How To Store Pan Lids?

Pans can either come with a lid or none. And as many households own one or more pans, it’s essential to know how to store pan lids. Some pans require a lid to function correctly and perform their job excellently.

So, keeping your pans’ lids in the best condition is also one of the essential things to note.

Taking Care of Pan Lids

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Like any other kitchenware, taking care of your pans’ lids is not limited to cleaning them properly. It also needs to be stored well. Good storage is sometimes overlooked and taken lightly.

In most circumstances, poor storage becomes the primary reason for damages found in your lids. Lids can be made up of many types of materials, too, and in any case, they should be taken care of just the way you would take care of their pans.

Apart from the materials, they can come in all shapes and sizes, so it would be quite a challenge finding out just how to sort them neatly.

Some pan lids can take up too much space while others don’t. This means you have to be smart with your space distribution and, at the same time, make sure the lids are not scrunched up with each other.

Giving them breathing space is beneficial as there is a risk of scratching each other or bumping when trying to get one out. Having these instances repeated can cause eventual damage to your pan lids.

Storing Pan Lids With Organizers

The market has constantly been growing and inventing many things to make people’s lives easier. Nowadays, there are available organizers for almost anything you wish to organize.

Some customize theirs, and some stick to what’s traditional. On the other hand, there are organizers available such as the following in terms of pan lids.

Mail organizers

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Yes, mail organizers are not just for mails but pan lids and other things. Mail organizers are usually built with divisions that act as compartments. Usually, the compartments come in increasing heights. This makes them even more suitable for pan lids of different sizes.


Spectrum diversified kitchen organizers

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This type of organizer gives you a lot of room to put your pan lids in. The rungs in these organizers stand at least four inches tall, making it easier for pan lids to stand without falling now and then or when you need to get one lid out.


Adjustable pot lids organizers

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These organizers work like average organizers, but they are more flexible. This type of organizer makes sure you can store lids with different depths and dimensions. You might purchase these organizers at a higher price due to this extra helpful feature. However, it will be worth it as you would likely fit any lid size with it.


Wall-mounted organizers

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Whenever you find yourself short of cabinet or countertop space, you can always hang stuff on your walls. Wall-mounted organizers help you save space and are also pretty to look at, especially when collecting kitchenware.

Regardless, it’s a great way to save space and makes it easier for you to get the pan lid you need, this time, it wouldn’t take the extra effort of scrambling through the cabinet. However, you might want to take extra care in installing them on your walls. It’s paramount that it’s installed correctly and securely to avoid accidents like, for example, dropping the lids.


Drawer and Cabinet Tips For Storing Pan Lids

The kitchen is one of the most critical places in your home that you need to keep neat and clean. Well, to be perfectly honest, storing pan lids is one of the most challenging things you have to do in the kitchen. It’s hard to keep them stored neatly and in a way that it’s good to the eye.

Drawers and cabinets can sound basic, but it is one of the most accessible and neat places you can store pan lids in. However, there are ways to spice up and take your storage drawer and your cabinets to the next level.

Here are some ways to customize your drawer and cabinets into something even better than before.

  • Place organizers inside the drawer. This even works with just a single rod. You can place it at the front and position it across to have space for the pans at the back part of the drawer. This only works if you are dealing with deep drawer space. Otherwise, placing pan lids at the front will make it impossible for you to close the drawer.
  • Install a shallow drawer just right below where you store your pans. You can make it as shallow as the height of your pan lids, so you make sure you are saving and dividing your space well.
  • You can also put some hooks at the back of your cabinet door. Yes, that works, and you would only need two hooks for each lid. Before placing the hooks in place, you need to divide the space well to make sure you can store the maximum number of pan lids on them. After deciding on the spaces, it’s time to install the hooks. Referencing a clock, attach a hook on the 8:00 and the 4:00. Combined, these points are sure to hold lids of any size, as long as it still has a space on the back of the cabinet door.
  • Speaking of the back of the cabinet door, you can also place wall-mounted organizers in the area. If the cabinet has ample space on the wall, you can also place it on the wall.

More Ideas In Storing Pan Lids

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In kitchenware storage, your imagination is your limit. You can do many things that extend and harness your imagination. Here are some ideas that you might want to try for storing your pan lids.

Using Hooks

As a ship captain, you would need to make sure that all your crew is in order and alert. Yes, hooks are more than hanging jackets and random things on.

You can use them in the kitchen as well. They are great space savers. If you have a cupboard elevated on your wall, you can get hooks and place them under the cupboard. This way, you can neatly hang them under the cabinet and maximize the space under it.

You can also attach hooks onto the wall and hang your pan lids. This might seem unstable, but as long as your lid’s lip is raised, then these lids have a space for a hook to attach and secure on.


Rods are great in space-saving, and it is used in many instances, may it be in your room, the bathroom, or the kitchen. You can use a wall rod and attach it to the wall.

Any size and length would be fine as long as it fits your aesthetic or style. Please make it so that the rod is close to the wall but not too close.

The distance between the wall and the rod needs to be enough for the lid handle to become the stopper. Otherwise, you won’t fit any lids between the wall and the rod.

Magnetic knife strip

These things are not just for knives. Magnetic knife strips are usually strong and can handle more than one pan lid. So, if your pan lids are magnetic, you can maximize this equipment and use it for pan lids too.

Tips For Efficient Storage of Pan Lids

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Know your lids

Before figuring out nice and neat storage for your pan lids, you might want to know them first. This allows you to assess what materials you would need for the space.

Perhaps your pan lids are too wide or too big, so you need to find a way to store these things securely without damaging them. If they seem too heavy for a hook to carry, you might want to use a rail instead.

The purpose of your storage is to keep your pan lids safe, so it’s beneficial that you know their essential characteristics.


Yes, space is one of the main things you must be thinking about in planning the kitchen changes. It’s essential to assess the area in your kitchen and maximize what you can do with it. Failure to consider the space mostly results in messy storage.

Please keep it on the budget (Make lists)

In renovating or creating storage changes in the kitchen, you need to have enough budget. After knowing what you want to do, you must tally and calculate the estimated amount you would need. This will help you keep your ground, buy everything you need and avoid overspending.


In keeping your kitchen clean and organized, you need to know how to store pan lids well. Pan lids can be challenging to hold sometimes, and it can be quite a hassle having them thrown with other kitchenware in a cabinet.

Thus, you might want to check out these ideas and keep your pan lids safe without the risk of damaging them.

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