Zwilling vs. All Clad Pans

People are entitled to their opinions, and sometimes what works for many does not work for you, and it’s completely normal.

This is why it’s essential to read and research when choosing your pans—knowing which one you prefer between Zwilling vs. All Clad pans before purchasing will significantly help the purchase process.

A Closer Look To The History of Zwilling and All Clad

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Peter Henckels founded Zwilling in June 1731 and thus can be considered one of the oldest cookware brands.

Zwilling is part of a group that includes other cookware brands like Staub, Miyabi, Ballarini, Henckels, and Demeyere. Zwilling cookware is manufactured with the use of German engineering.

Zwilling offers various types of pans that you can choose from, and they have popular non-stick pans and other non-stick cooking ware options.

One of the company’s pride is the double-riveted handles made of stainless steel. This feature helps in the comfort and ease of the cook when maneuvering and moving the pans while cooking.

Zwilling offers cookware collections: Aurora 5-Ply, Motion, Clad CFX, Madura Plus, Carrara Plus, and Spirit 3-Ply.

On the other hand, All Clad was founded by John Ulam, considered a master of the cladding process.

The company, founded in 1971, has been making a name for itself since then, establishing a reputation as one of the top cookware brands in the world.

Like any other cookware company, All Clad also offers various kitchenware that their buyers can choose from. They have also expanded, providing new products like slow cookers, indoor grills, toasters, and waffle makers.

All Clad offers six cookware collections: D3, D5, FusionTec, Ha1 Hard Anodized, and the cookware from their Essentials collection.

Zwilling vs. All Clad: Diving Deeper Into Their Design

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In examining cookware, you must be familiar with the design and materials used in them. This way, you can weigh whether it fits your liking or perhaps your purpose.

Design plays a role in terms of your aesthetics and theme. The design is paramount in movability, appearance, durability, efficiency, and more.

The first noticeable thing about a pan is its style and color. Colors are not only indicative of the material but are also paramount to the aesthetic factor of the cookware.

Some people prefer shiny silver, while others opt for matte or perhaps black ones. All in all, colors are indeed a vital touch. You may hear the words polished and brushed quite a lot when talking about design and color.

Polished refers to when the pans look shiny and can pass as mirrors. On the other hand, a brushed finish creates a matte effect because of the patterns created, hiding any possible minor scratches or smudges.

For Zwilling, the color and style depends on the model. For Aurora pans, they are silver, shiny, and polished. Their hard-anodized and non-stick collections have either black pan and silver handles or black handles.

The lids with the pans are usually made of glass with stainless steel (silver) knobs.

For All Clad pans, a customer can have one additional choice: the brushed pans. All Clad’s pans in the Copper Core collection are equipped with a nice and sleek stainless steel design partnered with the rustic copper ring that takes the collection to a new level.

All Clad’s collections come with riveted stainless steel handles and some with stainless steel bottoms like the HA1 Collection.

This feature makes the pan induction compatible and, at the same time, warp-resistant. Like most of Zwilling’s pans lineup, All Clad’s pans are accompanied by an excellent and classy glass lid.

Zwilling vs. All Clad: Difference in Cost and Manufacturing

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The manufacturing process and the material are important factors that determine a pan’s price. Thus, different materials and procedures call for different prices. There is no definite comparison, but buyers can assess according to their requirements, wants, resources, or budget.

Zwilling Pans’ Price

Pans and Sets Prices
Zwilling Spirit 10 Inch Fry Pan $59.99 – $95.00
Zwilling Aurora 5 Ply 18/10, 11 Inch Frying Pan $59.99 – $138.00
Zwilling Madura Plus 10 Inch Non-stick Aluminum Fry Pan $69.99 – $87.00
Zwilling Madura Plus 11 Inch Non-stick Aluminum Deep Fry Pan


$89.99 – $112.00
Zwilling Motion 13 inch Aluminum Non-stick Hard Anodized Deep Fryer $99.99 – $125.00
Zwilling Madura Plus 2-Pc Non-stick Aluminum Fry Pan Set $119.99 – $181.00
Zwilling Motion 3-pc Pan Set $99.99 – $244.00
Zwilling Spirit Ceramic Non-stick 2-pc 18/10 Stainless Steel Non-stick Frying Pan Set $99.99 – $165.00
Zwilling Clad CFX 2-PC Stainless Steel Ceramic Non-stick Frying Pan Set $99.99 – $175.00
Zwilling Spirit 3-Ply 7-pc Stainless Steel Cookware Set $279.99 – $474.00
Zwilling Spirit 3-Ply 10-pc Stainless Steel Cookware Set $349.99 – $636.00

