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The Pan Handler LLC is a distinguished purveyor of vintage and antique cast iron cookware, standing as a cherished destination for collectors and enthusiasts alike. Their extensive collection features prestigious brands such as Griswold, Wagner, Wapak, Favorite, and Lodge, along with a diverse range of other manufacturers. With a special emphasis on Griswold pieces, The Pan Handler LLC offers an array of skillets, griddles, Dutch ovens, gem and muffin pans, patty molds, waffle irons, and more, each piece a testament to the rich history of culinary arts.

The Acquisition and Restoration Process

The journey of each piece at The Pan Handler LLC begins with a meticulous acquisition process, where valuable and collectible vintage items are sourced from across the United States. This process often involves extensive travel and transportation, ensuring the collection remains diverse and unique. Once acquired, each piece undergoes a rigorous cleaning and restoration process. This includes an initial lye bath and a detailed electrolysis process to remove rust and residue, meticulously carried out by the skilled hands of Pan Apprentice Linda and the owner, Anna. The restored pieces are then seasoned using a combination of natural oils and waxes, bringing them back to their original glory.

Photography and Listing: A Commitment to Transparency

After restoration, each piece is photographed in natural daylight, capturing every angle and detail. This step ensures that potential buyers can fully appreciate the quality and condition of the cookware. The Pan Handler LLC prides itself on transparency and precision in their listings, providing customers with a comprehensive view of what they are purchasing. This dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in the detailed descriptions and photographs provided for each item.

The Story Behind The Pan Handler LLC

The Pan Handler LLC’s story is one of passion and dedication. Anna, who took the reins in 2017, has a profound appreciation for antique and vintage cast iron cookware. Her journey from Sydney, Australia to the USA is intertwined with her love for these culinary artifacts. Anna’s favorite piece, a large cast iron griddle, symbolizes not only her passion for the craft but also the connection to the pioneering spirit of the past. The founding Pan Handler, Mary, initiated this journey with her first Griswold gem pan and has since continued to contribute her expertise and passion to the business.

Discover More on Our Blog

For those interested in delving deeper into the world of vintage cast iron cookware, The Pan Handler LLC offers a wealth of information on their blog at The Pan Handler Blog. Here, enthusiasts can find articles on selection, cleaning, and care of vintage cast iron, along with resources for conducting personal cast iron research. The blog is an extension of The Pan Handler LLC’s commitment to education and community engagement, offering a platform for sharing knowledge and experiences.

As part of their brand evolution, they have now moved their online presence to a new website: This move signifies not just a change in digital space but also a renewed commitment to providing the finest in collectible cookware. Their collection boasts esteemed brands like Griswold, Wagner, Wapak, Favorite, and Lodge, among others, with a special focus on Griswold pieces.

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  1. I inherited an iron skillet (I guess it’s a skillet, but not sure that it’s not a cover instead) that has a handle unlike anything I find online. Can you tell me anything about it? Instead of coming straight out from the skillet it curves down 1/2”-3/4” then straightens. Opposite the handle is a “tab” with a rectangular hole 3/4” wide and 1/4” across. There are two smaller pour spouts on each side. There are no markings on the bottom of the skillet- name, number, or symbol.


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