29 Best Sheet Pan Brownie Recipes

Brownies have been a favorite dessert for both kids and grown-ups. It has been a popular snack for both regular snack time and leisurely occasions. Offer some brownies and almost everyone will be eager to try them. Is it a cookie? Is it cake? It’s a whole other genre! Here are 29 sheet pan brownie recipes you can try.

1. Sheet pan brownie thins

Sheet pan brownie thins

These brownies don’t require much effort as they only require a few important things from your kitchen. These thin brownies will make each bite a delectable experience.

For brownie lovers, the unique and wonderful combination of the thin and chewy features makes it a unique and wonderful experience. If you opt for something that is not so overwhelming or something that isn’t over-indulging, this recipe might be for you.


2. Dark brownies – The go-to brownies

This recipe will take your simple brownie recipe to a whole new level. This go-to recipe is something that can be easily prepared. Meaning, there’s not much high maintenance equipment at work. Besides, who doesn’t love a good dark chocolate recipe? These brownies have a thin layer of soft caramel. It’s indeed a topping you won’t quite forget so easily.


3. Going simple with simple sheet pan brownies

Going simple with simple sheet pan brownies

This recipe will result in a crusty, cookie-esque brownie. generous amount of chocolate in the recipe allows for a gooey a So, if you are one for crunchy exteriors with gooey interiors, this is the brownie recipe for you. This recipe is very useful when you are cooking for a large group of people. However, if you’re baking for personal stash, this is also a go-to recipe.


4. Big batch brownies – The more, the merrier

Do you need to cook for a large crowd and you have no experience in baking large batches of brownies? This recipe might be the help and guidance that you need. Brownies that are cooked in large batches are not short of the deliciousness a pan of a few brownies offers. It’s important to not compromise flavor, even when cooking larger batches of brownies.


5. 8-Flavor sheet pan brownies – A parade of treats

8-Flavor sheet pan brownies

It’s good to stick to the original, but sometimes, trying funkier, colorful, and things out of the ordinary can take you to pretty places, just like in this recipe. This recipe throws the “normal” in brownies out the window. This incorporates colorful decorations and toppings along with the fudgy brownies everybody loves. Life is always a little bit better because of the colorful twists and turns.


6. Ultimate Fudge Brownies – Thick and mouthwatering

A lot of people prefer fudgy brownies, but sometimes it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact level of fudge that would satisfy them. Perhaps, these fudgy brownie recipes will hit that note for you. This recipe makes sure that every bite will be soft and fudgy, and that the chocolate bursts with flavor without being too sweet for your taste.


7. Sheet pan fudgy chocolate brownies

Sheet pan fudgy chocolate brownies

This recipe will be something you won’t quite get enough of. This recipe makes the kind of brownies that look simple but will definitely keep you coming back for more. This is suitable for storing in the fridge for later use and even sharing at a party. Whenever you need some, just pop into your fridge and they’re there.


8. Fudgy and crackly top brownies

For those who love the crispness of the tops of baked goods, this brownie recipe might be the one for you. This recipe makes sure that you get the desired crunch on top of these babies while keeping them chewy in the middle. These brownies are neither too moist nor too dry; they offer you a combination of texture that is delectable yet quite easy to achieve.


9. Purple yam brownies – Your purple fairies

Purple yam brownies

Do you love purple yams or perhaps want to try what they are all about? Well, be the guest as this recipe explores and emphasizes the magic that is purple yam. Purple yam has made a name for itself in terms of desserts. They have been an anticipated ingredient, whether it be ice cream, cakes, cookies, or many more. They’re even being showcased as the main ingredient in brownies!


10. Festive brownies – It’s a holiday kind of day

Are you looking for a brownie recipe to add to your holiday recipes? This might be it! This recipe incorporates an emphasis on collaboration, of creativity, and good taste. These brownies are taken to another level, not just in taste but also in visual presentation. These brownies are perfect for the holiday season!


11. Java brownies

Java brownies

If you love coffee and chocolate, then you must love the combination of both in one recipe! This recipe offers a beautiful combination of coffee and chocolate that java lovers love. The bitter, sweet, and chocolatey goodness is something you won’t get enough of. This recipe is not too sweet nor too bitter, so the flavors get along well with each other.


12. Strawberry brownies – Berry delicious

If you are up for a fruity and strawberry recharge, you will like these brownies. Strawberry has been one of the favorites when it comes to flavors. Surprise! Strawberry brownies are a thing too. These pretty pink chunks of goodness will surely add a dash of color to your plate of goodness. Now you will be able to have the strawberry goodness in a fudgy brownie form.


13. Mocha brownies

Mocha brownies

Another recipe worth trying, especially for people who love dark chocolate and coffee! This recipe will surely steal the spotlight.

This recipe emphasizes the chocolatey goodness of the brownie while incorporating just the right amount of mocha flavor into the batch. These espresso-infused goodies are surely a showstopper for adults who also love desserts. Espresso and chocolate in one dessert? Why not?


14. Coffee brownies – Don’t mind if I do

Who wouldn’t love that dose of caffeine in the form of brownies? For coffee lovers out there, this might be the perfect recipe for you. This recipe gives a new way of enjoying coffee as well as a new way of tasting brownies, which are commonly made with pure chocolate. The bittersweet taste is something coffee lovers crave, and there’s no need to go anywhere as it is right here.


