32 Best Sheet Pan Burgers Recipes

1. Sheet Pan Bacon Burgers

Sheet Pan Bacon Burgers

These classic sliders are made in the oven and eaten with slider buns. Just mix eggs, spices, and breadcrumbs into your ground beef, flatten out the beef mixture, and bake! I love getting fancy with my burger toppings, but sometimes you just can’t beat bacon and cheese on your burger.


2. Sheet Pan Sliders with Copykat Big Mac Sauce

Sheet Pan Sliders with Copykat Big Mac Sauce

The secret with this recipe is first mincing onion and putting it in the bottom of the baking sheet before you add your burger meat. There’s nothing you have to mix into this ground beef, making it quick and easy. With all that extra time, you get to make your very own Big Mac sauce. Who doesn’t love that!?


3. Twisted Sheet Pan Sliders


No eggs are needed for this particular burger recipe! Add spices and breadcrumbs to your ground beef, and then layer your meat with shredded cheddar cheese before baking. Don’t stop there! Add jalapeños, onions, and bacon, then more cheese and another layer of meat. Now it’s ready to bake! I love that these sliders are packed with so much amazing flavor.


4. Keto Sheet Pan Burgers with Bacon and Jalapeño

Keto Sheet Pan Burgers with Bacon and Jalapeño

These bunless burgers have so much going for them, you won’t even notice the bun is missing. (But hey, if you’re not the keto member of the family, feel free to add your bun!) This recipe is genius, because the burger patties, bacon, onions, and jalapeños are all cooked on the sheet pan and then assembled on a bed of lettuce. I love only having one pan to clean!


5. Party Sliders

Here’s another take on sheet pan sliders. In this recipe we are using a pizza cutter to quickly and easily cut the burgers up before baking, making them super easy to assemble after cooking. This is such a speedy option to feed a crowd and stretch those burgers further!


6. Loaded Juicy Lucy Sheet Pan Sliders

Loaded Juicy Lucy Sheet Pan Sliders

These juicy burgers have Worcestershire sauce and grated onion mixed right into the burger patties, adding tons of flavor from the get-go. Then we are adding not just one, not two, but three cheeses. I love that this recipe includes a special sauce, because I love dressing my burgers up.


7. Sheet Pan Burgers

I had no idea that lumpy patties make better burgers! This quick video includes lots of information and tips about choosing the right ingredients and why things should be done certain ways. I love being able to learn a little more about how to ensure our meals cook well.


8. Sheet Pan Burgers and Fries

Sheet Pan Burgers and Fries

If you love a strong onion flavor in your burgers, look no further! With half of an onion going into four beef patties, not a single bite will lack flavor. Bake them on a baking sheet, and then serve these White Castle-style sliders beside a big pile of crinkle fries. I personally love the toasty buns!


9. Veggie Meat Patties

If you are vegan or vegetarian, there’s a great recipe for you, too! This high-protein vegan burger recipe contains only 4 ingredients, making it one of the easiest burger recipes you’ll ever put together. I love that for this recipe you don’t need a food processor!


10. Sheet Pan Cheeseburger Quesadillas

Sheet Pan Cheeseburger Quesadillas

Here’s a fun twist on your usual baking sheet burger! If you don’t like having a big bun taking from the flavor of your patty, try having those cheeseburgers on tortillas instead! After you bake these, tortillas and all, you’ll throw them on the grill for a few minutes to make them crispy – a detail I love!


11. Baked Cheeseburger Sliders

How can you make cheeseburger sliders on Hawaiian rolls even more delicious? Add dijon mustard and brown sugar! This recipe is awesome, because it includes a delicious glaze to brush on top of those rolls before the final bake!


12. Sheet Pan Oklahoma Fried Burgers

Sheet Pan Oklahoma Fried Burgers

This burger recipe has one of my favorite ingredients – Montreal steak seasoning. This seasoning has such a unique flavor that brings the best taste out in any cut of beef. Slice onions thinly, place them on your pan and then spread your burger mix over them before baking. This recipe makes six slider-sized burgers, so it’s a great, quick meal for a family.


13. Hawaiian Cheeseburger Sliders

These sliders are made a bit differently than the others we’ve featured so far. This ground beef is first cooked on the stove with onions and seasonings, and then it’s added to the Hawaiian rolls with two cheeses. Butter and parsley on the top of these slider buns adds the perfect pop of flavor and the crispy edges that I love!


14. Bunless Sheet Pan Keto Burgers

Bunless Sheet Pan Keto Burgers
This is another recipe with many helpful tips about how to choose ingredients that will make the best tasting burger. With very few ingredients involved, these burgers are easy to put together with what you may already have in your refrigerator! I love that all of the ingredients are cooked on one sheet pan so that the different flavors can seep into the burger patties!


15. Cheeseburger Sliders

Here’s another super cheesy slider recipe to try! These burgers are made with cooked ground beef, and then the burgers are built on Hawaiian rolls. I love the idea of putting sliced cheese on the bottom and shredded cheese on the top of the burger patty. It’s a burger totally smothered in cheese!


16. Grilled Sheet Pan Burger Bar

Grilled Sheet Pan Burger Bar

Here’s a really fun twist on the sheet pan burger! These burgers are cooked on a sheet pan, but this time we are cooking them on the grill instead of in the oven! With this method, you still have a low-mess meal but with the grilled flavor you love. I think this is the best of both worlds!


