12 Best Pan Con Pollo Recipes to Try Out

Are you in the mood for some Pan con Pollo? Well, you do not have to search far and wide anymore. We have compiled Pan con Pollo recipes for you to try out. We do not only have one or two. We have a total of 12 Pan con Pollo recipes!

Without further delay, let us get on with this delicious dish.

What is Pan Con Pollo?

panes con pollo recipe

Before we start, let us briefly discuss what Pan con Pollo is in the first place. Pan con Pollo might be popular with many, but it could confuse some. Do not worry. We got you.

One of the reasons some get confused by what Pan con Pollo is is because it goes by many names. Three people might be talking about this dish, but not be sure because of how they call it.

Pan con Pollo also goes by Panes con Pollo, Panes Relleno, Panes con Gallina and many more. As you can see, if you are not that familiar with the language or the dish, it could be easy to mix them up.

Usually, the recipe of Pan con Pollo includes bread, vegetable, and chicken. However, the chicken gets replaced at times. Some would still call the dish Pan con Pollo, but some would change the name entirely. An example, if you decided to use turkey instead of chicken, some would still call it a Pan con Pollo while others would already refer to it as Pan con Povo.

Today, Pan con Pollo is made with different ingredients in various ways. You do not have to worry. There is no right or wrong way to bring this dish to life. With that, let us go ahead and check the different recipes we have.

12 Pan Con Pollo Recipes to Try Out

As we have already mentioned, there are different ingredients you can use to make a Pan con Pollo. To avoid any mix-up we have grouped the recipes into three different categories. However, you might want to keep in mind that you can switch things up. If you like a recipe in the turkey group but prefer to use chicken, feel free to do so. With all of that cleared up, let us get this show on the road.


Earlier, we mentioned that Pan con Pollo has three main ingredients. Bread and vegetables are usually a staple. The meat part is the one often changed.

Chicken is probably the most common among all the meats used for Pan con Pollo, so let us start with this one.

1. Wanna Bite’s

pan de gallina

If you want to go for the traditional, you might want to try Wanna Bite’s version of the Pan con Pollo. This recipe is not particular with any bread unlike other Pan con Pollo recipes, so feel free to take your pick!

This recipe breaks up the process into making the sauce, handling the cabbage, and taking care of the chicken, making it easy to follow.


2. This Is Us

What is interesting about this recipe is that she marinates her chicken. As you will see in a bit, not all recipes include this step. Again, Pan con Pollo is done differently in different areas. There is no right or wrong way to do it.

If you want some really flavorful chicken, you might want to opt for this recipe instead.


3. TfRecipes

pan con pollo

As you might have already noticed, Pan con Pollo could require many ingredients. It could be hard to gather everything at once.

If you want to make a Pan con Pollo, maybe you would like to try out this one first. It does not have as many ingredients as other recipes. Additionally, this recipe is easy to follow!


4. Nancy Tobar


This recipe is like many others. However, maybe what sets it apart is how it shows you exactly how to put the whole thing together. Remember, this dish has a lot of ingredients in it. You cannot just chuck everything in the bread. If you already have everything ready but not sure how to put them together, you might want to check this one out.


5. Stephaniee2

salvadoran pan con pollo

As you might have seen with the previous recipes, tomato sauce is a thing among many Pan con Pollo recipes. Personally, I am not into tomato sauce that much. If you are like me and you are not that big of a fan of tomato sauce, then you might want to check this recipe out.


6. Concina Y Paladar

If you are looking for a recipe that will guide you from start to finish, then you might want to check out Concina Y Paladar’s recipe and tutorial. You might have seen this recipe and tutorial before but in Spanish. Well, surprise, surprise! This one has been translated, making it easier to follow.


7. Food

panes de pollo salvadoreños

Pan con Pollo and the Torta are sometimes used to describe the same dish. Some are opposed to this as the two may look similar, but they are still different.

However, you might like this Salvadoran twist to the Mexican dish. You can even change the meat. That is true for many recipes here, but we thought it would be fun to customize this one.


8. Isabella’s Quick Recipes

This one will be our last Pan con Pollo recipe that uses chicken. It may be the last in this group, but it is not in last place in terms of flavor.

Maybe what is interesting in this one is the addition of beets to the recipe. If you have been checking out the different recipes, you might have noticed that beets are not always employed.


