Lodge Carbon Steel Pan In-depth Review

Both private and commercial kitchens swear by carbon steel pans due to their versatility and non-stick properties. For this reason, carbon steel pans have become must-haves. However, how do you choose the best among the numerous brands in the market? Lodge Carbon Steel Pans are touted to be one of the best but read the in-depth review below to confirm.

This article will cover

  • Lodge History
  • Features Of A Lodge Carbon Steel Pan
  • Essential Things To Know About The Lodge Carbon Steel Pan
  • Tips For Seasoning A Lodge Carbon Steel Pan

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Lodge carbon steel pan is made by Lodge Manufacturing, a company founded by Joseph Lodge in South Pittsburg, Tennessee, in 1896. It was first named the Blacklock Foundry, and it produced different pieces of cast iron cookware.

However, in 1910, the company experienced a fire outbreak, but Joseph Lodge didn’t give up on his dreams. After the fire outbreak, he started manufacturing again and named the company Lodge Cast Iron. The company survived the 1939 depression by introducing new items such as sculptures and ornaments into their existing products.

In 1973, the company created its unique logo: a simple black skillet frying a single egg. Due to its commitment to innovative technology and environmental conservation, the company was recognized for its efforts.

Lodge Manufacturing’s efforts didn’t go unnoticed. For instance, when they debuted pre-seasoned cast iron cookware in the industry, they gained more customers. With their pre-seasoned cookware, people didn’t have to go through the stress of seasoning before cooking. Besides, the innovation protected the cookware from rust.

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In 2005, Lodge began to produce enameled cast-iron cookware, which earned a lot of praise for its affordability and efficiency. To aid commercial culinary activities, the company introduced a range of tough skillets in 2013 and opened a second foundry in 2017, which increased its manufacturing capacity.  Their customer base grew larger.

The fears people had about Teflon cookware products portrayed Lodge’s products in a good light in the market. Teflon products contain PFOAs and PTFE, which destroyed health until new regulations banned them.

As such, people turned to Lodge’s products since they contained no dangerous chemicals. Today, Lodge Manufacturing has become a force to be reckoned with in the cookware industry across the globe after 100 years of operations.

Due to its affordability and efficiency, the Lodge Carbon Steel Pan is one of the most popular steel pans in the market. It is lightweight, allowing effortless maneuverability, and comes pre-seasoned.

Features Of A Lodge Carbon Steel Pan

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The Lodge Carbon Steel pan is tough and meets your cooking requirements perfectly. It can be used in both private and commercial kitchens. Below are some of the features :


The Lodge Carbon Steel Pan is very versatile. You can use it to grill, fry, roast, or sear foods. You can also cook multiple things in it simultaneously. Due to its multifunctional convection, you can use it on different stovetops, including induction, halogen, and electric cooktops, and in the oven. No matter where you place it, you can never go wrong with it.


The pan is pre-seasoned to prevent it from rusting and sticking to your food. Even though its cooking surface isn’t naturally nonstick, it becomes non-stick with time as you season it regularly (however, you should season it a bit before the first use to enhance the seasoning buildup). As such, cleaning and maintaining the pan is less stressful.


If you’re looking for a pan that can last for a long time, the Lodge Carbon Steel pan is an excellent option. It is made with heavy-gauge carbon steel, which makes it durable. However, it is lightweight to handle. You can maneuver it in the kitchen with one hand as it is lighter than a cast-iron pan.

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Heat conductivity

Another essential feature of the pan is its ability to heat up quickly. It can withstand high temperatures without its properties getting damaged, unlike non-stick pans. However, you don’t have to set your stove to high heat to prevent your food from burning. The pan also allows even distribution of heat and keeps your food warm for some time.


The Lodge carbon steel pan is made with natural and eco-friendly products. It has a rustic look, which makes it fit perfectly into many decors. It also has a long and riveted handle, making it easier to carry when the pan is hot.

It comes in different sizes, so you have to choose the pan that best meets your cooking requirement. For instance, the size of the pan you would use to bake a cake would be different from the one for baking pies.

