this, place your ceramic pan on the stove and put in a cup of water. Once your water starts to simmer, add in baking soda, mix, and let it stay for a minute or two.

If there is much food residue on the surface, gently scrape it off with a wooden utensil and wash it after.

Step 2: Put oil on your ceramic pan

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The key ingredient on how to make a ceramic pan non stick again is not an expensive nor limited edition product. You can find it in your cupboard: oil!

There are no specific requirements as to the oil you can use but many swear by rapeseed, soybean, or flaxseed oil. However, please avoid using olive oil as it has a low smoke point which means it is not fit for the job.

Put a few drops of your preferred oil on your ceramic pan’s surface.

Step 3: Cover the entire surface with oil

To be sure that your ceramic pan will be non-stick, cover the entire cooking surface with oil. Grab a kitchen towel, preferably one that is soft and not abrasive, and start spreading the oil to cover all that needs to be covered.

You should end up with a noticeable thin layer of oil on your ceramic pan’s surface. You know you are overdoing it and have excess oil when it’s too sticky to touch.

Step 4: Turn up the heat

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Place your ceramic pan on the stovetop and put the heat on medium to high.

Why is this step necessary? The heat will help lock in the oil on your ceramic pan’s surface, making it non-stick again. It is like letting your pan absorb the oil to rejuvenate its non-stick area.

Step 5: Monitor then remove

Allow your pan to sit on the heat for a few minutes. When you season your ceramic pan, drop other tasks and focus on it to avoid possible problems.

Monitor your pan and when smoke starts to show, turn off the heat and let it cool down. It’s also important that you maintain good ventilation by opening your kitchen windows.

Step 6: Wash your pan

After your ceramic pan has cooled down, wash it to remove excess grease on your pan. Voila, you now have a seasoned ceramic pan!

With just these easy steps to make a ceramic pan non stick again, you can make your pan look brand new while saving a couple of bucks.

To visually summarize the steps on how to make a ceramic pan non stick again, watch this tutorial:

Season your ceramic pan from time to time!

No matter how careful you are in using your ceramic pan, its non-stick properties are bound to diminish the more you use it. That’s nothing to be alarmed about as all cookwares go through wear and tear.

Ceramic pans are more costly than Teflon non-stick pans but they are sure to last long in your kitchen.

To maintain its non-stick quality, all you have to do is season your pan from time to time. The seasoning method listed above is easy and won’t take much of your day.

How do you take care of your ceramic pans?

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Just because it’s easy to make a ceramic pan non stick again doesn’t mean you should not take good care of your pans. By using and maintaining your ceramic pan properly, you will be able to keep its non-stick qualities and save yourself the hassle of seasoning.

Take note of these tips in dealing with non-ceramic pans.

Don’t use metal utensils

Wooden utensils are heaven-sent especially when you use non-stick pans often. Metal utensils tend to scrape and scratch the surface of ceramic pans which affects their non-stick abilities.

Whenever you cook with your ceramic pan, ditch your metal utensils and go for wooden ones instead.

Avoid cooking sprays

Cooking sprays are convenient to use especially when you want to control the amount of oil in your food. However, cooking sprays tend to adversely affect non-stick surfaces.

As much as possible, use the usual oil when cooking to avoid issues with your ceramic pan’s surface.

Keep your surface oiled up when cooking

Don’t be afraid to use oil when using your ceramic pan. Even though ceramic pans have good non-stick qualities, home cooks recommend adding oil when using this cookware to help prevent food from sticking.

If you are health-conscious, you can skip the oil and use your preferred alternatives like butter or margarine.

Don’t make your pan a food container

Have leftovers from your last meal? Do not let your ceramic pan be storage for excess food. Invest in good quality food containers for keeping the meals you are not able to consume.

Acidic food may ruin the surface of your ceramic pan especially when it sits there for a long period.

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Let your pan cool down before washing

The common mistake that homemakers make is that they wash their pans right away after cooking. While unwashed pans might not be a pretty sight, it does not hurt to wait for a few minutes for your pans to cool down.

A sudden temperature change can ruin the quality of your ceramic pan. This occurs when your pan is exposed to heat on the stovetop and then washed in cool water right away.

Handwash your ceramic pans

Many pans are dishwasher-safe as stated but their manufacturer. However, just because you can throw it in the dishwasher does not mean It won’t affect your ceramic pan’s quality.

The wash cycle in a dishwasher can be harsh with strong water pressure and the possibility of items getting dislodged and bumping into each other. If you regularly wash your ceramic pan in this appliance, you might end up ruining its surface in the long run.

A safer option is to handwash your ceramic pan. In that way, you can control the amount of pressure and force exerted in cleaning your pan and keep it in top shape.

Final thoughts: How to make a ceramic pan non stick again is easy!

Cooking enthusiasts love ceramic pans for their non-stick properties. However, food sticking to the pan’s surface is expected with constant use. How to make a ceramic pan non stick again is a no-brainer and you can do it at home so you won’t have to replace it and invest in new cookware.

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