15. Fudgy mocha brownies

Fudgy mocha brownies

What’s better than mocha brownies? Yes! Fudgy mocha brownies. As much as a lot of people love crunchy biscuits and cookies, many go weak for fudgy brownies. So, why not have both mocha flavor and fudginess in one recipe? This recipe emphasizes the good kind of fudge partnered with the goodness of mocha flavor.


16. Peanut butter brownies – Nutty Goodness

Peanut butter lovers out there will surely enjoy this nutty brownie recipe. This recipe will surely fill your kitchen with an amazing smell. It’s nutty and chocolatey at the same time. Nuts and chocolate could never go wrong, especially in brownies. With the right sweetness and nutty flavor, this recipe is bound to steal your heart.


17. Caramel brownies – Hmm Hmm Caramel!

Caramel brownies

This recipe emphasizes the caramel goodness readily available. These brownies have chocolate chips, crunchy walnuts, and, of course, gooey caramel. It is a combination of a lot of good things that go very well together. There’s not a single boring bite with this recipe. You get all the nutty goodness, gooey caramel sweetness, and chocolate chips all in one bite-sized snack!


18. Peanut-stuffed brownies

Who doesn’t love a surprise filling after a bite of dessert? This recipe takes chocolate brownies to a whole new level by incorporating the nutty goodness of peanut butter. This is a peanut butter lover’s dream. It is filled and topped with peanut butter and chocolate chips. This recipe resembles that of a peanut butter cup. If you love those things, then you will surely love them.


19. Salted caramel brownies – Good stuffed

Salted caramel brownies

Sweet and salty? This recipe has got you covered. Getting the sweet and salty goodness along with the perfect gooey texture will surely make your day. The salted caramel incorporated into the dish can be quite a challenge when dividing, but nevertheless, these babies are just as mouthwatering. You are free to add whatever topping you would like to have.


20. Red Velvet brownies

These red brownies are about to blow your mind. This recipe is designed to achieve the fudgiest texture out there. Fudgy but just enough fudgy not to overwhelm your mouth with thickness. These delicious treats are a good addition to your dessert spread or baking repertoire. For presentation and flavor, you can top the brownies with fruity candies or desserts.


21. Chocolate Cheesecake brownies

Chocolate Cheesecake brownies

The first and foremost question is, who doesn’t love cheesecake? Well, if you love cheesecake and cream cheese, this recipe is perfect for you. Chocolate and cheesecake? Don’t mind if you do.

This recipe creates a beautiful chocolate fudge-like brownie at the bottom and a slightly tangy and light cheesecake topping. Again, you can top the cheesecake with thin lines of chocolate syrup or any desired topping.


22. Red velvet cream cheese swirl

Another recipe touched by the magic of cream cheese! This satisfies the craving for both red velvet brownies and cheesecake. Why not take a bite from the combination of these good flavors? This recipe creates a nice and fudgy red velvet bottom topped with a slightly tangy and light cheesecake. These brownies are perfect for the holiday season because of the color they contribute.


23. Philadelphia marbled brownies

Philadelphia marbled brownies

This recipe takes your classic chocolatey, fudgy brownies and combines them with sweet Philadelphia cream cheese. This visual pleaser is not only good to look at but also good to eat and munch on. This recipe is quick and easy and can be prepared in more or less 20 minutes. Another great way to enjoy chocolate and cream cheese.


24. Marshmallow brownies – A soft bed of goodness

If you haven’t heard of marshmallow brownies, then you should definitely try and take a look at this recipe. Brownie goodness has reached new heights in flavor combinations.

This recipe takes a nice, tasty, and fudgy layer of brownie, tops it with mounds of marshmallows (according to your preference), and finishes up by drizzling more chocolate. It’s a chocolate and marshmallow party.


25. Greek yogurt browniesGreek yogurt brownies

These brownies are good for people who are watching their weight. These brownies are designed to be sugar free and low in fat. This recipe maximizes greek yogurt and substitutes it for any oil and butter application in a brownie recipe. This recipe basically replaces the unhealthy parts of the ingredients and exchanges them for the healthier ones.


26. S’mores brownies – Give me some more

This recipe takes you back to times when you may have been camping a lot, hanging out with friends, and eating s’mores while sharing good stories by the bonfire. This recipe takes a nice and tasty layer of brownie and tops it with another layer made up of s’more ingredients, a.k.a. the famous graham crackers and marshmallows.


27. Raspberry Brownies – Fruity chocolatey goodness

Fruit jam and chocolate brownies? Why not? This recipe incorporates the fruity goodness of raspberry, usually taken from raspberry jam, and combines it with chocolate. These brownies resemble the famous black forest dessert, but they are the raspberry version. This recipe offers a fruity, chocolatey taste that combines beautifully when tasted.


28. Blackout brownies

This recipe tries to recreate a famous recipe originating in Singapore. The shop in Singapore has been very famous for its pastries, and people would line up early in the morning to try and purchase these amazing brownies. This recipe offers two ways in which you can bake your brownies: cakey or fudgy. Choose your preference.


29. French silk brownie bars

French silk brownie bars

This recipe takes your “normal” brownies to a whole new level. For brownie enthusiasts who are looking for an upgrade to their brownie recipes, you can try this. This involves a layer of a good quality brownie, a layer of chocolate mousse, topped with whipped topping and sprinkled shaved chocolate.


Calling all brownie lovers out there: here’s a list of 29 sheet pan brownie recipes that you can try. These options can give you a lot of ideas for your next baking adventure. This also expands your knowledge of brownies. It’s always enjoyable to explore and experiment with new recipes

Sheet Pan Brownie Recipe

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