Essential Things To Know About The Lodge Carbon Steel Pan

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Cleaning and using your Lodge Carbon Steel Pan the right way will ensure that it serves you as long as possible. Here are tips on how to clean and use the steel pan:

Clean the steel pan by hand

The Lodge Carbon Steel Pan isn’t dishwasher-safe. Putting it in the dishwasher damages the seasoning and exposes the pan to rust. Also, don’t soak the steel pan and only use a tiny amount of mild soap to wash it.

You can wash your steel pan with a non-scratch pad and warm water. For burnt food residues, boil some water in the pan for five minutes and use a pan scraper to remove it. After rinsing the pan, dry it thoroughly with a paper towel. You can apply oil evenly to the pan to protect it from rust.

Use heatproof utensils

The cooking surface of the steel pan gets very hot. Therefore, it isn’t advisable to use utensils that can withstand high heat. Only use heatproof utensils such as metal or wood. However, be careful with how you handle the utensils to scrape the seasoning off the cooking surface.

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Heat the pan gradually

When using the Lodge Carbon Steel Pan, set the stove or oven to low or medium heat. This makes the pan heats slowly, allowing even heat distribution and protecting the cooking surface.

Also, don’t dip the pan into water immediately after use. Let it cool gradually to avoid the pan getting distorted. Even though the handles are long, they can get hot depending on the amount of time your food spends on fire. Use big mitts to hold them.

Use trivets

Don’t place the hot carbon steel pan on your table or countertop directly. The heat can damage them. Instead, place a trivet on your table and put the hot steel pan on it. Trivets are usually made with stain and heatproof materials such as wood, cast iron, stone, marble, etc. Besides their function, they can be used for decorative purposes.

Tips For Seasoning A Lodge Carbon Steel Pan

The Lodge Carbon Steel Pan comes pre-seasoned with all-natural vegetable oil. This preliminary seasoning starts the process of building up a non-stick surface, which is enhanced and maintained by regular user seasoning. During seasoning, the heated fat bonds to the cooking surface and builds on the coating. With regular seasoning, your steel pan becomes jet-black like a seasoned pan.

Season before use

Before you season the carbon steel pan, ensure you remove the wax that comes with it. You can leave the wax on the exterior as it protects the pan. Warm water, mild soap, and scrubbing with a non-scratch pad will do.

Then, clean the pan with a soft cloth and heat to dry completely. After, pour in ½ cup of oil and salt and cook on medium heat.  You can use vegetables, canola, sunflower, or rapeseed oil. Avoid oils with low smoking points and strong flavors. Once the salt turns brown, discard it and clean the pan.

Only use water to clean a seasoned pan

Using soap to clean a seasoned pan can strip the pan of its seasoning. To protect the seasoning, use water to rinse the pan. You can use a soft-bristled brush if necessary. If there are burnt food residues on the cooking surface, heat oil and kosher salt in the pan to remove them. However, if you use soap, you have to re-season the pan.

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Regular seasoning

At least, you should season your Lodge Carbon Steel Pan every 6 months. Regular seasoning protects the non-stick properties of the pan and from rusting. When seasoning, ensure you wipe away the excess oil with a paper towel before you heat the pan. Extra oil will make the pan unevenly seasoned, and likely cause bumps on the cooking surface.

Restoring a rusty carbon steel pan

Not maintaining your Lodge Carbon Steel Pan will lead to it rusting with time. Don’t leave your steel pan soaked in water. Before storing the pan, apply oil evenly on the cooking surface. However, if it gets rusty, restore the pan to its original state by removing the rust by using sunflower oil and coarse salt with a soft cloth.


The Lodge Carbon Steel Pan is maneuverable, highly functional, and versatile. It is non-reactive and doesn’t impart any metallic taste into your food. It is safe from dangerous chemicals such as  PTFE and PFOA. Therefore, it is one of the best in the market. Proper use and maintenance will make it last as long as possible


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