After chicken, turkey is probably the next most common meat used for Pan con Pollo. However, you might be confused as some would already call those recipes using turkey as Pan con Povo. We still consider recipes using turkey as Pan con Pollo, but we have grouped them here to avoid confusion.

9. Domesticating Mom

salvadoran chicken sandwich

Now, we are in the realm of the turkey!

If you want some twist to the standard way, you might want to give this recipe a shot. The first twist is that it uses turkey instead of chicken. The other twist? If you are a fan of spicy food, you might favor this one a little better than the others.


10. Cooking with Gloria

If you are looking for a different way to make a Pan con Pollo with turkey, you might want to turn to this recipe.

Also, one interesting feature of this recipe is that it includes potatoes and celery. If you have checked out the recipes above, potato and celery are not usually part of the recipe.


11. 196 Flavors

panes con pollo salvadoreños

Still not feeling any of the turkey Pan con Pollo recipes we listed above? Do not worry. This one might do the trick.

Do you like pickled vegetables? If so, you might want to give this one a go. While other recipes cook or use the vegetables without cooking, the veggies in this one get pickled.


Earlier, we said that a variety of ingredients could be used to make Pan con Pollo. If you are interested to know what other things you can use to make a Pan con Pollo, this one might be for you.

Again, the following might have different names for other people. However, we will consider them a variation of a Pan con Pollo here.

12. Rated V for Vegan

Now, if you are vegan or maybe even a mushroom lover like me, you would want to take this vegan take on the Pan con Pollo. Instead of using chicken or turkey, the star of this show is trumpet mushrooms. You might be surprised, but when you shred them, these mushrooms look like real meat!

Beef? Pork?

You might be wondering where the beef and pork are at this point. After all, we talked about chicken, turkey and then went straight to a vegan variety. Well, to be honest, beef or pork variations of Pan con Pollo are not as popular or perhaps not traditionally associated with this dish. If there is, the beef and pork varieties are not that popular.

However, we are not going to let you down just like that. We might not have found a beef or pork Pon con Pollo, but we have these two dishes that might tickle your fancy.

Pan Con Bistec

Pan Con Bistec

Do not let the name deceive you! This dish may sound like the beef version of Pan con Pollo, but they came from different places. The Pan con Pollo is a Salvadoran dish. On the other hand, Pan con Bistec is a Cuban dish. However, it does not mean you are not in for a tasty treat with this one! The process for making these two dishes are also slightly the same. If you want a beef imitation of the real thing, this recipe might just be it.

Pan Con Lechon

Pan Con Lechon

Again, this recipe might have a similar name to Pan con Pollo, but it still is not one. This dish is a favorite down in South Florida. Not quite similar with the Pan con Pollo, but if you are craving a pork sandwich, this might be the way to go.

Are these dishes still not to your liking? Earlier, we said that the Pan con Pollo has taken on different faces. Various recipes and methods have emerged throughout the years and across the globe.

If you want a Pan con Pollo with beef or pork instead of chicken or turkey, you could most probably follow one of the recipes we have listed above and change the main ingredient to the meat you prefer.

Are You Sure?

By now, you might ask if the recipes we have talked about are really Pan con Pollo recipes. Well, that depends on who you ask.

A quick Google search would tell you that Pan con Pollo literally translates to bread with chicken. If we take that, there should only be one star on this dish – the chicken.

However, as we have said earlier, some have grown accustomed to using either chicken or turkey for the dish. Some have even put their twist and made their own Pan con Pollo using unheard ingredients for the recipe. Different regions, cultures, and ultimately, individuals have kept the core of this dish. However, many have adapted to using various ingredients and methods in preparing this dish.

For one, it was not always this easy to cook this dish. It took effort. Lots of it! Today, with all the advancements, it would not be uncommon to see food processors and such being part of the process. So, if we are going to be strictly technical, many recipes will not qualify as authentic Pan con Pollo recipes. So, again, to answer the question, we think these recipes qualify as Pan con Pollo recipes. (However, if you do have a friend or family member with a long-standing Pan con Pollo recipe, we are not sure they would approve!)


There you have it! 12 Pan con Pollo recipes.

Who knew? There are so many ways to make Pan con Pollo! Are you looking for a classic or something with a twist? You do not have to worry. There is a recipe out there to satisfy your cravings.

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We’ll see you there!


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