12 Pans for Your Kitchen: Finding the Right Pan

Are you wondering about the different types of pans?

Maybe you’ve recently gotten into cooking, and now you’re overwhelmed by how many pans there are. On the other hand, you might be trying to expand your kitchenware. Well, whatever it is, allow us to help you with that! Today, let’s talk about 12 types of pans.

12 Pans to Consider for Your Kitchen

1. Frying Pan

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First up on the list is the trusty ole frying pan, which is probably the most known pan on this list. Whether you’re a genius in the kitchen or not yet that acquainted with kitchenware, you have probably met the frying pan at one point.

If you’re starting from scratch or looking for a pan that can help with multiple dishes, you would want to include a frying pan in your arsenal.

With that said, frying pans come in different sizes. Depending on if you live alone, with someone, or with a large group, you’d want to consider the size of your pan.

It might be a good time to note that the rest of the pans on this list also come in different sizes. Don’t forget to take into account the size of the pans!

The frying pan is a great all-around pan, but if you’re looking for something a little more specialized, don’t worry. We still have more pans for you.

2. Sauté Pan

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This one looks like a frying pan that some even consider the two the same thing. With that, you might be wondering what the difference is.

First, you can see the difference in the appearance of the two, particularly their walls or sides. A sauté pan has straighter sides if you will.

That’s not all, though. Technically, the other could do the job of the other, too. However, one would be better at some tasks than the other.

For example, if the dish you’re cooking needs high heat and needs heat fast, then you’d want to go for a sauté pan. On the other hand, if the dish you’re making needs heat for longer periods, then you might want to opt for a frying pan. A sauté pan can heat up fast and retain heat well. On the other hand, a frying pan takes time to heat up, but it can retain the heat longer.

3. Egg Pan

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As the name implies, egg pans are mainly for eggs. You can cook eggs in almost any type of pan. However, if you’re a big fan of eggs, then you might want to invest in an egg pan.

If you live alone and you’re trying to save space, you’d want to consider a single-egg frying pan. On the other hand, you might want to invest in a four-hole one if you’ve got an egg-loving family.

4. Omelet Pan

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Want to take your love for eggs to the next level? You might want to get this pan too!

As the name suggests, it’s one of the best – if not the best – pan for your omelets. Want to perfect that omelet? This pan might be the answer.

5. Saucepan

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Now, if you’re a big fan of hearty dishes, you might want to add a saucepan to your pan arsenal. Saucepans are probably one of the best cookware choices when it comes to these kinds of dishes.

We suggest including a saucepan in your kitchen if you could because who doesn’t need a good soup or stew from time to time?

6. Milk Pan

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Milk pans are one of my favorite types of cookware. The milk pans may not seem as necessary as the others, but that’s not true!

Milk pans are great for many things, especially if you live alone. In the mood for some pasta? Get your milk pan to make some tomato sauce enough for one to two servings. Do you usually have some leftovers? You can use your milk pan to reheat them. Of course, we can’t forget that you can also heat milk or hot chocolate in this pan!

7. Cast-Iron Skillet

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Want to be like the masters? You might want to include a cast-iron skillet in your pan arsenal. It’s one of the best pans for giving your dish its best potential.

Additionally, it’s also flexible. Do you want to cook on the stove? Go ahead. Do you want to take things to the oven? You can do that too!

Also, let’s not forget its aesthetical appeal. You don’t have to transfer the food to a different dish. You can serve your specialty directly to the table on this pan once you’re done!

8. Roasting Pan

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Are you looking for an oven-safe pan for the Thanksgiving turkey? The roasting pan might be the answer to your problem.

It is an oven-safe pan that’s great if you want to make large quantities of a dish. Don’t worry. It’s not Thanksgiving cookware only. You can use it for the turkey, but you can use it for many other recipes at other times.

9. Wok

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Are you into Asian cuisine? You might want to invest in a Wok then!

You can make many Asian recipes with other pans, but if you want to try to imitate the real thing, then a wok is highly recommended.

They may seem a little intimidating at first, especially since many things cooked in a wok involve some serious skills. However, think of all the Asian dishes you can try recreating with a wok!

10. Crepe Pan

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Do you have a sweet tooth? Then you might want to get a crepe pan too!

You can make crepes with other pans, but this specialty pan helps make the treat with a little more ease.

Crepe pans are undoubtedly not on top of the list of must-have pans, but you might want to consider them if you’re planning on expanding your pan collection.

11. Paella Pan

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This question might be oddly specific, but do you like paella? Do you feel like your life would be better if you get to eat paella more often? If so, then you might want to add a paella pan to your collection of pans!

As the name suggests, paella pans are great for paellas. When cooking this dish, you need to be able to control the heat with great precision. You want a pan that would be able to conduct heat well but could also cool down immediately. Well, look no further. The paella pan can do that!

12. Dutch Oven

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We can’t forget Dutch ovens. Sometimes they’re referred to as pots, but sometimes they’re also known as pans. Either way, we think they’d be a great addition to the kitchen.

They’re intimidating in more ways than one, but they almost always make it to the list of trusty pans.

To those who are not familiar with this pan, they could look intimidating. We can’t forget to mention that their price could also be intimidating as they’re a little pricey. However, they are great investments. There are so many things you can do! For one, how many pans can you think of that allow you to bake bread? Can’t think of any? Well, you don’t need to look far and wide anymore. The Dutch oven can do that and many more!

Some Things to Consider

Whether you’re looking for good pans to put in your arsenal or thinking of getting everything on the list, there are some things you need to take into account.

Cleaning and Maintaining

Functionality and flexibility is probably the first thing many look for in a pan. However, it is vital that you also consider the maintenance of the pan.

We’re used to washing pans under the faucet or using the dishwasher even. However, some pans require special care. You might be surprised, but it is not even advisable to use soap in cleaning some pans! Improper handling and cleaning won’t only make the pan less effective or ruin its aesthetical appeal, but it can even ruin the cookware!

Before you buy and commit to a pan, you’d want to make sure you can commit to its maintenance routine. Some pans may offer lots and lots of benefits, but you should know that some of them are also lots of work when it’s time to clean and store them away.

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The variety of pan types can already make things a little confusing. However, there are also different types of materials used in cookware. In addition to deciding which types of pans to get, you might also want to consider what materials you want your cookware to be as this factor also affects your cooking.

Depending on the dishes you usually make, you might want to buy two of the same type of pans, but made from different materials.


Are you still wondering about the different types of pans? We hope not!

Today we discussed 12 types of pans. We got to know each one, and hopefully, it has helped you get acquainted with the different pans. Each pan has its pros and cons, but there is always a pan that will help with your needs.

If you have other pan-related concerns such as this one, you might want to check out our previous talks.


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