All Clad Pans’ Price

Pans and Sets Prices
All Clad D3 Stainless 3-ply Bonded Cookware Fry Pan 10 inch $140.00
All Clad D3 Stainless 3-ply Bonded Cookware Fry Pan 14 inch $205.00
All Clad D3 Stainless 3-ply Bonded Cookware Nonstick Fry Pan 10 inch $170.00
All Clad D5 Stainless Brushed 5-ply Bonded Cookware Fry Pan 10 inch $150.00
All Clad D5 Stainless Brushed 5-ply Bonded Cookware Saute Pan with lid 3 quart $285.00
All Clad Copper Core 5-ply Bonded Cookware, Fry Pan, 12 inch $265.00
All Clad Essentials Nonstick Cookware Set 4 piece Fry & Saute Set $149.99 – $220.00
All Clad Essentials Nonstick Cookware Set 13-Piece Hard Anodized $449.99 – $700.00
All Clad HA1 Hard Anodized Nonstick Fry Pan Cookware Set 5 piece set $149.99 – $245.00
All Clad HA1 Hard Anodized Nonstick Cookware Set 13 piece Set $599.99 – $900.00
D3 Stainless 3-ply Bonded Cookware Set 14 piece Set $1,299.99 – $1,625.00

Zwilling vs. All Clad: Ultimate Showdown

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Product offerings

Zwilling and All Clad have identical product offerings when divided into collections. Both Zwilling and All Clad have six (6) cookware collections.

Non-stick Construction

Zwilling and All Clad differ in their approach to their non-stick options. Zwilling offers four options to their buyers, namely;

  • Zwilling Clad CFX – Ceraforce XTREME ceramic
  • Zwilling Madura Plus – 3 layer DuraSlide PTFE
  • Zwilling Motion – Multi-layer PTFE
  • Zwilling Spirit – Ceramic-coat
  • Zwilling Carrara Plus – Ceraforce XTREME ceramic

On the other hand, All Clad uses its 3-layer of PTFE coating. So, the main difference between the two is although Zwilling offers both ceramic and PTFE, they prioritize and maximize their ceramic non-stick coating while All Clad uses their 3-layers PTFE coating.

Although the ceramic coating is believed to be safer, All Clad’s PTFE coating has its durability to offer along with easier cleaning and better release of food.


Zwilling’s Aurora collection is manufactured in Belgium, while its other collections are made in multiple places, including Germany, China, Italy, and Vietnam.

On the other hand, many of All Clad’s Stainless Steel products are produced in the United States, while the hard-anodized steel products are made in China. Lastly, their ceramic products are made in Germany.


Zwilling’s non-stick products stay oven safe for up to 400 degrees F while their stainless steel products can stand up to 500 degrees F. Lastly, their hard-anodized non-stick can stand up to 450 degrees F.

On the other hand, All Clad’s non-stick products stay safe inside the oven for up to 500 degrees F, while their stainless steel lasts for up to 600 degrees F.

Zwilling and All Clad Pros and Cons

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Zwilling Pros

  • Zwilling pans have thick aluminum cores that help in even and quick heating.
  • Carcinogenic substance-free.
  • Tempered glass lids on some items help you keep an eye on your food.
  • The coating used is PFOA free which forwards easy cleaning.
  • Nice handles designed for easy maneuvering and better control over your cookware.
  • Stay-cool handles.
  • Widened rim design. This prevents spills and drippings when pouring and transferring.
  • Relatively cheaper than other brands.

Zwilling Cons

  • Ceramic cookware is only oven-safe for up to 400 degrees F.
  • Some models do not have a widened rim design.
  • Some models can be heavier and, thus, harder to control and navigate.

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All Clad Pros

  • They stay strong, and it’s hard to get them warped and loosen the screws.
  • Oven safe.
  • The coating and design allow for ease in cleaning.
  • Good appearance. You can have polished and brushed surfaces, so you have two choices for your preferred aesthetic.
  • The design and coating of most products, even when they are not in the non-stick section, tend to be non-stick.

All Clad Cons

  • All Clad products can have no pour spout, making them vulnerable to drippings and spill when transferring food containing sauce or soup.
  • All Clad products are expensive. You have to pay for the quality, so it’s pretty pricey.
  • It can be vulnerable to burns, but this ultimately depends on the user.


When choosing between two cookware brands, it’s always important to research both parties. Reading reviews and cross-referencing them can be helpful. Reading about Zwilling vs.

All Clad pans can give you an idea whether which brand sits better with you and your taste. All in all, reviews are just reviews. It’s mainly up to your preference.

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