20 Best Lemon Pancakes Recipes

What do you think of when you hear of someone making pancakes? Your reaction might be influenced by past experiences, whether they were good or bad. Most of us, however, growing up probably just had plain breakfast cakes with syrup, butter or fruit.

When it comes to this breakfast food, you might not have realized how many different versions of lemon pancakes exist. Here are 20 recipes to try at first, and that’s just to get you started.

1. Lemon Cream Pancakes

Lemon Cream Pancakes

These lemon pancakes combine a perfect synthesis of lemon zest and heavy cream. You get the citrus flavor balanced by the comfort of heavy cream. Shave some of the outer lemon portions and add the juice directly from the fruit. Using bottled juice will not produce the authentic flavor you hope to achieve with this recipe.

However, you could substitute lemon juice in a pinch if you don’t have a picky crowd to serve. I wouldn’t suggest altering the basic ingredient combination too much, especially if you’re honing your culinary skills.


2. Chef Ricardo’s Lemon Pancakes

He presents his passion for lemon pancakes from his Jamaican chef’s point of view. His recipe uses two instead of one egg like other batters require. It’s not a recipe for the faint-hearted, but it does provide you a taste of Caribbean cooking from his experience cooking in tourist cities.

Chef Ricardo has gained worldwide recognition, and people have crafted their own versions of his recipe to share with others. Start with this one and see what you think.


3. Lemon, Poppy and Chia Pancakes

Lemon, Poppy and Chia Pancakes

The three primary ingredients include lemon zest and lemon juice with poppy seeds. For extra fiber and protein without the excess fat, you can also add chia seeds. This recipe creates fluffy cakes with some calcium benefits too. Make it extra special with buttermilk instead of regular milk, or substitute it with one tablespoon of vinegar to mimic the buttermilk taste.


4. Basic Lemon Starter Batter

This recipe allows you to start with a basic lemon pancake batter that you can improvise. Add some chia or poppy seeds, throw in some nuts or blueberries, or whatever your imagination allows. Perhaps measure a tablespoon or two of cream cheese. This starter batter will take you places you never dreamed of when preparing a beyond ordinary breakfast.


5. Lemon with Homemade Buttermilk

Lemon with Homemade Buttermilk

Don’t deny your morning pleasure. Partake in homemade buttermilk pancakes infused with the unforgettable lemon flavor. This recipe also calls for a touch of vanilla to balance taste tones as they hit your palette. If you don’t have buttermilk, you can add regular milk and some stick butter. You can also incorporate some strawberries to liven up your sweet-and-sour morning meal routine.


6. Sarabeth’s New York Lemon Pancake Recipe

This recipe offers an “easy and light” approach to lemon pancakes. Instead of balancing the lemon with cream, this one calls for ricotta cheese. An interesting twist of this one involves adding some ginger, which always fuses well with lemon zest and juice. It only calls for one egg, which makes it a lower cholesterol recipe than others you might have tried.


7. Romantic Lemon Cheesecake Pancakes

We all need a little romance once in a while. You might have to practice this one for the “big day” because you know what they say about the first pancake. It doesn’t always turn out as rounded with the defined edges as this.

It’s a richer recipe than some because it does call for at least two eggs and 8 ounces of cream cheese. Top it with strawberries or shaved lemon zest and confectioner’s (powdered) sugar.


8. Seema of Swaad Anasaar Pancake Recipe

It seems that a balance between the tartness of lemons works comes with using honey in lemon pancake recipes. Seema of “Swaad Anasaar” comes up with an interesting “twist” (no pun intended) on the quest to make the perfect morning meal.

It’s the lemon rind and vanilla essence with butter mixed in that makes it the memorable breakfast you hoped for. The honey replaces ordinary corn or maple syrup as a topping.


9. Marion Cunningham’s Lemon Pancakes

Marion Cunningham’s Lemon Pancakes

This recipe offers a soufflé texture, and it calls for egg whites instead of the whole egg. Other primary ingredients include lemon peel and cottage cheese. The best results when making them occur when using an electric mixer, but a fast hand with a hand whisk could also do the job. Toppings preferred include plain yogurt and blueberries or strawberries.


10. Lucy Cat’s Lemon Souffle Pancakes

If you want soft, fluffy and moist pancakes, try this recipe. You can achieve this airy texture by using egg whites instead of the whole egg, and it does balance the tart lemony flavor with the vanilla extract.

This recipe calls for three egg whites, but those do not have the cholesterol as would the whole eggs with the yolk. The desired fluffy texture does come easier with an electric mixer, but you can also hand-whip the cake batter into shape for a similar feel.


11. Lemon Mascarpone Pancakes

Lemon Mascarpone Pancakes

They have a similar look and feel as lemon ricotta pancakes but with a different kind of cheese. This recipe will require a little more preparation than others because you might have to let your mascarpone cheese set in room temperature before mixing.

You also will need to separate your egg whites from the yolk to create the desired peaking texture meant for these pancakes. A berry compote also complements this recipe well.


12. “The Diet Vegan” Version

A recipe by “The Diet Vegan” came about after Lisa the host cleared out her fridge. She decided to use whatever ingredients she had to come up with her own animal- and dairy-free lemon pancakes.

