Kitchen Hacks 101: How To Pack Pots and Pans?

Over the years, you might have accumulated a lot of kitchen essentials. And in the event you need to move, you have to make sure these are secured. Perhaps one of the important things you need to learn is how to pack pots and pans properly.

Packing Your Pots and Pans

best way to pack pots and pans

Whether you are moving out of state or just a different area in the city, you still need to deal with packing everything you own. There might be professionals out there who can help you with packing.

However, this might cost you. If you have to do it yourself, then you need to get the basics down. While this might sound like a challenge, it’s something that you might find helpful in the future.

Don’t Leave It To The Last Minute

If you are looking at your kitchen, it might not seem you have a lot of stuff in there. But you’d be surprised at the number of pots and pans and other items you might have amassed over the years. It’s better to start ahead than to pack in a panic! You might forget or leave some things behind if you are under pressure.

While the majority of your pots and pans are made of very sturdy materials, they still need to be packed in the best way possible. If you leave the packing at the last minute, you might just brush through it hurriedly, failing to protect your kitchenware.

Get The Right Packing Materials

how to pack pans for moving

Packing is not just all about stuffing your pots and pans in several boxes. It’s also about making sure that they are packed correctly and securely. There are no golden rules whatsoever. However, you need to show your pots and pans some tenderness, love, and care during the packing process.

You need to prepare a couple of things before packing the pots and pans. You would probably need these for other items in your home。 Now you don’t have to get new ones especially if you have some things lying around the house. Before you run to the store to get packing supplies, check if you already have the following:

  • Boxes
  • Packing Tapes
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Plastic
  • Paper
  • Cushion Foam

These are just some of the basic things you need to pack your pots and pans. It would also help you to label the boxes after packing. It makes it easier to identify which pots and pans went into each box.

If you don’t want to spend so much money on getting these supplies, you might want to reach out to establishments in your area and ask if they have boxes to give away. Also, consider keeping the boxes that some of your packages came in. You can always reuse and recycle them!

Before packing anything, make sure the boxes are well secured. While some boxes might look and feel sturdy, you still need to tape the bottoms and sides well. Don’t be stingy with the tape! It’s better to be safe than sorry! While your pots and pans might be made of the best cookware materials, it doesn’t automatically mean that they are safe from getting dents.

Make An Inventory

If you have a lot of time on your hands, perhaps this is something you could do. You can start by looking into the different pots and pans you own. By finding out how many you own, you would know how many you need to pack into boxes.

It is also a good time to declutter. If you are doing an inventory, you would see the state of each pot and pan. Some might be worn out or damaged, and you might want to put them away.

Don’t throw the old pots and pans directly in the bin if you plan on disposing of them. Did you know that you can still recycle these? Yes, that’s right. Some facilities accept old cookware items for recycling. There are even brands that have recycling programs. Check what brands of pots and pans you have and find out if they have these kinds of programs.

Clean Before Packing

Undoubtedly, there are some pots and pans you use more than others. And there might be some that are just gathering dust inside your cupboards. Whatever state they are in, you have to clean them before packing them away.

Since you are starting fresh somewhere, it won’t hurt to give your pots and pans a new life as well. Clean them according to their cleaning instructions. If some pots and pans have some stubborn stains or residues, you still have time to wash them away.

Packing Individually

It might seem like tedious work, but this is important. You might have to put in a few hours to do this as well. Packing each item would go by in a flash if you have the right materials, and you know what to do.

Make sure you utilize the pieces of paper and foam cushions you have. These would protect the pots and pans from rubbing into each other and moving around in the boxes.

You might have pots and pans made from breakable materials like glass. As these are fragile, you have to pack them as securely as possible. And even if something is made of stainless steel, aluminum, or cast iron, it doesn’t mean you can just leave them be.

Packing Like Matryoshka Dolls

If you have seen one of those Matryoshka dolls, you know there are little ones inside the bigger dolls. If you want to pack your pots and pans efficiently, then you can do something like this. You can put the smaller pots and pans inside the larger ones. Doing this would save you space. It would also minimize the use of more boxes.

Before putting the smaller ones inside the larger pots or pans, make sure there are barriers between them. You still need to pack them individually. And in between, you can put something to act as a cushion.

packing pots and pans

Wrap The Lids

Some pots and pans come with lids. Sometimes these lids can be made of glass or some other fragile materials. Whatever material the lids are made of, you should also pack them as well as you can.

Pack them the same way you packed the pots and pans. You need to cover them with paper or bubble wrap individually. You can choose to pack them in separate boxes. But if you don’t want to spend time figuring out which lid goes with what pot, you can just put them together in the same box. Do what works best for you!

Avoid Overloading

If you are packing, make sure you don’t overdo it. Sometimes you might be too carried away putting pots and pans in one box. If the contents are too heavy, the box might not be able to hold everything up. Remember that some pots and pans weigh a little more. If a box is too heavy, it may tear or break, regardless of how much you tape the bottom and sides.

Avoid overstuffing a box if you want to be on the safe side. Yes, you want to maximize the space, but you should know how to balance the contents. You don’t have to cram everything in one box.

Instead of protecting your pots and pans, it increases the chance of damaging them. Remember that you can always recycle if you are concerned about using too many boxes, bubble wraps, and other materials.

packing pots and pans for moving

Label And Audit

Packing can get stressful, especially if you have a bigger home. When it comes to your pots and pans, you should take note of the items you have packed and where you packed them. As mentioned before, labeling the boxes is important.

It makes it easier to know where the pots and pans are. Another good tip that you should do is to list down the number of pots and pans you have packed. If you want to be more specific, you can even list them down individually. Once it’s time to unpack, it would be easier to sort things out. You won’t be left wondering which boxes belong in the kitchen.

Packing Pots and Pans the Right Way

If you can master how to pack your pots and pans the right way now, you won’t have a hard time doing it again in the future. While you might struggle in the beginning, it would be worth it! If you need to move again, the whole packing process would be just a breeze for you!

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