Made In Pans In-depth Review

Made In has been making a name of its own in the field of kitchenware. Several have claimed their quality, and perhaps, people who haven’t tried them yet have questions about whether it is excellent and worth the purchase.

This Made In pans in-depth review assesses and reports how reliable Made In is.

Made In Pans History and First Impressions

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Made In is a pretty much new company, so the history of the company will be brief. Made In is a company that aims to sell good-quality kitchenware.

The company was founded in 2016 by two friends, Jake Kalick and Chip Malt. Jake has a rich family history in kitchenware spanning a hundred years, which served as his inspiration and guidance for the business.

Whether you are new to cooking or have been in the industry for a long time, Made In cookware caters to you.


At first glance, Made In pans look professional and well-made. Its edges are smooth, and the bottom is detailed as if manufactured individually by hand.

All in all, the pans look as if they were taken care of very well and full of attention. Another notable thing is the pans’ handles. They are well-shaped and are pleasing to the eye.

Their handles are sleek and stylish, giving off a nice professional look to your kitchenware.


Made In pans are also creative and eco-friendly with their tags. These tags are original and neatly designed, encouraging proper disposal and tree planting. Some of their tags come with seeds, so they grow into our plant friends when you throw them away.


As for Made In’s website, it’s only fitting to call it highly informative as it efficiently introduces and describes its products. It’s also a good addition that the website includes the reviews of their customers.

This way, it helps those new to the shop choose and assess whatever cookware they may be looking for and want to purchase. All the reviews might be good and have a chance of being filtered, but they still hold as long as they are from the customers.

When you are a new buyer, it’s always good to hear feedback about something you are planning to purchase.

Their website includes almost every information you would like to find out, like FAQs and the company’s background. Another thing is blog posts that are meant to help customers.

Made In Pans Used In Cooking

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First impressions are essential based on the more obvious things like appearance, website, etc. On the other hand, trying out the product is the best testimony and source of judgment.

Thus, apart from just assessing the appearance, it’s also good to know how the product works when put into the field of their expertise.

Made In pans work well with frying the simplest up to the more complicated ingredients. They are good with eggs and also with meat. It’s also just proper to say goodbye to wobbles when placing the pan on a flat stove.

Made In pans are created to make sure that it’s flat and just the right proportions and, most importantly, avoid wobbling and posing a risk to the cooking process.


As for the things that come with the pans, it’s entirely up to the buyer. Made In has designed its pans to accommodate lids, but one of the advantages is that you can choose to purchase a lid with the pan or opt for the ones with no lid at all.

Their website also has a section dedicated to all things about pan lids. The website describes each of the characteristics, including which lid fits what type of pan and which can be interchanged. Made in has lids for every pan except the big ones like 8” and 12”.

Made In panhandles also work like how they are supposed to. Even when cooking for long hours, the handles stay entirely cool to the touch. The handles are also very comfortable and steady, adding to the chill temperature and making the user feel secure while cooking.


Made In pans are made up of five layers (5 plies) of stainless steel partnered with an aluminum core. The aluminum in the pan improves the overall performance of the pan by improving the heat conductivity.

Made In pans are made with layers of metal that run throughout the product. This includes the sides and the base. Ply cookware is considered more premium than those with aluminum but only by the base.

Made In Pans Cost

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Made In has a rich list of pans that you can choose from. There is a wide range of pan types that you can choose from to get the best of what you need. Here are some of their products you might want to check out.

Non-stick frying pan

These pans range from $75-$99 and come with size variations you can choose from. Their non-stick pans are rated good by most buyers, and they uphold a good reputation.

These pans heat up well and distribute heat evenly, with the heat being consistent. When frying eggs, they slide smoothly without leaving any residue.

Stainless Steel Pans

Made In’s stainless steel pans are put together well and are created for efficiency. They do not just work well, but they look good in the kitchen, too, making it the total package in terms of pans.

The pans heat up evenly, ensuring uniform cooking. However, they may not be as easy to clean as non-stick pans.—Sauciers from Made In are priced at $99.

Carbon Steel Frying Pans

These pans come in different sizes depending on your preference, and prices range from $69 to $89. This pan’s heat retention is similar to cast iron, non-stick element, and seasoning.

In addition, these pans also possess qualities of stainless steel, including cooking speed, heat control, and lightweight.

Saucier (Stainless Clad)

A saucier pan is typically used in cooking different types of sauces. Made In’s sauciers look durable and are also durable in actuality. The sauciers are created in a way that allows for secure cooking.

Handles and everything attached to it is in their places and sturdy. Their sauciers are $99 each.


Made in also provides cookware sets that you can choose from. These sets are perfect if you want a quick outfit for your kitchen.

Sets are also excellent if you wish your kitchenware to match. Perhaps, you have a theme going on for your kitchen; then, a set would be good for you. Made In has a range of sets to choose from.

Pros and Cons of Made In Pans

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Made In pans are beautifully designed and are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. They offer pan sets that can dress up your kitchen quickly and according to your liking.

The pans are built well for their jobs as they are durable and efficient. Another thing about their design is it does exactly what it’s for. There is no wasted detail, except for the creative touches in the pan.


Due to their excellent design, Made In pans are versatile and suitable for a variety of cooking techniques. They are oven-safe, compatible with any cooktop, and so on.


Many buyers prefer it if they know where their pans came from and even opt for those who tell the story of the process.

Made In makes sure that their customers know about the process in which their kitchenware undergoes and the place where manufacturing takes place.

Thus, transparency is a plus if you prefer your kitchenware to be from a particular area. Additionally, kitchenware manufactured in the U.S. is typically rare and, if so, can be very expensive.

Made In sells cookware made in the U.S. but at a lower price because they sell their products directly to their buyers.

Customer service and information

Made In’s customer support is constructive. They are very willing to address any problem or concern you might have regarding their products. Their website also assists their customers well and has a lot of insightful things to offer.

Separate lids!

It’s rare to find a cookware store that sells their lids separately, so this is one of the more significant pros of Made In pans.

Cons Price

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Made In pans can be cheaper for many buyers, but they can also be expensive for many. Thus, the price can be one of the disadvantages when purchasing this cookware. However, a suitable pan is an investment, and if you can buy more than what you pay for, then it’s worth it.


The sets can be a bit of a turnoff, especially if you buy carelessly. Always check what’s included in the set and make sure you need or want everything that’s included.

Many buyers tend to be disappointed because they might have bought something they didn’t need. Again, it’s essential to read and inquire.


This Made In pans in-depth review is to help you choose whether you might like to try them out or not. Purchase accompanies learning, so reading about them is not genuinely sufficient.

Of course, reading and researching are helpful, but first-hand experiences are still the best. People have different likes and dislikes, so who knows? Perhaps Made In pans are for you or not.

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