Lasagna Pan Size Guide: What Size Lasagna Pan Do I Need?

Lasagna has been one of the most popular pasta dishes all over the world. It has been a crowd favorite and is present in many celebration types. When preparing lasagna, it’s also good to go through a lasagna pan size guide and figure out what size of lasagna pan you need.


Lasagna Pan Size Guide

One of the most important things in baking lasagna is the pan you bake it in. The lasagna pans you use are usually also a reflection of your relationship with the dish, whether it’s your first pan of lasagna or your 20th.

Lasagna pans come in various shapes and sizes, and so there are a lot of choices to pick from. Whether you’re cooking for an important occasion or it’s just a simple lasagna meal over at your home, there are a number of pans to choose from.

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Standard 9″ x 13″ Lasagna Pans

For lasagna pans, the most standard size is 9″ x 13″ with a depth of 3 inches. This is just right for common lasagna dishes as this size accommodates the noodles and their added size when they expand as they absorb the sauce. This makes for as many as three layers of pasta, with the cheese and the sauce added.

It’s important to note that even though this is one of the most standard sizes, it still depends on you and how many layers you want to cook. If you want more layers, then you would, of course, need a deeper pan to accommodate it.

Small party 8″ x 8″ Lasagna Pans

When you are cooking lasagna for a smaller crowd, let’s say it’s a small home party or just a dinner for two, you can use the 8″ x 4″ pans. This pan size can accommodate no-boil lasagna noodles. This pan size allows for smaller serving size and also cooks relatively faster.

13″ x 9″ x 3″ Lasagna pan

This lasagna pan size can accommodate up to eight servings of lasagna. This size is not only recommended for baking but also for roasting.

17″ x 13″ Pan

Despite the relatively larger size, this pan can fit into any standard-sized oven. This size is perfect for baking or roasting as it accommodates larger food amounts.

Other Sizes:

  • 9″ x 12″ Rectangular Pan
  • 10.5″ x 7″ Rectangular Pan
  • 5″ x 8.5″ Rectangular Pan

Different sizes can also depend on the type of lasagna pan and the material. You can find a lot of existing sizes in a certain type of pan.

Pan Options for Alteration

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Depending on the pan type as well as the material and brand, you can opt for a more personal size that you think is fit for you.

Extra long

If you want your lasagna to look long, or if you like your pasta longer, you can choose to purchase an extra long lasagna pan. However, it would be important to consider your oven size or capacity. Make sure you cook this with an oven that can accommodate this size.

Extra deep

If you like to cook a lasagna that has multiple layers, possibly more than three, you should choose a pan that is extra deep. While the minimum depth is 3 inches, you can opt for a deeper pan, perhaps between 4–6 inches deep, or maybe more, as long as your oven accommodates.


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There are also pans that allow for divisions! This is especially useful when you’re cooking for people with strong and conflicting preferences. Perhaps, your sister strongly dislikes too much sauce on her lasagna, while the other ones don’t like having too little cheese.

You don’t have to worry because you can easily separate their preferences in a divided lasagna pan. This can also be applicable when you’re trying out different lasagna recipes. This way, you get to cook two alterations of the dish simultaneously in a similar oven.


There are lasagna pans that are petite and cute on the market. These pans are designed to accommodate smaller servings, perhaps just good for 2-3 people. These pans are suitable for home-sized appliances or if you have a smaller oven space.

This pan size can be your best friend when it comes to cooking lasagna just for yourself. If all you have available are smaller sized pans but you have quite a number of people to feed, you can place two to three of them in the oven to cook simultaneously (as much as your oven permits). However, for convenience, it would be preferable to purchase a larger one for occasions such as these.

Lasagna Pan Material

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Like any other cookware, lasagna pans also offer a variety of materials that you can choose from. Sometimes, size is dependent on this component, so it’s good to check them out.

Glass lasagna pans

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Many lasagna enthusiasts will recommend glass pans first and foremost as the most appropriate material for lasagna pans. Glass allows the lasagna to cook properly and is preventive of sticking. Not only this, but glass pans are very easy to clean and store.

You can store these pans in refrigerators, the freezer, and, of course, the oven. It also offers nice visuals as you are able to see the delicious ingredients of the dish through the see-through feature.


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This material is not so much a heat conductor as it is very good at distributing heat evenly. They heat up slowly and evenly, which creates great conditions for your lasagna. This material is also easy to clean and durable.

The only probable time they would obtain damage is when banged on a hard surface. The slow warming process for this material also works even when taken out of the oven, so your lasagna stays warmer for a longer time.


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Silicone has been making a name for itself and has gathered a lot of positive reviews over time. It is eco-friendly and almost invincible. This material has a lot of advantages. Silicone is non-stick, flexible, and can be placed in the dishwasher, freezer, microwave, and oven.

However, silicone pans are flimsy, and they do not offer strong support for the heavy lasagna. When you opt to use this, you will need to either have a baking sheet for support or be very careful while moving the dish.

Cast iron

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Cast iron is one of the materials usually collected by collectors. It is extremely durable and strong. This material is also very heavy.

Stainless steel

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This material is good for pans and for cooking as they are rust resistant, so you won’t have to worry that your lasagna might smell funny. Stainless steel heats up quicker, so if you like your lasagna to have a brown crust, you might want to consider using stainless steel pans.

Lasagna Pans Frequently Asked Questions

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Is a lid necessary when purchasing lasagna pans?

A lid for your pan is more of a preference than a necessity. While you might need to cover the dish during the process, it can easily be substituted with aluminum foil. However, if you want it to be conveniently present as you cook, you can opt for a pan that has a lid.

Do you need to grease your lasagna pans?

Yes, indeed!You would need to grease your pan before getting started on layering your dish. The bottom of your pan is very vulnerable to sticking, and so, you would need to grease it to avoid ruining the lasagna.

Do pan shapes matter?

The shape does not really matter. However, shapes have a connection to convenience when it comes to lasagna. The square shape is the most recommended as it lowers the risk of ruining the dish. Scooping out of a slanted pan may be difficult, but either way, it’s all up to the cook’s preference.

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What is the best material for cooking lasagna?

While the type of lasagna pan that’s “best” depends on the cook’s preference, there are some materials that are recommended by a lot of cooks who already have a lot of experience in cooking. The majority of them recommend glass or ceramic materials. Why? These materials do not heat quickly and they distribute heat evenly.

This means your lasagna is cooked evenly and on all sides, including spaces. This material also lowers the risk of burning your lasagna. Why not metal? While metal is also a good material, lasagna has tomato sauce that is acidic and can have an effect on the metal pan.

What makes a lasagna pan the best choice for cooking?

In terms of “the best” lasagna pan, it’s really unpredictable. The best lasagna pan should be something that accommodates all your needs in the kitchen and while cooking the dish. The best lasagna pan would be the perfect size for your oven and for the amount of food you are going to be cooking.


Having a lasagna pan size guide is a really helpful step in purchasing lasagna pans. This helps answer the question, “What size lasagna pan do I need?” It also helps in making the choosing process easier and gives you more value than you pay for it. If it works well and matches your expectations, it’s a good buy.


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