Misen Carbon Steel Pan In-depth Review

Carbon steel pans are considered premium cookware because of their excellent features.  In both private and commercial kitchens, carbon steel pans are the favorite of many people. However, many carbon steel pan brands are available in the market, and Misen is one of them. What makes Misen different from other brands? Read the in-depth review below.

This article will cover

  • Misen History
  • Characteristics of Misen Carbon Steel Pans
  • Differences Between Misen Carbon Steel Pans and Other Steel Pans
  • Essential Things To Know About Misen Carbon Steel Pans

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Misen History

Misen carbon steel pan is made by Misen, a company founded by Omar Rada in 2015 in Shanghai, China. “Misen” comes from “mise en place,” a culinary term that is translated as “to put in place.” Misen came to be when the founder, Omar Rada, wanted to replace a pan his friend had lost and was shocked to see it was expensive.

Even though the pan wasn’t low-quality, the price was unjustifiably outrageous. As such, Omar decided to start his cookware brand to provide premium kitchen tools at affordable prices. He believes that good cookware enhances your cooking experience and inspires you to cook.

Misen expanded from launching one chef knife to having a wide range of sauciers, roasting pans, saute pans, carbon steel pans, non-stick pans, stainless steel skillets, cookware sets, etc., and regularly launching new kitchen products.

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They are committed to providing premium kitchen tools. They use high-quality materials and thoughtfully design all of their products. Their products undergo many tests before they are made available to the public at lower prices.

They sell directly to the consumer, so their products are only available on their website to prevent third-party sellers from exploiting buyers. Due to the premium quality cookware, they offer at low prices, Misen products have become popular among many young people.

Misen carbon steel pan is made with a plasma primer, three-layer DuPont Platinum coating, and thick aluminum bottom. The platinum coating and aluminum base are free from perfluorooctanoic (PFOA) acid, a chemical that repels oil and water.

It has adverse effects on health such as cancer, liver and kidney diseases, high cholesterol, abnormal blood pressure during pregnancy, thyroid problems, etc. It is considered one of the most dangerous fluorinated chemicals in the world.

In light of this, Misen carbon steel pans are safe for health. They have multiple layers on the interior and exterior; this makes them highly durable and excellent heat conductors. Misen products come with a free 60-day return policy that allows you to test the pan and a lifetime guarantee for a replacement.

Characteristics of Misen Carbon Steel Pans

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Cast iron steel pans are durable and excellent heat retainers, but they are poor heat conductors and quite challenging to handle. Stainless steel pans are lighter but are poor heat conductors and easily get discolored. Misen carbon steel pans are combinations of the benefits of both cast iron and stainless steel pans.


Misen carbon steel pans are made from carbon steel which is more versatile than cast iron. The pans have a 99:1 iron to carbon ratio. They have the durability and flexibility of stainless steel pans and are lighter than cast iron pans.

They have a durable construction with iron and carbon, making them robust and highly heat conductive. Therefore, silicone handles, can withstand up to 500°F in the oven and 900°F without the silicone handles.


Misen carbon steel pans have unique and classic designs. They look similar to the pans used in trendy restaurant kitchens. Their exteriors are sleek, and their lines are clean. They fit both traditional and modern kitchen decor. They have ergonomic handles with detachable silicone grips and tall sides, which prevent food from falling over. They also have broad cooking surface areas, which provide more space for your food without getting crowded.

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Another major feature of Misen carbon steel pans is their lightweight nature. They are easy to handle, so you won’t get fatigued from using them in the kitchen. If you love utility, Misen carbon steel pans are excellent options.

Not dishwasher-safe

Putting the pans in the dishwasher or soaking them exposes them to rust. The dishwasher breaks down the seasoning of the steel pans, thereby damaging its non-stick properties.  Also, you shouldn’t clean your Misen carbon steel pans with harsh cleaning agents. Gentle cleaning with warm water, mild soap, and a non-metallic sponge will do.


