10 Ways to Reuse Old Pots and Pans

Want to learn sustainable ways to use old pots and pans? If your answer is yes, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will tell you all about what to do with old pots and pans.

What to do with Old Pots and Pans?

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Although most pots and pans last a lifetime, sometimes the wear and tear is not worth it. People will opt to buy a new one rather than fix the old pots and pans.

Don’t be too quick with throwing it in the trash. We will guide you with nine ways to reuse your old pots and pans.

Even with the level of damage your old cooking utensils have been through, you are going to be surprised by the options we have for you.

We assure you that, with these nine safe and sustainable methods, you will no longer worry about how to reuse your old pots and pans.

1. Donate to Local Charities

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If you don’t have the time and energy to recycle, donating to local charities is always an option. Charities are an incredible way to dispose of old stuff.

Most of the donated items are given away to the less fortunate or sold in thrift stores. In fact, cast iron skillets are a staple product in antique stores.

Charities such as Goodwill, are selling second-hand items for a low price. You can bring your old pots and pans to them as a donation. If there is a nearby charity from your home, you should give it a try.

5. Pots and Pans as Decorations

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Recycling has been on the rise these past few years. Old kitchenware is no different. With just a few ideas, we are sure you can come up with ingenious ways to use your old things again. With the rise of social media, people started to share ways to make old things reusable again.

There are many ways you can reuse your old pots and pans as decorations.  For example, you can use pans as a clock or a wall decoration. Pots are great for a fruits basket or a kitchen stool.

We are here to give ideas. There isn’t really any limit on what you can do as an arts and crafts project.

Like this one as an example, the old frying pan that most of us will throw out is repurposed to be a ceiling light. You can also see this video if you want to see an old frying pan recycled into a cute DIY  succulent pot.

If the ornamental purpose is what you are looking for, you can watch this video. They turn the old pots into a wonderfully painted fruit basket.

We can see that old kitchenware still has a place in our home. With a few ingenious ideas and a bit of sweat, we know you can also recycle your old pots and pans. You can reuse them in new and fun ways.

Reusing your old things for decoration is good for the environment and your pockets.

3. Donate to Food Shelters

Donate to Food Shelters

If your pots and pans are still usable albeit old with scratches, you can donate them to food shelters.

Food shelters or food banks constantly need cookware to prepare meals. Give a call to a food shelter near you to know if they accept kitchenware donations.

4. Rehome Old Kitchenware

If charities and shelters are out of reach for you, rehoming your old pots and pans might be an option.

Make sure that they are still functioning well. Families with a tight budget will appreciate the generosity. You can also give it away to friends and families that may have some use for it.

Washing and disinfecting the kitchenware before giving it away is a must.

5. Reuse Old Cookware for Camping

Using new cookware in an open fire is not the best decision. The emitted carbon may discolor your perfectly new pots and pans.

This is where the old kitchenware will come in. You can utilize old pots and pans for camping. It’s a way to save your good kitchenware and still have something to use in your camping.

Old pots are great for cooking during an outdoor trip. Make sure that there are no holes to avoid spilling.

6. Sell them Online

If your old kitchenware is still in good condition, you can try your luck at selling them online.

Durable pans such as cast iron skillets and copper pans are very popular online. Depending on how old and what model your pots and pans are, a collector might be interested.

Online selling is particularly great for recycling pot lids. Some online buyers are looking for specific lids to replace their broken ones.

Be sure to indicate as much information on your listing as much as possible. You can list down things such as model, accurate size, and damages if there are present.

7. Bring Old Cookware to Metal Recycling Facilities

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For your stainless steel pots, you can bring them to a metal recycling center. Most of these facilities have fees, so be ready to pay a small price.

You can also check if your local landfill has a metal recycling center and bring your old pots and pans to them. Safety regulations and fees will vary from place to place, so be sure to call before dropping off your old kitchenware.

8. Return to the Company

Some companies have returned and recycle policies. Made in Cookware is a company that has this policy.

With their Made in Recycling Program, they will help you return your old pots and pans to be recycled. Their company recycled around 1,400 tons of usable materials and satisfied 1,200 customers in 2023. Check if your old pots and pans also have a recycling program.

Recycle programs are an incredible way to get rid of unusable kitchenware and lessen the amount of trash in landfills at the same time. It’s both sustainable and accessible.

9. Sell It To a Collector

Some old pieces of kitchenware can have a very high value. Some lines of copper pans and ceramic cookware are gathered as a collection.

You can go online and ask around for someone who might want to collect your old pots and pans.

10. Give Old Cookware to Antique Stores

Some antique stores are open for buying old things. This option is especially incredible if you have pieces of cookware that are twenty years old and older.

Compensation can vary but most of the time, they will pay for the old cookware.

4 Things to Know When Reusing Your Old Pots And Pans

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This article is far from over. We still have more tips for you. Read further to know things you need to keep in mind to make the most of your old pots and pans.

See if the Pots and Pans Can Still be Fixed

With a bit of elbow grease, most cookware can still be used for cooking. Damages such as rust and scratches can be fixed, depending on what type of cookware you have.

Non-stick pans and pots are the most damage-prone pans. They are very sensitive to scratches. Unfortunately, teflon-coated non-stick pans and pots are unusable when the coat is scratched off. [How To Make Your Non-Stick Pans Non-Stick Again?]

Cast iron skillet, on the other hand, is one of the most durable ones. You can restore and reseason it with a bit of elbow grease. Even the rustiest and old iron skillets are still usable after many years.

Determine What Type of Material Your Cookware Has

If you think your cookware is unusable, recycling is one of the best ways to sustainably dispose of it.

Most recycling options depend on what material is present in your pots and pans.

Stainless steel and cast iron pots and pans are relatively easy to recycle. They can be either repurposed or brought into metal recycling centers.

Most ceramic cookware, on the other hand, is not accepted by recycling facilities. You can either rehome your kitchenware or reuse them as flower and plant pots.

By knowing what materials are used to make your cookware, you can recognize what kind of recycling is most fit for you.

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Search for Available Facilities Online

Information is at the tip of our fingertips. If you want to find a reachable facility for the method you choose, such as a recycling center or a buyer, the internet is here for you to help.

Resources are widespread where you can find the information you need. You can also reach out via email or go to their websites.

Sanitize Your Old Cookware

If you plan to give your old stuff to other people or charities, it’s best to clean them thoroughly first.

You can use regular dishwashing soap and warm water to clean old pots and pans. Disinfecting them before giving them away can lessen the dirt and germs present in the utensils. Cleaning is a significant step if they are not used for a very long time.

In Conclusion

Don’t easily discard your old kitchenware. We hope you now know what to do with old pots and pans with the methods we presented. Whether you are into recycling or reusing, this comprehensive guide might have the best method for you.

what to do with old pots and pans

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