Lisa added poppy seeds, but you can also see it for blueberries or have both of these ingredients. Top it with whatever vegan or vegetarian syrup or topping you’d like – no need for eggs, milk or other meat and dairy when making it.


13. Oatmeal-Lemon Pancakes

Oatmeal-Lemon Pancakes

It’s your usual pancake with a little bit of fiber added from oats. You can also add cinnamon to this lemon pancake recipe to get that homemade breakfast feel. Add some syrup, blueberries, strawberries, bananas or other topping when finished. One ingredient that makes this recipe unique besides the oatmeal is the cornmeal you can add to it.


14. The Omelet Pancake

This recipe offers the fun of folded pancakes. It’s also a fast and easy solution if you have to feed a bunch of children. If you don’t want to separate your own eggs, buy a carton of egg whites. Other than that, there’s a chance you have the ingredients for this recipe in your kitchen cabinet and refrigerator already.

Even though it is a fairly simple recipe, it does call for more of your time and supplies than other pancakes would. This one features egg whites instead of whole eggs, so it’s one that offers a fluffy rather than heavy texture. It finishes off like crepes would if you pour thin enough batter into the pans.


15. Lemon Ricotta-Blueberry Pancakes

Lemon Ricotta-Blueberry Pancakes

Just about any dairy product seems to make lemon pancakes taste almost like a cheesecake, but ricotta isn’t added just for flavor. In fact, you might not notice the cheese taste as much as the moisture it provides.

It’s almost like enjoying a rich dessert for breakfast. What a way to start the morning, and the ricotta cheese provides an interesting texture that blends well with the other ingredients in this recipe.

This one offers a version of a classic recipe topped with blueberries. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to these base ingredients. You can top it with walnuts, pecans, whipped cream or ice cream too.


16. Lemon Pancakes with Buttermilk Syrup

There are lemon pancakes, and there are buttermilk pancakes, but this recipe offers a twist. What about buttermilk syrup on pancakes? That’s slightly different than most people know but not necessarily new. Grandparents, mothers, fathers and other guardians and family members have made this for generations.

The syrup for this recipe neutralizes the acidity of the lemons while allowing your mouth to burst with flavor. Ingredients for the buttermilk syrup include vanilla, butter, baking syrup and other foods you would include in the pancakes. That’s what makes this recipe a win-win. You wouldn’t need any new supplies for the syrup than you would for the pancake recipe.


17. Lemon Blueberry Pancakes

Lemon Blueberry Pancakes

This one requires only basic pantry ingredients and the addition of blueberries. The tart and sweet tones balance each other out. Add these ingredients to the batter or as a topping or both.

Buttermilk always seems to make this recipe turn out just right, and you can customize it to suit your desired thinness or thickness. It’s okay if the batter has some lumps in it if you love chunky pancakes. However, whisk it as fast as possible to make the batter as smooth as possible for easier cooking.


18. Japanese Souffle Pancakes

It’s like traditional souffle pancakes with egg whites. However, these versions are at least an inch or two thick. It’s like a cross between angel food and a crepe. You can top them with maple syrup, honey, fruit or whatever you want. Maybe add some nuts to them. However, it only starts with seven basic ingredients, one of which is lemon juice.

It might not be what you would expect to make at breakfast when you think of pancakes, but it does offer you a simple solution. You can use this easy recipe to impress people at large gatherings, for instance.

You also might enjoy this romantic staycation recipe for just you and your partner when the children are not present if you have any. Perhaps you can deviate from this recipe and add powdered sugar and serve it as a dessert any time of the day too. Whatever you do is up to you, but just start with the ingredients listed if this is your first time making them.


19. Lemon Yogurt Pancakes

Lemon Yogurt Pancakes

Keep in mind that the Greek Yogurt added to this batter won’t give you the probiotics you need when heated. However, it does add a unique flavor similar to what you’d achieve if you add sour milk or buttermilk. It calls for whole wheat flour, but you could also use the classic white flour if you want. It’s on the rich and heavy site with perhaps more carbs than other recipes.

This lemon pancake recipe uses lemon juice, so you don’t necessarily need to grind the lemon peel for this one. However, it wouldn’t hurt if you did. It works with or without blueberry, lemon slices or strawberry toppings too. Begin with the instructions you see. Then, after a few times, try your own variations.


20. Beginner’s Lemon Pancake Recipe

This beginner’s lemon pancake recipe offers anyone the chance to start their journey to amazing pancake making. Kendi Murithi on YouTube introduces this opportunity to create the most impressive but simple breakfast. She demonstrates how to create the lemon zest you would mix into your pancakes.

It only requires common household ingredients and just a bit of determination. Maybe surprise your children, or use it when babysitting. It’s a hit with kids! There’s a good chance they’ll love this recipe.


After some time, you’ll become so good at it that you’ll begin to make your own signature lemon pancake recipe. However, try to stick to what you don’t know before you embark on what you do know. Follow the instructions given by the pancake masters presented in the above examples.

If you try a few times and feel like you’re still struggling, here’s one more tip: Heat the pan with the chosen oil or grease as high as you possibly can. Then, pour only a little bit of batter into the pan to start.

It’s making sure the temperature is hot enough to brown the batter fast but not hot enough to burn the butter or grease in the pan that makes the best pancakes.

Lemon Pancakes Recipe

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