Matfer Carbon Steel Pan In-depth Review

If you’re looking for a workhorse pan to add to your kitchen, consider buying carbon steel pans. They are versatile, durable, and lightweight with smooth cooking surfaces.

However, you can only enjoy these benefits and more if you buy high-quality carbon steel pans. Matfer carbon steel pans are one of the many brands available. What makes them different? Read the in-depth review below.

This article will cover

  • History
  • Characteristics of Matfer Carbon Steel Pans
  • Differences Between Matfer Carbon Steel Pan and Lodge Carbon Steel Skillet
  • Essential Things To Know About Matfer Carbon Steel Pans

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Matfer carbon steel pans are made by a family-owned French company, Matfer Bourgeat. Matfer Bourgeat was founded by Adrien Bourgeat in 1918 and only produced kitchenware for the domestic market until 1981. In 1981, it started producing kitchenware for institutional and commercial catering services.

In 2002, Matfer joined Bourgeat to become the Matfer Bourgeat Group. Matfer is a company that was founded in 1814 in Normandy, France. It is known for the excellence of service it provides.

It used to develop and design small kitchen equipment before it merged with Bourgeat. Both companies currently have over 15 000 cookware and bakeware products in both local and international markets together.  

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They are present in four continents and at the forefront of providing professional tools and technologies to commercial kitchens all over the world. They also supply luxury hotels, catering services, restaurants, culinary schools, etc. with pastry and bakery utensils. They pride themselves in being one of the companies whose expertise covers the pastry, bakery, and restaurant sectors. 

Each year, they innovate many kitchen products based on design, functionality, and ergonomics. They believe that consumers should be able to use their products without any inconvenience. Since the kitchen is a significant area in the home, it should be furnished with products that make it ergonomic.

They work with kitchen professionals such as hoteliers, chefs, etc., during their production processes. In addition, they are compliant with international standards on meal distribution and hygiene.

matfer bourgeat carbon steel

They are committed to obeying food safety rules while producing utensils that preserve foods’ natural flavors. You can buy their products directly from their website or long-term partners. They also have staff who help with delivering the products to your door. 

Matfer Bourgeat products are popular because they are high-performing, versatile, durable, and affordable. They comprise some of the finest kitchen items in the world.

Even though their products are mainly for commercial kitchen markets, you can use some of them in your home as well. For instance, they have carbon steel pans that are high-quality, sturdy, and moderately weighted. 

Characteristics of Matfer Carbon Steel Pans

Matfer carbon steel pans are different from the usual non-stick pans in the market. Some of their qualities are listed below.


Also, Matfer carbon steel pans are classically designed. The handles are flat and slightly concave, which allows a better grip of the pan. They are welded to the pan, which provides more security when gripping the pan.

Also, the handles make it easy to saute or stir your dishes and are long enough not to get hot while the pan is on heat. The cooking surfaces are high-walled to prevent your food from slipping over but sloppy enough to allow easy access. The pans are elegant as well; you can display them in your kitchen.

matfer bourgeat carbon steel pan

Even cooking

Matfer carbon steel pans are designed to conduct heat quickly. They can withstand high heat temperature and distribute heat evenly across their cooking surfaces too. This reduces your cook time and energy bill. Also, they are good at retaining heat.


Another prominent feature of the Matfer carbon steel pan is its non-stick and smooth cooking surfaces which prevent your food from sticking. They are free from dangerous chemicals such as PFOA, PTFE, etc. 

Regular seasoning also helps to protect the non-stick coating on their cooking surfaces. The pans are forgiving as well. The cooking surfaces don’t get damaged when accidentally scratched. All you need is to clean the pan and season it. 


Matfer carbon steel pans are of good weight. They are thinner than cast iron pans but more efficient. For this reason, they are easy to control in the kitchen. You won’t have to drop them because you are fatigued from carrying them. 


If you’re looking for versatile carbon steel pans, Matfer carbon steel pans are the perfect models. They can be used on different cooktops, including induction cooktops or in other cooking mediums. They can also cook different dishes and be used for different cooking methods such as browning or grilling foods, baking desserts, etc. 

Matfer carbon steel pans come in nine different sizes, so you can get both small and large ones for your kitchen.

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Differences Between Matfer Carbon Steel Pan and Lodge Carbon Steel Skillet

There are many carbon steel pan brands in the market, but the one that comes close to Matfer’s carbon steel pan is the Lodge carbon steel skillet. TThe lodge is an American cookware company founded by Joseph Lodge in 1896 in South Pittsburg, Tennessee.

It is one of the oldest cookware companies in America. Just like Matfer, Lodge has a wide range of products. Below are some of the differences between Matfer carbon steel pan and Lodge Carbon Steel Skillet.


Both pans can be used for indoor and outdoor use and different cooking methods. You can use them to grill, deep-fry, roast, etc., your food. They both have non-stick properties which prevent food from sticking to them.