17. Loaded Juicy Hawaiian Roll Sheet Pan Sliders

Mix Worcestershire sauce and onions into your ground turkey and then press half of it flat in a sheet pan. Add two layers of cheese and then the other half of the turkey mixture. Next, weave a layer of bacon on the top and bake. I love this recipe because she talks about accounting for all of the greases these meats produce and makes adjustments to her cooking time as she goes.


18. Turkey Burger Sheet Pan Dinner

Turkey Burger Sheet Pan Dinner

This recipe is not just for the sheet pan burgers but a full meal! The burgers only take 5 ingredients, and you can just add 3 more foods to make it an entire dinner. I’m always thrilled with a dinner I can make that only dirties one dish!


19. How to Broil Hamburgers in the Oven

If you don’t have a grill or if you just need the fastest possible way to serve hamburgers for dinner, this video teaches you how to use frozen burger patties on a sheet pan in the oven. You want your burgers to turn out just right, even when you don’t have time to make them from scratch. I love that prep and cleanup are really easy. It’s perfect for a busy night.


20. Sheet Pan French Onion BBQ Burger

Sheet Pan French Onion BBQ Burger

These delicious burgers are stuffed full of cheese and cooked with barbecue sauce on top of them! The cauliflower French onion rings add a really unique flavor to these burgers, but barbecue sauce is one of my most favorite burger toppings and ultimately what I love most about this recipe!


21. Low Carb/Keto Loaded Burger Bowls

This is an idea I would never have thought of – burger bowls! These burger bowls are made by starting to shape your patties but then using a glass or jar to create sides on your patty which create the bowl. These would be so easy to customize with your favorite things, but bacon, cheese, and mushrooms are a really great idea! I love this unique way to eat a burger without a bun or a bed of lettuce.


22. Sheet Pan Falafel Burgers

sheet Pan Falafel Burgers

If you need more vegan or vegetarian burger recipes, you’ll want to bookmark this idea. Garbanzo beans, chickpea flour, onion, and spices make up this vegan burger patty. After pulsing together in a food processor, form patties, and bake on a sheet pan. You can serve these with your favorite toppings, but I love the cucumber ranch dressing that would complement the chickpeas so well.


23. Cheeseburger and Friends Sheet Pan Crunchwrap

This is another recipe for burgers you eat on tortillas instead of buns. Instead of just putting your cheese right on these burger patties, you’re making a cheese sauce and then cooking the patties with cheese, the cheese sauce, and pickles inside the tortillas. I love having a variety of options for when I’m just tired of regular-old buns.


24. Greek Burgers and Potatoes

Greek Burgers and Potatoes

These Greek sheet pan burgers, or mpiftekia, are another nice variation of the everyday burger. This recipe uses spices you wouldn’t normally think to include in your burger patties, like parsley, thyme, and mint. Cook your patties on a sheet pan with potatoes, olive oil, garlic, and oregano for a full dinner. I love Greek food, but I’ve found it very intimidating, so I’m glad to find a recipe I can handle!


25. The 20-Minute Oven-Roasted Burger

When people think about sheet pan burgers, they often think sliders, but you can cook regular burgers in the oven, too. This recipe includes your usual burger ingredients and toppings, but I love the idea of baking the burger patties on a rack over the sheet pan so they don’t sit in their grease while they cook.


26. Large Family Easy Sheet Pan Cheeseburger Sliders

Large Family Easy Sheet Pan Cheeseburger Sliders

If you are cooking for a crowd and don’t like figuring out how to double or triple smaller recipes, grab this one instead. This recipe uses 4.5 pounds of ground beef to make plenty of sliders to feed a lot of people. I love that this one only takes 15 minutes of prep but still makes a lot of food!


27. Oven Cooked Beef Burger Patties

This recipe involves mincing onions in a food processor and then adding them to the ground beef with a variety of seasonings: parsley, oregano, basil, all-purpose seasoning, salt and pepper. This combination of flavors creates a moist burger patty that you can eat on a bun or even plain. I would love these with mashed potatoes and gravy!


28. Sheet Pan Salmon Burgers

Sheet Pan Salmon Burgers

Here’s a really healthy burger option if you’re avoiding beef. Use cooked sockeye salmon, almond flour, an egg, lemon zest, and a few spices to make the most flavorful salmon patties you’ve ever tasted. I love how different these are from a normal burger, and that this recipe includes directions for sweet potato fries and roasted red pepper aioli.


29. Sheet Pan Turkey Taco Burgers

These low-carb ground turkey burgers use Tex-Mex seasonings for a unique, Mexican-style burger. This recipe uses just a few fresh ingredients, and I love that it includes the perfect toppings to complement the taco style.


30. Sheet Pan Mediterranean Turkey Patties

Sheet Pan Mediterranean Turkey Patties
For another unique burger-style dinner, try these Mediterranean turkey patties. These patties include some less common ingredients: zaatar and hummus. These turkey burgers cook in only about 8 minutes; no one will ever believe this didn’t take you forever to put together. The idea to use an ice cream scoop to grab just the right amount of meat for each patty is genius!


31. Easy Oven Hamburgers

This miniature square burger recipe is one that will remind you of burgers from White Castle. These burgers just require you to smash the ground beef into the pan, and then top with Worcestershire before baking. I love this recipe because I really don’t like mixing ground beef and a bunch of ingredients with my hands.


32. Daddy’s Baked Hamburgers

Daddy's Baked Hamburgers

These burgers don’t require any fancy ingredients, but if you love a traditional burger, there’s no need for all that extra! You’re broiling these burgers with Worcestershire and a pat of butter on top of each one, toasting the buns, and adding your favorite traditional toppings. I love that these are easy enough for anyone to make, and they’re super quick, too.

Sheet Pan Burgers Recipes

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