Due to their construction, Misen carbon steel pans are naturally non-stick and can be seasoned. They can retain polymerized oil, and over time, this oil forms a nonstick layer that prevents food from sticking to the pans and protects the pans from moisture.

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Differences Between Misen Carbon Steel Pans and Other Steel Pans

Misen carbon steel pans aren’t the only carbon steel pans in the market. There are many brands, but the one that comes close to Misen is Made In. Made In is a cookware brand founded by childhood friends Jake Kalick and Chip Matt in 2016 in America.

Just like Misen, it provides affordable products and sells directly to consumers. Below are some of the differences between the two brands.


Misen pans are designed to prevent the food from falling over while on heat, either you are boiling or braising, while Made In pans are shallow with flared arms.  However, the interior and exterior of both pans are made of stainless steel. Between the two, Misen pans are more beautifully designed.


Misen carbon steel pans are thicker than Made In carbon steel pans. This makes a Misen carbon steel pan sturdier, quickly absorbs heat, and maintains a hot temperature. They are made of combinations of five separate metal layers with an aluminum core which ensures there is even transfer and distribution of heat.

On the other hand, Made In carbon steel pans are made with five bonded, thick metals to guard against corrosion and enhance durability. Between the two, Misen pans are more durable and absorb heat better.

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Made-In pans have brushed handles that don’t show your fingerprints or smudges, while the handles of Misen pans are made with polished stainless steel. As such, smudges and fingerprints are visible on them. Even though both handles are effective, Made In carbon steel handles can be uncomfortable sometimes when you want to grip them.


Another difference between Misen and Made In carbon steel pans is their prices. Both cut off third-party retailers as they sell directly to consumers via their websites. For this reason,  their prices are lower. However, Made In carbon steel pans are more expensive than Misen carbon steel pans.

Although both brands have their strengths and weaknesses, the Misen carbon steel pan is the better choice between them because of its excellent quality.

Essential Things To Know About Misen Carbon Steel Pans

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As with most high-quality cookware, the Misen carbon steel pan requires proper care and attention to function at its peak. Here are essential things to know about the pans:

Coated in beeswax

It is important to note that Misen carbon steel pans are coated in beeswax for protection. You have to clean it before use. In a sink, run hot water over the pan and use a non-abrasive brush to scrub away the beeswax.

Ensure you clean the bottom too. After, dry the pan thoroughly, and season it. To do this,  you need seasoning wax or cooking oil such as canola oil, vegetable oil, etc., and paper towels. After the first use, regularly clean the carbon steel pan. Don’t use ingredients like butter, bacon, or olive oil to season your carbon steel pan. Don’t worry if your seasoning looks blotchy or uneven.

Cooking with your pan

The more you cook with your Misen carbon steel pans, the more its non-stick surfaces get strengthened. One of the first things you will notice is that your pan will develop its patina. However, don’t expect different steel pans to have the same patina. Each pan, with its patina, is unique. Besides, the patina’s look doesn’t matter as much as its function.

Storing your pan

If you want to store your pan, clean it gently with warm water and a non-metallic sponge—don’t place it in the dishwasher or use soap if you don’t want to re-season it. Ensure you dry it and heat it on the stove. You can put a few drops of oil into the pan when it’s hot. After some seconds, bring it down from your cooktop and wipe off the excess oil before you store it.

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Sticky or rough pan

If your pan feels rough or sticky due to over-seasoning, it’s important to address it as this can affect your cooking experience. You can use warm water to wash off the excess seasoning. Dry the pan thoroughly and heat it till the smoke point. Use a soft cloth to wipe off any extra oil.  When seasoning, always use little oil so that your pan will have a matte sheen instead of being sticky.


Carbon steel pans are essential cookware in your kitchen because of their versatility and non-stick properties. If you are looking to replace your steel pans or want to try using a steel pan for the first time, consider buying Misen carbon steel pans. They are healthy and make cooking easier, better, and more pleasant.


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