However, Lodge carbon steel skillets, just like Matfer carbon steel pans, can also be used in the oven or placed on direct heat.


Both pans have a sturdy and sleek build. The Matfer carbon steel pans have flat and slightly concave handles, which are welded onto the pan and allow a better grip. Since the handles are welded into the pan, there is no space for germs.

The Lodge carbon steel skillets have strong silicone handles, which make the pans comfortable to lift. However, the handles are riveted onto the pan. This leaves space between the pan’s body and the handles for germs, food crumbs, etc. Besides, the handles have a rough texture and can be too hot to hold. 

Matfer Carbon Steel Pan and Lodge Carbon Steel Skillet


Both pans’ coatings are free from dangerous chemicals. The more you season both pans, the better they perform. However, the layer of the cooking surfaces of Lodge carbon steel pans is prone to chipping and rusting. As such, the Matfer carbon steel pans are healthier for cooking.


The Matfer carbon steel pans come in nine different sizes, which are more than the different sizes of the Lodge carbon steel skillets. You can choose as many as you want from the various options.

Although both Matfer and Lodge brands have their strengths and weaknesses, the Matfer carbon steel pans are the better of the two.

Essential Things To Know About Matfer Carbon Steel Pans

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Just like with every other cookware, the Matfer carbon steel pans have to be properly maintained. Here are some essential things to know about the pans :


The best time to clean your Matfer carbon steel pan is after cooking. However, let the pan cool off a bit before you place it in water. Due to the pan’s non-stick coating, food releases from the cooking surface quickly, so the cleanup is easy. The pan isn’t dishwasher-safe, so you have to hand-wash it. 

Coated with beeswax

matfer bourgeat black steel seasoning

The Matfer carbon steel pans are coated with beeswax to protect both the exterior and interior parts. However, you have to remove the wax before use. To do so, heat the pan until the beeswax melts, then wipe it off. Subsequently, wash the pan thoroughly using warm, soapy water and a dishcloth.

After, use a soft towel to dry the pan thoroughly. Ensure you season the pan before your first use. Oils with a high smoke point, such as vegetable oil, are best for seasoning your pan.

Rub the cooking surface with oil from edge to edge and heat the pan until the oil reaches its smoke point. After it cools down, wipe off the excess oil. After the first use, you have to season your Matfer carbon steel pan throughout its lifetime. 


If you want to enjoy cooking with your Matfer carbon steel pans, you have to season them regularly. Seasoning strengthens the non-stick properties of the pan and maintains its appearance. Besides, you can use the pan for cooking different dishes.

matfer bourgeat pan

Dull cooking surface

Your Matfer carbon steel pan should have a shiny, black cooking surface if it is regularly and adequately seasoned. If the seasoning is too much, the cooking surface will look rough. If the seasoning isn’t enough, the cooking surface might start to stick. You have to ensure the seasoning is adequate, which is often typified by a shiny cooking surface.


The Matfer carbon steel pan is designed in such a way that leaves no space for bacteria. For instance, the handle is welded onto the pan, so the chances of sanitation issues are low, unlike other cookware, which has a riveted handle that leaves space for germs and food crumbs.


The Matfer carbon steel pans are one of the best brands in the market. They are safe, sturdy, functional, and ergonomic. They preserve your foods’ natural taste. If you want to try using a carbon steel pan for the first time or get replacements for your steel pans, consider buying the Matfer carbon steel pans.


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  1. Observations on some of the comments you make in this article:
    1.”However, Lodge carbon steel skillets can’t be used in the oven or placed on direct heat, unlike Matfer carbon steel pans. Direct heat or oven use destroys Lodge skillet’s properties.”
    Untrue (at best, possibly absurd depending on which properties of low carbon steel you are referring to)
    2. “However, the layer of the cooking surfaces of Lodge carbon steel pans is prone to chipping and rusting. As such, the Matfer carbon steel pans are healthier for cooking.”
    Not sure what you are referring to by (layer of cooking surface)? The rough texture is from the sand mold and my show a surface scratch either. Chipping? In either case, scratch through the seasoning & you get rust so not sure how a rusty Matfer is healthier.
    Note: I think the Matfer is the better pan. I also like sources of accurate information.

  2. I find it interesting that you compare Matfer pans with Lodge carbon steel pans instead of the only true pan they should be compared with: De Buyer. De Buyer is also a French cookware manufacturer. Their pans are not pre-seasoned like Lodge. Their pans come with a coating that must be removed, same as Matfer. I have both Matfer and De buyer pans and both are excellent. I do prefer the Matfer mainly because their handles don’t have a coating like De Buyer does, so they can go in the oven at high temperatures, and and no rivets. Matfer handles are welded thus easier to clean.

    • Hi Douglas,

      Thank you for bringing up the De Buyer comparison! You’re absolutely right. De Buyer is indeed a renowned French cookware manufacturer🥰🥰🥰


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