Jelly Roll Pan: Size, Types & Buying Guides

If you want to enrich your collection of pans and improve cooking and baking skills, don’t skip the jelly roll pan because it is convenient and functional cookware. Except for making tasty jelly rolls, it is suitable for preparing many other dishes. You can use it for roasting veggies, baking cake sheets, and making cookies.

what is a jelly roll pan

So, the question is, what is a jelly roll pan, and how to choose the best model available on the market. It is basically a flat pan with rimmed edges that you can use to bake thin and flavorful cake sheets. Once you coat them with jelly or cream filling, you will get a tasty jelly roll most of us adore.

This article will cover

  • Jelly Roll Pan Sizes.
  • Jelly Roll Pan Types.
  • Jelly Roll Pan vs. Cookie Sheet Pan.
  • Jelly Roll Pan vs. Half Sheet Pan.
  • What to Look for When  Buying a Jelly Roll Pan?
  • Top 5 Jelly Roll Pans.

what is a jelly roll pan

Jelly Roll Pan Sizes

Except for baking cake sheets, you can use this cookware as a serving tray for your party. Therefore, its size will depend on your needs. It is not the same if you use your pan for its primary use or bake something other than jelly rolls.

jelly roll pan

You should also consider the size of your oven so that the pan fits in it comfortably. There are two most common sizes of an average jelly roll pan:

  • 5 by 15.5 inches (12.7 x 39.4 cm)
  • 5 by 17.5 inches (12.7 x 44.5 cm)

If you want to use your jelly roll pan for baking muffins, you should know that you can put ten muffin cups in the smaller model and twelve of them in the bigger one. In both cases, the standard height of the edges is 1 inch (2.54 cm).

It is crucial to pick out the right dimensions of a jelly roll pan since you need to use it for baking cake sheet of a specific size. That way, you won’t face dried and overcooked dessert of the wrong thickness. When your recipe and the pan are compatible, it won’t be a problem to coat the cake and fold it into a roll without cracking.

Jelly Roll Pan Types

what does a jelly roll pan look like

The primary thing you should pay attention to is the material of your new jelly roll pan. Wisely choose it since it will affect how long you can use this dish.

You should also pay attention to the necessity that the heat distributes evenly throughout the entire pan surface. That is the only way to get an adequately baked cake.

Finally, determine if the material is prone to warping. It is not such a rare issue if you buy thin and lightweight cookware. Find a heavy model according to your preferences that won’t lose shape due to the high temperatures.

There are a few excellent models of jelly roll pan you should consider:

Nonstick jelly roll pan

jelly-roll pan

When you are a beginner in baking, it is essential to prevent sticking a cake sheet to the pan. Like any other non-stick pan, the jelly roll type has a non-stick layer on the bottom. You should consider choosing BPA, PFOA, and PTFE free pans.

The coating is often made of ceramic, but you can find a model with a patterned layer to ensure your baked cake gets out effortlessly. This type of cookware is easy to clean and resistant to corrosion and rust. You can quickly wash it after use with warm soapy water and a sponge. Be mindful not to damage or scratch the non-stick layer.

Aluminum jelly roll pan

whats a jelly roll pan

Many professionals choose aluminum pans because they get heated faster and transmit the heat evenly. They usually feature a non-stick surface, so you will be able to use these dishes for many purposes.

If you look for a lightweight, easy to wash pan, this may be the right choice for you. Keep in mind that most of the aluminum pans should not go into the dishwasher.

Aluminized steel jelly roll pan

jellyroll pan

Nowadays, you can find a jelly roll pan made of different materials, but aluminized steel is proven as an excellent option for baking. This cookware is a decent replacement for a roasting pan, plus it is suitable to wash in the dishwasher.

This type of pan has gone through a process of additional reinforcement to make the non-stick material resistant to scratches and corrosion. Be sure that it won’t warp over time.

Stainless steel jelly roll panjelly roll sheet

This strong material makes pans durable and resistant to scratches and warping. On the other hand, it probably won’t conduct the heat evenly, so you will have to adjust the baking time.

Silicone jelly roll pan

what is a jelly roll pan

Silicone is a flexible and long-lasting material, so you can use it for both making cake sheets and as a table mat.

It is easy to use and resistant to high and low temperatures.

However, the edges are usually not as high as in the regular jelly roll pan, and you probably won’t be able to bake your cake in it properly.

The jelly roll pan with the cooling rack

what does a jellyroll pan look like

You can use the rack to roast the meat, bacon, or vegetables without worrying about oil dripping since the pan collects all of it. Thanks to its density, your food will keep the shape and won’t fall into the pan. You can also use it to cool down the cookies and baked cakes.

Jelly Roll Pan vs. Cookie Sheet Pan

whats a jelly roll pan

As the name says, the purpose of a cookie sheet pan is to enable the efficient baking of cookies. This kind of pan has no edges, except on one side. The point of no raised edges is to allow the hot air flows from each side and bake the cookies evenly. Also, it is much more comfortable to take the cookies out of this kind of sheet with a spatula.

Jelly Roll Pan vs. Half Sheet Pan

jelly roll pan vs cookie sheet

The half sheet size is 13 by 18 inches (33 x 45.7 cm), and the edge is 1 inch (2.5 cm) high, which is the same height as in the jelly roll. As you can see, the half sheet pan is slightly wider, so you should be careful when adding the dough to it. You may get a too thin cake in the end.

Keep in mind that you can’t roll a thin cake properly, so it will probably crack while filling. This half sheet pan is perfect for making breakfast. It is also a convenient option for roasting vegetables since there is enough space to turn and bake them evenly.

What to Look for When  Buying a Jelly Roll Pan?


The models range in price, starting from about $10. However, keep in mind that less expensive models might not be as durable. In most cases, this cookware will be sufficient if you don’t use your pan too often.

The most expensive jelly roll pan you can find on the market will cost you up to $40. These high-quality models will last long, even though you use them frequently. You can also have an option to buy two pans in a package and pay less than for two separate ones.

what is a jelly-roll pan


If you plan to cook and bake at high temperatures, check if the pan material is suitable for such use before going shopping. You can read on the label what is the highest temperature you can expose your cookware to.


Pick out the dishwasher-friendly model. Otherwise, you will be disappointed if you are the person who doesn’t like to wash the dishes by hand.


When you see that the pan has a textured or wavy surface, it means that your cake will have more airflow during baking. It will help in evenly baking the batter. Also, some of the pans have a strengthened rim to prevent warping.

Top 5 Jelly Roll Pans

Nowadays, you can choose among various jelly roll pans, but I will list here the most popular models you can find on the market.

1. USA jelly roll pan

With a modern design and corrugated surface, the USA pan is made of aluminized steel with a silicone non-stick coating. The included rack provides support for the food you bake.

2. OXO Jelly Roll Pan

It is made of aluminized steel with a micro-texture pattern. The coating has two layers, which makes it more resistant to scratching.

3. Nordic Ware Jelly Roll Pan

This heavy aluminum pan with reinforced rim distributes the heat evenly for an ideally baked cake. It is rust-resistant, and it won’t warp or dent throughout time.

4. Chicago Metallic Jelly Roll Pan

Traditionally designed, this aluminized steel pan with a reinforced rim has a lifetime warranty.

5. Gotham Steel Jelly Roll Pan

This easy-to-clean pan is made of aluminum coated in copper. It can withstand temperatures up to 500 F (approximately 260 C).


There are many types and models of jelly roll pans on the market, so it’s up to you to choose the most convenient model for your needs. Feel free to experiment and try to prepare different cakes and dishes in your jelly roll pan. It will be a fun and tasty experience!

jelly-roll pan

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