15 Pots and Pans Storage ideas

Are you tired of dealing with cluttered and disorganized cookware? Don’t worry! We are here to help you. This article will tell you all about organizing pots and pans. We assure you that the following tips and tools will guide you.

1. Use Pot Rails

best way to store pots and pans

Most kitchens have an available pot rail. They are perfect for a variety of kitchenware.

Other than pots and pans, you can also hang large wooden spoons, metal spatulas, and a cutting board on them.

If your kitchen has one and it’s still not enough, you can install pot rails against the wall.

Your kitchenware is more accessible if you store it outside rather than inside cupboards and drawers. You can place your pot rails on the top of your kitchen stove for easier access.

Consider placing them on the ceiling as a hanging rack if you don’t have space on the walls or the top of the stove.


2. Place Pots and Pans with Lids

storing pots and pans in small kitchen

Like non-stick and stainless-steel pans, most cookware is prone to scratching. By placing your cookware with lids, you minimize the scratching and protect the surface of the pans.

The smaller pots can go inside the bigger ones. Then, seal it off with the lid.

While pots are more durable, they can still sustain scratches and marks. Unlike pans, you can use pots even if their surfaces have scratches and marks.

The only downside of this method is that you will need a larger space. This is your method if you have a few cookware that will fit in a drawer.


3. Stack Your Cookware Together Without the Lids

how to store pots and pans neatly

This method goes the other way compared to the one above. Stacking your pots is alright primarily, but you need to be careful with pans.

Non-stick pans are damaged and unusable when scratched. Use spare cloths or paper towels to go between the pan to minimize the scratching.

If you have limited storage space, stacking cookware together might be the answer for you.


4. Pots and Pans Drawer Organizer

pots and pans storage

Most kitchens have drawers. The only problem is that most of them don’t have an in-built organizer for your cookware.

Luckily, you can buy drawer organizers for pots and pans. Most of the dividers are designed to contain the pans and their lids.

You can choose from a wide range of options that will perfectly fit your drawers and cabinets.


5. Using Adjustable Pan Organizers

pots and pans organizer

Pans are more sensitive with their storage methods.

Adjustable pan organizers like this one from Amazon are an excellent investment. They come relatively low cost, are flexible, and are manufactured to secure your pots and pans.

Using Adjustable Pan Organizers to store pan

This product is perfect for your pans. They minimize the amount of scratching and make room for your pots.

You can place adjustable pan organizers anywhere in your kitchen. They fit most drawers and cupboards. If you have a space in your kitchen top, they can also be placed there.


6. Use a Rolling Cart

how to organize pots and pans

Rolling carts are excellent for your kitchenware if you have limited space. This method is the best if you are living in an apartment.

This kitchen rolling cart from IKEA has it all.  It’s spacious but can still be tucked into the corners of your room.

The bottom containers are perfect for pots and pans, while the top containers can be used for utensils and lids.


7. Take Out Organizer

Rummaging through your cabinet to take out pots and pans can be troublesome. Expecting that you experience trouble getting to your kitchenware compartment, this pull-out organizer for pots and skillet is maybe what you need. The product consumes close to no room.

You can even make your pull-out organizer if you are particularly crafty.

With a take-out organizer, organizing your cookware hasn’t been easier.


8. Utilize the Inside of Your Cupboard Doors

how to organize pots and pans

Don’t have a place to keep your lids? You can use your cupboards for that.

Drill a few metal handlebars on the doors of your cupboards. Make sure that the metal bars are just a bit smaller than the size of your lids.

Once it’s attached, place your lids there and stack them up against your pots and pans with a paper towel or fabric in between.

You can also use nails if you don’t have metal handlebars.


9. Use A One-Size Fits All Lid

how to store pots and pans in cabinet

Want to save up space in your drawers? Consider switching to a “one size fits all” lid.

These lids can fit from 6 to 12 inches. It can be used in both pots and pans.

If you want a product to help you lessen the kitchenware you need, getting a one-size-fits-all lid might be the one for you.


10. Use a Pegboard

pot storage ideas

If you have a spare wall sitting in your kitchen, a pegboard is something you can put in it.

Pegboards are not just great for pots and pans. You can also put other kitchen utensils in there too.

From wooden spoons to cheese graters, a pegboard can help you with organizing your stuff.

It doesn’t have to be the size of a whole wall. Your pegboard can just be around the size of a regular window or the size of a small wooden chalkboard.

Find or do it according to how you are going to utilize it.

The greatest pro with this method is you can easily make one your own. With a bit of sweat, you can make your own do-it-yourself pegboard.


11. Divide the Pots and Pans Separately

pots and pans organization ideas

If you have spacious drawers you can line up your pots and pans individually.

Place the pots on one of the drawers and place the pans on the other one.

The lids can also go to a different compartment. By separating your cookware, you have a better way of accessing and storing them.

The method is very orderly and convenient.


12. Donate Your Unused Kitchenware

If you know you have a surplus of cookware, donating or revoking your unused ones might be a solution.

We know that some things are hard to let go of, but if these pots and pans are racking up as clutter, you might as well get them a new home or donate them to charities.

You can also rehome them to your friends and family.


13. Overhead Pots And Pans Rack

where to store pots and pans

Want somewhere to store your pots and pans? Why not the ceiling?

With the overhead pots and pans, you can have accessible storage without taking huge space.

You can decrease the amount of cabinet space you will consume and also keep your pots and pan within reach.

This is great for apartments and people with small spaces.


14. Utilize Tension Rods

cookware storage

Tension Rods are great for both hanging and organizing your post and pans. They come relatively cheap and accessible.

If you are crafty, you can even make your own tension rods. To hang your kitchenware, you can use an s-hook.


15. Use Your Pantry as a Storage Closet

how to organize pans

If you have a pantry, consider using that space for storing and organizing your pots and pans.

Since most of us store our food in the cupboards and refrigerator anyway, using your pantry as a cookware cabinet could be a suitable storage method.

By using your pantry, you can ensure that your pots and pans are safe and sound inside. They are not prone to scratching unlike when you stack them together.

Things To Know When Organizing Your Kitchen

Use the Internet

Since you are reading this article, we think it’s safe to assume you have a stable internet connection.

The internet is a host of various ways you can organize your kitchen. From online stores like Amazon, you can buy other products worldwide.

Some websites also offer niche storage items that are maybe of interest to you.

The internet can also help you reach out to various collectors or antique shops that are interested in buying your old cookware.

Do DIY Projects

Don’t have a budget for an organizer? You can build your own!

The internet can give you plenty of ideas for your next DIY organizer project. If you are not as crafty, relying on tutorials is another option.

You can watch this video to get you started.

Most DIY projects are made from recyclable materials. This means that as you organize your pots and pans, you also lessen the trash from the landfills.

Recycling is a very sustainable option.

Don’t Be Afraid To Let Go

No one needs ten pots and pans inside their home. If your kitchenware has started to form clutter, limiting the number of pots and pans might be the best answer for you.

We know letting go of your possessions can sometimes be challenging. Unfortunately, unless you have a particular space for storage, decluttering is an incredible way to diminish the amount of kitchenware you need to organize.

In Conclusion

Organizing pots and pans can be tricky at times. We hope the tips we showed you helped you keep your cookware in the best way possible.

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