14 Baking Pan Storage Ideas

Do you enjoy baking or have a couple of bakeware at home? Then at one point, you have probably stressed over how to organize baking pans. Check out these ideas and tips to eliminate your bakeware clutter and make it easier for you to find the baking pan you’re looking for.

How do you organize baking pans?

baking pan storage ideas

The easiest way to store baking pans is to stack one over the other. However, if you have more than two, that might not be a pretty sight and you might have a hard time finding the baking pan that you would like to use.

You can organize your baking pans in multiple ways to keep your storage area neat and clutter-free.

1. Location is key

organizing baking pans

Before organizing your baking pans, find a good location to store them first. Your storage area should not be too hard to access to avoid trouble in getting what you need. If you have many baking pans, make sure that your space is enough to hold all these.

Take notes from our storage ideas on how to organize baking pans listed below. These will help you transform your storage space into an organized baking pan keeper.


2. Store baking pans vertically

storage for baking pans

Putting pans on top of the other might be the easiest to do especially when you’re feeling lazy. However, it will be harder for you to fish out what you need. To add, the friction between your pans might cause damage and ruin their quality.

On the contrary, when you store your baking pans vertically, you won’t have to face the hassle of going through all your baking pans to get what you’re looking for. You can immediately see all the options that you have. It’s a simple, easy, and convenient hack on how to organize baking pans.

Take our word for it: Storing your baking pans vertically is a life changer!


3. Use a pan organizer

how to store cake pans

If you want a clutter-free storage area, go to your nearest homeware store and get a pan organizer. Pan organizers are designed and built to store pans efficiently.

With pan organizers, you may arrange your baking pans vertically or horizontally. While we suggest storing them vertically, you can follow a horizontal arrangement using your pan organizer if you have ample storage space to spare.


4. Build narrow shelves

baking pan storage

Are you into carpentry and DIY activities? Put your carpentry skills to use by adding narrow shelves into your existing kitchen cabinet. Shelving is a good way to organize baking pans. Built-in shelves are durable and will last long.

When adding shelves, make sure that the space is enough to fit your baking pans. You can choose between vertical shelves or horizontal shelves, though the former is recommended. Consider the size of your existing space and see which orientation maximizes your space.


5. Create customizable vertical dividers

A good alternative to built-in shelving is a vertical divider. Vertical dividers work the same way as narrow shelves — only that you can remove them anytime.

This method on how to organize baking pans is very handy especially when you are unsure of how much space you need for your bakeware. If the space is too tight or too loose, you can adjust your divider so your baking pans fit just right.

Here’s a tutorial on how to build customizable vertical dividers:


6. Make a pullout organizer

cake pan storage ideas

Another option if you want easier access to your baking pans is to make a pullout organizer. This DIY activity will require some woodwork and craft skills. However, you will find the effort and time exerted worth it as this will make your baking pans organized and accessible.

When designing and building your pullout organizer, make sure to add vertical dividers so you can arrange your baking pans neatly.

The good thing about having a pullout organizer is that you won’t have to bend over for a long time to find your baking pan. Just pull out your organizer, get what you need, and put it back in.

Check out this DIY video on how to organize baking pans with a pullout organizer:


7. Set up tension rods

baking pans storage

Tension rods are quite useful around the house as you can use them in hanging your clothes, arranging utensils, storing craft materials like ribbons, and even organizing baking pans.

If you don’t like dealing with wood, then tension rods are your best buddies. They are easy to install and don’t require advanced carpentry skills.

How to organize baking pans with tension rods? Install tension rods on your pantry shelves and once done, put your baking pans between the rods. They will serve as dividers that your pans can lean on.


8. Arrange with office file organizers

baking pan organization

Aside from keeping your papers and files well-kept, the file organizers in your desk can be used in organizing baking pans as well. Many people use file organizers because they are a good option when you can’t find pan organizers, don’t have woodwork skills, or want to save money.

Simply put your file organizer in your cabinet and slip your baking pans in its dividers. Your baking pans will be arranged vertically and you will be able to utilize your space well. Plus, it will make your bakeware clutter look bearable!


9. Upcycle a magazine rack

sheet pan storage ideas

Planning to get rid of your magazines at home? Don’t throw away your rack and use it to organize baking pans instead. Yes, the magazine rack that once held your favorite glossies can be used to store your bakeware.

If you don’t have a magazine rack to upcycle, you can find one in a thrift store at a very cheap price. Not only will you be saving a few bucks but you also get to give the item a new life.

Magazine racks are good storage spaces for baking pans because they keep your pans upright and in one area. If you have a lot of baking to do, you can get your magazine rack and put it in your workspace so that your pans are within reach.


10. Place inside a basket

how.to store cake pans

For those who do not bake that often but have a couple of baking pans, you can store your bakeware in a basket and set it aside for future use. The baskets don’t necessarily have to be big. They just need to have enough space to store your baking pans vertically.

Stashing pans in a basket is an option for people who do not use their bakeware frequently and therefore do not need instant access. You can just hide your basket in your cupboard and get it when you need to.


11. Store in a toe kick drawer

baking sheet storage

Don’t have a basket but got extra space in your toe kick drawer? Place your baking pans there for storage!

The downside of keeping them in a toe kick drawer is that you have to bend over to get your baking pans. Also, toe kick drawers are often shallow so you cannot organize your baking pans vertically and have to lay them flat.

However, if you only bake occasionally and don’t have that many baking pans, then this is good storage space. You can utilize your bigger and upper storage areas for things that you use regularly.


12. Divide baking pans by purpose

storage for baking trays

Baking pans all serve one purpose: baking. However, they come in different shapes, sizes, materials, and specific use. There are glass baking dishes, cupcake tins, rectangular baking pans, and even round pans.

One tip on how to organize baking pans is to cluster similar bakeware together. That means if you have a rack or divided storage, put baking pans that have the same use in one division. Putting them in one place will make it easier for you to find the baking pan that fits your needs.


13. Organize by frequency of use

organize baking sheets

Another hack on how to organize baking pans is to arrange them by how frequently you use them. Place the pans that you use the most in front or where it is most accessible to you. In the same manner, you can stash those that you seldom use at the farther end of your storage area.

With this organization hack, you won’t have to take out everything to get your favorite baking pan.


14. Store your baking pans low

how to store baking sheets

Keeping your bakeware stored in a lower area will make it easier for you to choose and get what you need. The risk of putting it in the upper part of your cupboard is that your baking pans may be hard to reach and might fall, get damaged, or worse, break.

Store them in an area where you won’t have to tiptoe to reach them to avoid accidents.

Final thoughts on how to organize baking pans

Baking is fun but how to organize baking pans after your baking sesh might be a headache. There are multiple ways to keep your bakeware neatly arranged. You can either do some woodwork projects or use existing storage paraphernalia you can find at home.

how to organize baking pans

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