What Is A Tilt Skillet? Things You Need to Know

Cooking is a delight that humans get to enjoy, when you work in the field of cooking, it’s only normal that you encounter a lot of equipment and tools for cooking. Learning about them can improve your skills and make your cooking experience more convenient. So, what is a tilt skillet?

What is a Tilt Skillet?

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A tilt skillet is also referred to as a braising pan. This cooking equipment is versatile and can be used with gas or electricity, depending on the available component or strictly by preference. But what exactly does a tilting skillet do?

This equipment allows for the cooking of huge batches of food. This equipment is equipped with a deep pan, so you won’t have any trouble when you have to cook a lot in each batch. Whether you’re making soup, pasta, or even a huge batch of sauces, you won’t have to worry about whether your pan has extra space for broth and other ingredients.

In terms of controls, a tilting skillet also has a control dial where you can set the cooking temperature. However, unlike a grill with only one shallow cooking surface, a tilting skillet has a large and deep pan, offering more volume for cooking.

This feature allows the cooking of ingredients without getting overcrowded as it cooks from all sides. This being said, a tilt skillet is best used and is very helpful for cooking huge quantities of food.

A tilt skillet also has a lid feature that can be placed over the pan to save energy and reduce heat loss. Tilting skillets also provide a neat and convenient way of transferring large amounts of food.

Tilting Skillet and Its Uses

If you cook a lot or manage a kitchen in a restaurant, you may already have a lot of tools and pieces of equipment to cook different types of foods. On the other hand, a tilting skillet allows for many cooking processes, as follows:

  • Steaming – Steaming is done with a lot of ingredients, particularly meats like dumplings, chicken, and seafood. However, steaming is also used on some vegetables. A tilting skillet’s bottom basin can be filled with water, and by closing the lid, you can steam ingredients like vegetables and rice inside it.
  • Frying – Tilting skillets also have braising pans that can be used for frying. You just need to add oil and you can fry ingredients on them.
  • Grilling -Tilt skillets can grill almost anything grillable you put on a flat top. With a tilt skillet, you can grill eggs, bacon , pancakes, vegetables, and other foods that allow for grilling.
  • Sauteing and braising – Tilt skillets are quite famous for their good braising ability. You will be able to braise huge quantities of ingredients like meat.
  • Simmering and boiling – Tilt skillets also have deep pans that you can cook in. This feature allows for simmering and boiling ingredients like stews, soups, and pasta.
  • Holding and proofing – A tilt skillet’s braising pan can be used for holding because of its high-temperature retention.

The Benefits of Purchasing and Owning a Tilt Skillet

Tilt skillets are very useful for cooking large batches of food and ingredients. This equipment offers more by having its useful features and more. You’ll never know you need a tilt skillet until you try its benefits.

Space saver

Saving as much space as possible is especially important when you run a commercial kitchen and also for smaller kitchens with large food outputs. A tilt skillet allows for many functions, thus taking the place of other basic equipment. This way, you won’t need other equipment to take up more space in the kitchen.

It is simple to use

Despite all the functionality a tilt skillet offers, this equipment is relatively easy to operate. Using a tilt skillet is also very safe because of the equipment’s tilt mechanism, which helps food transfer be as safe as possible because you will be able to transfer food without making contact with the hot parts at all. It’s also up to your preference if you want to use gas or electricity when operating the equipment.

what is a tilt skillet used for

Easy Cleaning

Tilt skillets are also easy to clean because of their tilting mechanism. By tilting compartments, it’s easier to drain oil and grease, as well as clean the machine overall. Most tilt skillets also come with a faucet to more easily fill the pans.

Save money

A tilt skillet is a piece of equipment that can do multiple jobs like frying, boiling, braising, etc. This feature can save you money as you would not need to buy fryers, girls, pans, etc.


Tilt skillets are efficient and allow you to cook food without losing too much heat. This helps in saving energy and can also minimize your bills, allowing you to save money on utilities. Also, a tilting skillet’s ability to do the job of multiple pieces of equipment makes it an efficient helper in the kitchen.

A Guide to Purchasing a Tilt Skillet

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When purchasing a tilt skillet, it’s also essential to know what to look for and to ensure you are buying the right thing. First and foremost, you must understand what your kitchen requires in order to make an informed purchase decision.

Types of tilt skillets

Your tilt skillets can either be countertop or floor models. To choose one of the choices available, you have to check the available space for the tilt skillet. The amount of ingredients that this equipment can handle also depends on whether you purchase a countertop model or a floor model.

A countertop model can hold 10 to 15 gallons, while a floor model can hold 18 to 40 gallons. With these details, you can choose a floor model when you expect your tilt skillet to do a significant amount of work for your kitchen. For lighter loads, you might want to opt for the countertop type.


Before purchasing any item, it’s always good to look at your budget. This way, you are sure that you are buying with your own means and not overspending on something that may not be very necessary for you.

To figure out tilt skillet prices, you can consult the internet and search for the price range of this equipment in your area. If you prefer to shop online, remember to factor in the delivery fee, just as you would when shopping in a physical store. It’s essential to compute all the extra service fees so you won’t go over budget when the time comes.


Of course, you need to consider the space your tilt skillet is going to take up. The typical tilt skillet can take 36 to 48 inches of space in the kitchen. It would be nice to know how much space is available before pursuing the purchase.


It is highly recommended to assess the product. There are quite a number of existing complaints about how the pouring path of their tilt skillet was wrong, etc. It’s essential to consider how the device will be tilted and configured in relation to where and how the liquids will be dispensed.

Accessories for Tilt Skillets

what is a tilting skillet used for

Although a tilt skillet can be a one-machine team if needed, it can also work with other pieces of equipment available on the market. It can be accessorized to do better and widen the scope of its job. This way, you can maximize its efficiency and its flexibility.

Steamer pans

A steamer pan set will help you maximize the steaming ability of your tilt skillet. This will also make it easier for you to cook and transfer steamed meals. In choosing sizes for the steaming pan, you can assess the sizes that will fit your tilt skillet and purchase accordingly.


You can purchase casters when you decide to buy a floor model tilt skillet. This will help your tilt kettle become more mobile. With the caster installed, your equipment is easier to move up and about and, consequently, easier to clean.

Quick disconnect fitting

When you equip your tilt skillet with a caster, a quick-disconnect fitting is highly recommended. This accessory helps give easy access to the equipment’s connection without harming it.

Faucets, rinse sprayers

Owning faucets, rinse sprayers, and any accessory that makes it easier for you to control water is indeed a great addition to your equipment. When you have them, it’s easier for you to cook meals that need water additions. These accessories also help in cleaning the equipment because you won’t need to get water from the sink in buckets. Instead, you’ll have a faucet or rinse sprayer attached to your tilt skillet.


Working in the kitchen requires you to know and use a lot of pieces of equipment available out there. Some are small and small-scale, while others are huge and cater to large-scale cooking. This being said, it’s important to know “what is a tilt skillet” as it offers a wide variety of functions that are very useful in your cooking endeavors.

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